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  1. 2 hours ago, Ronnie said:

    My stance has been crystal clear in this thread. JK Rowling has had 'nothing to do with the development of this game', that's all I've ever referred to. No pivoting, no disingenuousness. No attitude. 

    If it were 'crystal clear' then people in the thread and you would not be having disagreements on this. You may believe yourself 'crystal clear' but quite clearly, and crystally, you were not clear and caused bones of contention.

    Accept that as an observation of how you post as a habit, or move on. I like Harry Potter, so do others, but nobody in their right might can try to dismiss JK Rowling from Harry Potter. It's a mad point, and you seem to be deliberately trying to ignore that/dismiss that.

    It's like trying to discuss Zelda or Mario without discussing Miyamoto. It's a frank madness, imo. You can't divorce these creators from their art or end products especially if they still profit off it - I think that's just being really disingenuous - and its valid for people here to express that opinion in this thread(akin to why i expressed I wouldn't be in favour of closing it, either.)

  2. On 18/03/2022 at 11:40 PM, Ronnie said:

    But she had nothing to do with it

    Step back off your attitude, @Ronnie. This is a direct quote. 'nothing to do with it'. Thats you. I ain't putting words anywhere - the argument by others than she is inextricably linked to the entire franchise whilst you are disingenuously trying to argue otherwise is 100% legit for you to be called out on.


    I KNOW my HP, and i ALWAYS know your words. Don't run from your own voice now it doesn't suit you - if you don't like your own voice we'll gladly silence you at your own request.

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself Ronnie - you like to abuse authority because you forget we are people too. You may try and demand I be either member of this forum or moderator of this forum - I am both. I have equal right to report you as disruptive and be taken seriously without being the moderator involved - I suggest again you step off and back off with your issues with authority/whatever complexes you have and really consider how you post.


    You on VERY thin ice my friend and I'd like to be passionate about a subject such as HP which I already am, beyond most measures, very passionate about. Your entire flaw and reason I want you off this forum is you discourage peoples' passion(again, as I stated in my previous, I am not here to stifle conversation whereas it seems you are. That is an untenable position.)


    Behave yourself.

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  3. 21 hours ago, Ronnie said:

    She had nothing to do with the development of the game. The millionaire (billionaire?) will make a few extra quid from it that’s true, but I personally couldn’t care less. I’m going to (hopefully?) enjoy the product of hard working devs. There’s a time and place to boycott something, I personally don’t believe this it is. But you’re welcome to talk about wanting to ignore it of course. 

    Tbf, the opinion of others on your original statement of essence that said 'JK Rowling has nothing to do with the Harry Potter franchise' is being called out for the disingenuity laid within that. I think you already get that, and your attempt to pivot afterwards to 'nothing to do with this game' doesnt really hold water - especially when, as has been pointed out, she profits from the whole franchise and every iteration within it, maybe even original intention when she made it(i mean hell we've seen GRRM cares more about that than actually writing his damn books).

  4. On 18/03/2022 at 10:49 PM, Jonnas said:

    And I disagree on closing the thread. It's best to actually have a venue in which to discuss these things.

    Still catching up and just my own personal take(im not the only mod, and depending on flow ofc this can change) - we ARE a forum. a place of congregation and discussion. Our members and community generally prove themselves worthy and able of both this congregation and discussion. I have no intents or agreements in closing threads solely because of socio-politically related issues(and make NO mistake, when it comes to both Harry Potter I'm probably exceptionally qualified, and I will genuinely fight people on this, and have on record lol) - if it gets TOO far sidetracked maybe then we'll see - but as far as it is now its a valid discussion if even in the wrong place(not sure where i WOULD fit it) - and I think thats important too. We MUST have space for conversations as a society even if difficult for some/the many, and I am not one for tribalistic tendancies of dismissal.



