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    Got to be Smash bros melee at the mo but it may change with brawl
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    donkey kong and his kwl bongo games
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  1. What is this song?

    Thank you both!
  2. What is this song?

    Hey all Wonder if someone could help me identify the same of the song that was playing during the F1 clip last night on sports personality of the year. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00wyft2/BBC_Sports_Personality_of_the_Year_2010/ It starts at 1 hour 54mins TY
  3. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Hey all Just got a 2nd hand Xbox and live ID is tomma1000 if anyone wants to add I have Halo, GTA, Forza 3, Fifa and Assassins 2 but any other games you would recommend? Cheers
  4. E3 2010 Nintendo Conference

    Bond time
  5. Ebay perhaps, but I doubt it. Other than that...try and befriend someone in Japan? Sorry dude.

  6. Thank you. Do you know if you can get it online? Just had one and had it stolen :( cheers

  7. I don't have it anymore as it was a gift for a friend but I got it from Don Quixote in Tokyo.

  8. Hey I wonder if you still have your Stitch hat or know where you got it from?



  9. Formula 1 2008

    in the end he finished 10th so even though some sources say glock let him by there was nothing he could of done but amazing race and in the end ferrari won constructors so they get one each :P
  10. The Conduit

    reality does look sometimes a little bland... but atleast they are trying
  11. PES 2009 Pro Evolution Soccer

    sounds great and nice to see they are allowing a co op mode as enjoed that aspect of the fifa games. nice to see also inclusion of mater league. maybe hang on till this rather than fifa 08...
  12. FIFA 09

    so ds has be a pro and the wii doesnt? how odd...
  13. FIFA 09

    i dont understand though why the p2s has had be a pro mode for a few years and yet the wii still doesnt seem to have it....
  14. Formula 1 2008

    could be intersting then with changeable conditions...