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  1. Hey all Wonder if someone could help me identify the same of the song that was playing during the F1 clip last night on sports personality of the year. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00wyft2/BBC_Sports_Personality_of_the_Year_2010/ It starts at 1 hour 54mins TY
  2. Hey all Just got a 2nd hand Xbox and live ID is tomma1000 if anyone wants to add I have Halo, GTA, Forza 3, Fifa and Assassins 2 but any other games you would recommend? Cheers
  3. Thank you. Do you know if you can get it online? Just had one and had it stolen :( cheers

  4. Hey I wonder if you still have your Stitch hat or know where you got it from?



  5. in the end he finished 10th so even though some sources say glock let him by there was nothing he could of done but amazing race and in the end ferrari won constructors so they get one each :P
  6. reality does look sometimes a little bland... but atleast they are trying
  7. sounds great and nice to see they are allowing a co op mode as enjoed that aspect of the fifa games. nice to see also inclusion of mater league. maybe hang on till this rather than fifa 08...
  8. so ds has be a pro and the wii doesnt? how odd...
  9. i dont understand though why the p2s has had be a pro mode for a few years and yet the wii still doesnt seem to have it....
  10. could be intersting then with changeable conditions...
  11. looks like it may be wet weather today looking at the forecast.... hopefully the safety car wont be needed at the start
  12. cheers for that ill have a look
  13. cheers ill have a look was thinking about the asus 1000h as cant find the 1000 anywhere seems more portable and with battery life seems a more sensible choice. any feedback on it? cheers
  14. Hey Was looking at buying my first laptop and wondered if you guys could help. Choices seem to be between the Asus 901 and 1000 or Acer 5315 or 5720. Want to use it for going away to university and typing out word files and surfing the internet. Aware that the acer models are heavier and have less battery life but seem to have far more features. Any advice? Cheers
  15. hey all just wondering what ff game you would recomend for first time buyer of these games :P FF IV looks good and think you can import from play asia and stuff just wondered what youre guys opioins are thanks
  16. tomma1000

    GTA IV

    hey liking the look of this game and tempting me to get either a xbox 360 or ps3 is it true you cant go wirelessly online with xbox unless you pay about £50 for the router and that PS3 it is already there and it has free online as well? sorry wasnt very sure
  17. buy! or maybe rent it from somewhere to give it a try?
  18. hi just wondered if anyone knew what the arrows mean next to players? (player condition or something0 thought it was if they were tired but its in one of matches as well and you can shoose the condition?
  19. that seems really expensive as its £30 from most places here in the uk also wondering if anyone knew what the arrows mean on your player in champions mode mode? one guy has an up arrow and another has a down one and looks tired. the rest are just pointing right? guessing its stamina but wasnt sure how to check it. cheers
  20. yey my copy arrived to with a very wet postman ill add online code later
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