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  5. m8. i was just watching/getting back into a few randomisers this very week(MM luck seed by Good Old Gaming or whoever I linked before, then some SMB3/SMW stuff). I never actually even finished PM64; tho did start it again when I broke my leg/was laid up last year or the year before. I can't honestly be sure I'll know all that much of the story to recall what's random and what isn't, but I'll hope for a good video or two on youtube soon! Send some my way if you find them(or if you make your own!)

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  6. 21 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

    I've always been wary of games made to coincide with movie releases, even in the 90's, the tight deadline more often then not meant that a less then mediocre product was the result.

    So the only one I've ever tried was Philosopher's Stone on the PS1. This actually reviewed quite well at the time, and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, but I don't know.

    It might be me just flat out disagreeing with the general consensus, or it might be the issue I run into with a lot of problems an N64 owner like me would have with 3D action games on the PS1, compared to the likes of Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie, they just feel clunky.

    Playing those games first have ruined my tolerance for platform games from that era.

    Nowadays, the only games I'd be interested in are the Game Boy Colour ones, which are Turn-Based RPG's, quite good ones, apparently. But now, even though I know a copy would be second hand, so no money would get into Rowling's pocket, I just know there'd be a bad taste in the back of my throat playing it.

    Interesting! I was mildly curious because like all good young british gamers, I was working in Game(also available at GAME!) in like...2004 maybe? i think, 2004-2005? I was, ofc, still absolutely a Ninty boy back then mostly so I didn't even have the platforms for as much Harry Potter as others but I did recall one of them, tho I forget which, would often sell kinda/quite well - even as a pre-owned. Having been switched off to the games even then though I never ever tried any myself that I recall. Obvs a slight diff dimension to the questions @Julius put to Ronnie - but I'm a big 'original' HP fan with little interested beyond the books into the movies(and later books, cursed child etc) other than to see/know I saw them. I watched the first Fantastic Beats/Grindelwald but didn't bother with whatever sequels they made - but games aren't quite the same as books or films and I guess I was wondering - what game if any game was the best HP game made so far, what made it great, and was it ACTUALLY that great in itself as a game or was its appeal mostly being in the franchise?

  7. 1 hour ago, Glen-i said:

    Just a reminder that JK Rowling benefits from this, and that's a good enough reason for me to completely ignore it.

    It's depressing how much she's lost my respect, considering that I did literally queue outside a bookstore at midnight for the last book. Wish I could go back and tell my younger self to reconsider.

    Yeah I'm big on the books/was growing up with them(ie when they were getting released, I think only had up to PoA when I started them) but the films irked me for a variety of things(mostly not capturing all the books because you can't fit it all in etc. very upset at film 3 where they didn't do ANY of the history of the MM) and I've been pretty much done other than re-reading the books since then. Never played ANY of the games because I knew they'd probably be even more so based off the films than the books and I just....eh. Have any of the games been a good gameplay, if you've played them? I always presumed them all as cash-grabs tbh.

  8. 23 hours ago, darksnowman said:

    Not only were films a different sort of beast at that time (as you mentioned above with the likes of Total Recall), Mario was still a ways from being distilled down to the clean, sterile template we... enjoy... nowadays so the casting didn't seem as outlandish as it might do through today's prism. :laughing:

    you mean the guy who regularly consumed mushrooms then jumped down pipes he should have been mending, presumably full of shit and all kinds of other stuff?

  9. 23 hours ago, darksnowman said:

    Yup, given the choice I reckon the (vast?) majority of fans would side with Chris Pratt being Mario's low point because it's definitely not Bob Hoskins.

    I'm getting so out of the game these days I had forgotten this was even a thing that was happening(I saw da memes) - it's a very curious casting yeah, but then again - what was Bob Hoskins, a very london lad iirc, doing playing an Italian plumber in New York in the first place??

  10. 4 hours ago, Glen-i said:

    Hasn't Bob Hopkins come out and said that he regrets acting in that movie?

    Says it all, really.

