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  1. General Switch Discussion

    Football Manager Touch 2018 is coming to switch
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Regarding the Wii. Yeah it sold lots but the demographics of that system is why 3rd parties stayed away and then let's be honest. The Wii was a really weak machine compared to the 360. Porting 360 games to Wii just wasn't really viable.
  3. Switch eShop Thread

    Glad to her zen working on a patch for 60fps undocked. Also docked isn't 1080p at the moment Tried pinball FX again today undocked and coming from stern pinball i can't play it. Stern performance much better.
  4. Switch eShop Thread

    Stern feels much smoother undocked. FX is 30fps and you definitely notice it. FX visually really does look great.
  5. General Switch Discussion

    Good price for the stick but until more fighting games are announced there just no way I can justify paying for an arcade stick on switch.
  6. Problem is nintendo want third party support as they make a cut off the software. Once Nintendo start eating third parties costs it kinda defeats the objective.
  7. Super Mario Odyssey

    Don't Nintendo use the same people who were part of the hut group. For that reason alone I have never ordered one thing from Nintendo UK. No way you can rely on them getting things done correctly.
  8. Super Mario Odyssey

    Bloody Amazon Japan. After blocking my order I wake up this morning and see they pushed it through. I already got UK digital code. Anyone wanna purchase Japanese digital code?
  9. FIFA 18

  10. FIFA 18

    To be fair. Legacy defending is pretty much Garbage. From what i remember of playing FIFA before I gave up on the series. Legacy defending online was full of pressure spammers. Every time you got the ball you had 3 players like a cannonball all over you. What EA should do is hard code semi-assisted controls at a bare minimum. Playing online against people who use full on assisted controls is unfair. Then trying to find games with people who use semi-assisted or Manual controls is like gold dust.
  11. FIFA 18

    And remember this is how bad FIFA 13 sold on Wii U [WIU] FIFA 13 <SPT> (Electronic Arts) {2012.12.08} (¥7.300) - 1.510 I think the PS4 version of FIFA 15 did about 16,000 in first week. its all about growing a new audience on the switch.
  12. FIFA 18

    Guys what's it like playing the CPU? Anyone started career mode? Any viarety in the teams or does the CPU just feel the same but in different shirts? Any individuality in the players? Does anyone play with manual controls or do you use the assists?
  13. FIFA 18

    For all we know the EA Bucharest team may have been given a small budget plus short development time. May have been tough for them
  14. SNES Classic Mini

    Man this is some BS. Game cancelled my order on Wednesday. No explanation just an email saying order cancelled. So annoyed as I won't ever get one now.
  15. FIFA 18

    There will be no sales in Germany. Physical copies stuck in customs. EA could have shot themselves in the foot now reviews and people's impressions are out. The lack of online with friends could really turn people away from the game Regardless though, personally I wouldn't be buying it even if it had all features and modes. FIFA just doesn't play like an actual football match. NBA 2K18 is gonna be my switch sports fix