    Well yeah, Hoskins is a legend. Poor fucker probably had no idea what he was getting into, tbh - but can you deny he gave it a good crack??


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  11. On 12/03/2022 at 10:08 PM, BowserBasher said:

    Bonkers night as always. Great fun but seemed very unrandom for the stages as we only seemed to rotate the same 6 or so.

    Me and my old Smash Brothers(I'm retired now tho :cheeky: ) used to have a whole phrase called 'Nintendo-Random'...

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  12. On 13/03/2022 at 1:50 AM, Glen-i said:

    This thread was inspired by a conversation I had with @Dcubed that went real bad, real fast. I'm still not entirely sure how it happened, but...

    We started talking about the "low points" of different series in the gaming business. The moments when it was pretty universal that "this is not a good look".

    For clarification's sake, I'm not talking about games you personally didn't enjoy. So, using myself as an example, I can't go out claiming Breath of the Wild is Zelda's low point, because that's just dumb. It's a crazy success!

    Here's an actual example that might come to mind for most people.


    Yeah... That's what I mean. When it was released, this movie was a commercial flop that barely resembled the source material, and at that time, I'd say it was Mario's lowest point, and it stayed that way for quite some time. It damn well discouraged Nintendo from trying another movie for decades, that's for sure!

    Now I certainly haven't watched it for a decade(s), but c'mon maan - Bob Hoskins! John Luigiamo! Dennis...Hopper?! It's a pretty weird/trippy film thinking back, super surreal(but ykno...how else you gonna do Mario?) but if you think about it - is it anything really much worse/awesome than something like Total Recall?

  13. 12 hours ago, darksnowman said:

    I don't see any harm in knowing how much further you have to go in a game, be that from a review stating it's a 15-hour experience (or however many hours) and being able to estimate from that, or an in-game progression indicator.  

    Here's some reactions:
    Super Mario World doesn't top out at 100? Have you checked? We're certain on this? Why wouldn't they want a nice round 100 on complete save files?
    DKC: An exclamation mark after the level name means you've got all the bonus rooms in that level? That's handy! Hold on, I've done that and now my file says 101%? How is that even possible? This isn't how my teacher said percentages work. :blank: 
    DKC 2: Same again with the exclamation marks and now DK coins? Got it. But now I've finished with 102%...!! :o 
    DKC 3: I know how this works. 103% here we come. :cool: Then the January/ February magazines said HARDR will get you 104% and TUFST 105!!! :eek:
    Well, that's Breath of the Wild done. I must've put 70-odd hours into that. What a monster of a Zelda game. Wait, what? I didn't even finish it 30%??!!:confused: Fook that.


    96 always confused me but 


    7 hours ago, Sheikah said:

    In terms of progression/rewards, can we all agree that replacing Mew with a certificate in the western releases of Pokémon Blue/Red was bullshit of the highest order.

    yeah tbh an NFT is what it really needed

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  14. 1 hour ago, ArtMediocre said:

    I remember that quest, and it was not fun =_= And I have no idea why they thought that was a good thing to implement either. Really bad game design. Sorry for being inactive here, there's been a lot of stuff to do at my new job. I've been playing more genshin lately, and it's good to be back again after a long break. If I recall correctly, there are a few quests that force you out of co-op, but none that are as hard as this. Have you tried setting your world rank back a level? Can you do that yet? I hope you figure it out Rummy. 

    As for your team, Bennet is known as the only Six star character in the game xD. He's incredible, and is in every team I run. Amber though, ugh... she's best left alone in Mondstadt. She's nice as a character, but none of her abilities are any good in combat. Xiangling is incredible (I use her a lot), as well as Lisa in early game. But if you want to use some strong characters, I would recommend using Sucrose, she's pretty strong, and has a large AOE. But I don't really know that much about what teams are the best or not. 

    As for me, I'm a Raiden main, and have unlocked a lot of characters by playing for quite a long time. For my main team I use Xiangling, Raiden, Bennet and Xingqiu. These do a ton of damage if you stack their attacks correctly. Wouldn't mind hopping into your world and helping you out now and again when/if you get past the mission. 

    Haha no worries - these are forums, not your phone - it's made with people on their own time in mind ;)

    World Level - nada, ofc already considered that. I'm Level 3 worldwise, and you can only step down when you're WL5. In some ways the good thing is I haven't; ascended to 4/AR35 yet cos I'd be even more fucked then probably being relatively at the bottom. What's super annoying is I wanted to try that prop hunty event mode in past week or two and I can't even matchmake for that. It's really, really, really, really REALLY fucking bad design. Making your own game cockblock your players is a fucking madness - and it's really really turned/turning me off.

    I'd like to level more of the team - but tbh until this I can't afford it. You mention Raiden, I haven't quite left Liyue yet but I'm presuming given what I know of Inazuma and the Shogun that you're referring to a few things in that area. Maybe one day I'll be allowed out of Tianqui Valley but until then, presume me dead and gone. My characters can rot to skeletons there for all this fucking game is doing for me with it. It's almost a troll in itself to test how much people will keep playing - I intend to maybe beat it but I'm in no rush. After that also fuck the game next time it even tries to mug me off this is real fucking last straw this fucking shit. I realise how mad I sound to anyone not in it but srsly...it's shocking to see in a game these days; especially when it could be adjusted etc. Maybe I'm just some shitty western gweilo who doesn't know the way of the old masters but even so...fuck you and your old masters! Make better fucking games! This ain't a fucking SNES or Mega Drive era patch that shit you dickshits.

  15. On 18/01/2022 at 9:01 AM, bob said:

    Often when playing a game, i'll wonder how far I am through it. Not just if the game is crap, or dragging the plot, but also if it is great, i'll be curious how far through I am. Obviously Googling how far you are is a bit of a minefield, as you can easily spoil yourself if you're not careful. So you are left trying to work it out based on the number of collectables, trophies, etc.

    I recently started up Uncharted (the first one), and it tells you how far you are through the story as a percentage every time you save, which I really like. I believe some people however, would prefer not to know - they would rather stay in the dark right up until the final credits. 

    It's weird though, because in other forms of media, you usually know exactly how much longer you have to go. Books for example, it's very hard to hide how much further you have left, and I think that it tends to add to the excitement (or disappointment) as you near the end of a book and feel the pages dwindling. With films, it's usually as easy as pausing it, or checking the clock, but that usually only really happens when you aren't enjoying the film, and want it to end quickly.


    Anyway, do you prefer to know exactly how far you are into a game? Or would you prefer for it to remain a mystery?

    So you're that kinda dickhead checking his phone for the time in the cinema halfway through the film, eh?

    Well so am I and I am surprised your post seems to imply you don't know about or don't use the rather-exactly-what-you-want-for-this-mostly-spoiler-free-affair sort of site. I've used it for years to gauge value and longevity in committing to/buying games but it can also be useful for when you're wondering...just how many MORE deus ex machina's could possibly BE in this plot?!?


    https://howlongtobeat.com ;)


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  16. My stance has changed to being a bit 'fuck this game' now. For a very particular reason that almost got me before too.


    Co-op lockout with certain 'quests'. I've now been locked out of any online/co-op for about 3/4 days now until I complete the Trials of Tianqui Valley or something like that. It's got 3 towers - one's climbing, one's lighting torches and one....is killing enemies in a time limit with mutation stones. I've done the first and second floor but the third floor is an absolute clusterfuck of shitcuntery. I CANNOT get past it and until I do I can't play ANY co-op. I can't abandon the quest or anything - and the reason I ever HAVE the quest is apparently because I has the absolute sheer fucking audacity of reading a random gravestone whilst out exploring the world in a game made with a massive world for game exploration.

    Honestly it's really fucking bad game design to have this, and it's not as if it's unknown. It doesn't endear me to keep grinding just to do this one fucker cos what happens when it comes up AGAIN? For all this shittery I've ended up playing Runescape again(which cost me money and possibly solidified my definitely not spending any potential real money on Genshin ever in the future now, probably).


    (this happened to me previously as well but when i was much lower, and when that happened i was able to complete the quests then(one for albedo, the first time you find out about mutation stones, and some dead spirit's lost treasure akin to the one above) but my mate didn't understand it at all and thought i was making it up - also then it ended up being by some weird coincidence every time i finished the supposed quest locking me out it then said another was locking me out, and i had to do essentially all three of the above 'quests' before my co-op came back again)

  17. Haha yeah fuck Amber she is solidly out now(almost regret levelling her!) - not actually utilising Bennett's ult too much so far(coming up for AR35 probs peaking against my world level of mobs) but really enjoying him in my party - myfriend helped smash PyroRegis in seconds last night for a few of the mats I needed:p


    Admittedly I set fire to myself a lot and indeed way more than I realise even when I do but I gotta say his charge up explodey blowback isn't too bad for a quick Pyro proc then a switch to Lisa(who moves back a bit spacing when she attacks) for a few Overloaded hits. There's loads of side stuff like hangouts and events etc that I should do and haven't yet - ngl still find the variety of stuff a bit overwhelming. Slowly doing my story stuff - just finished up first bit with the Guaha Geek.

  18. I've never played the Dirt games but yeah sure I guess why not(tbh @Cookyman calling it Aracadey and platted just peaked my interest :p). Tried some of the Dwarf Rock Galactic last week when the games dropped but other than tute and two random games with randoms(who I was mostly following around) I was a bit confused but I did enjoy it(wasn't on comms tho, which probs will make it easier). I've been away from my PS4 a few days but definitely gonna be trying some more of it out - got at least one mate roped in at the moment lol. He might have his brother along, and it's 4 man crews? I'll give a shout here if we have spaces when we make a plan tho, if anyone fancied it?

  19. On 17/01/2022 at 1:00 PM, ArtMediocre said:

    You okay Rummy? xD

    lol uhhh...was maybe in the middle of a stag themed games/DnD that was involving shots on top of...well, Me being called Rummy :p

    I've not actually gone home home yet(we finished up monday but i went by my folks, where my ps4 isnt :( ) but probs heading back this eve; do I have you on my ps4 friendlist? Either way I'll add you to my genshin list when I'm on later! It may be a bit....unbalanced you jumping into my world but tbh anything that saves my grind/levels me up faster isn't a bad thing! My OW friend usually comes into my world and smashes bosses and dungeons for me in seconds so I can use my resins and get character equipments :p

    What characters do you tend to play and who have been your favourites along the way in the story(obvs maybe be a bit spoiler aware for others)? I noticed some good nods to old school alchemy in the bits of Albedo that I met so far; and it took me a while to notice the level-up gemstones seem to be named after Vedic legends/Gods that I know some of. Character wise I'm still basic - first 4 bu then my mate explained about Babs being free and primogem pulling etc and I've got a few people since then. I'd wanted Razor(and got him) but now not sure as I use Lisa quite heavily - and the reason for that is because I use Babs quite heavily too and Kaeya comes in nice with them too for a little cryo-hyrdo-electro triangle of combos for me to try pulling. I've got Amber in first just for Pyro element but I kinda wanna get someone else(I find the arrow elemental takes a bit too long, plus sometimes I then bloody miss) levelled up. However having just before unlocking all these characters super levelling all my guys I got low on materials :weep: Also the admin of thinking about it is long and I didn't do all that yet lol

    I did however also get Pyro wise Bennett and Xiangling - but I remember playing Diluc early in story and wanting him too(maybe I like a Claymore?) but just before I went away last week I had managed to get to play as sweet little Klee and OMG I WANT HER SO MUCH. I just love her story(I've read a bit beyond where I'm at in game) AND her character but most importantly of all - she's a book/catalyst(?) user like Babs and Lisa! A really fun one too! My mate actually hates catalyst users as she prefers to be up close and personal proper smacking you in the face(which also works for OW :p) and knowing it's hitting hard - but I enjoy the quick element inflictions with the catalyst users a bit maybe? Not sure why I've gravitated to Lisa and Barbara but Klee seems to be no coincidence* now I've played her a bit in story :p Don't think I'll be spending real money on it yet(I'm super broke with little income atm, hence why a free game was a good draw :p) but I gotta say...for Diluc maybe not but if I could for Klee...hmm. Ofc - that's where the Gacha gets ya tho.


    EDIT:*Actually forgot and just remembered as reading about catalyst users that I got Sucrose too - but tbh I'm no big fan of the Anemo element atm given my Hydro-Cryo-Electro mentioned above.

    EDITEDIT: Also just remembered I have the geo claymore lady too, Noelle? Basically haven't touched any levelling for her, Razor, or Sucrose. I think I'll have to decide between Bennett and Xiangling and work on bringing them up soon. The levelling grind is such longtings tho -.-

  20. On 31/08/2021 at 8:23 AM, ArtMediocre said:

    Bumping this thread xD. I don't think @The Bard is active on the board any more, but I'm playing a lot of Genshin these days. I can really recommend it, and if you look away from the gacha and the grinding, the characters, world, story and music is really really good! And it will be huge when it gets all the six expansions. Inazuma is incredible when it comes to visuals and music. 

    If anyone is up for some casual co-op or just a good discussion, I'm down :D

    Bit of a bump from me too - a good OW friend I met a few years ago got me into this recently. Been playing on my ps4 but found myself really keeping into it lately(party and weps is around 50ish marks; need ascension stuff) and my AR is coming up for 35 soon.

    Anyone else on it, on any of the platforms? I'm off on a stag this weekend but gonna be good and not install it on anything portable(very tempted to see if i can make Switch space and take it tho :p) but I'm slowly getting into it with my friend's help. Not felt the need to spend any real money so far as its so damn vast as it is; quite impressed with it as a freemium title for what it is really - some of the philosophy/ideas in it seem to be nice nods too.

  21. ah shit nothing worse for a maths boner than the MoD and I mean that really fucking literally too.

    This is only a foretaste of what is to come and only the shadow of what is going to be

    RIP. A living god - chastised by powerful white men who cared where his dick had been. I will NEVER forgive it. We would be great beyond measure as a global society if it were not for that fucking human ignorance. He was a King.

  22. 9 hours ago, Murr said:

    Writing for a site elsewhere went well for a while, but bills resulted in knuckling down hard career wise. So Analytics and Statistics is my bag now. I still dip my toes into GSRR but, kid and career sadly (weird way to look at it) came first. 

    Yeah I kinda expected as much on that.

    You analytics and statistics definitely tickles my dick tho(and you'll have just been invited into my top sekrit sekrit binary society elsewhere) - what sorta shit do you do??

  23. 9 hours ago, Murr said:

    Legitimate question, probably more so aimed at Off Topic than gaming side. Can threads be created for new events happening in the world? Reason I ask is newsworthy things seem to be missing in off topic (unless there’s posts in a master thread I’ve missed). Example being Kyle Rittenhouse (unless that’s not worthy of an official thread here which i’d not disagree with whatsoever, but it’s kinda a bit of a conversational piece globally at the moment)

    Absolutely and always. I need to earn my bread as a mod afterall! Anything beyond the mark can be dealt with as it comes - I don't think proscription has ever been our major style nor are any of us heavily against speech just because it offends sensibilities - everyone has different views on politics, religion, and ofc most important of all - Video Games on the internet.