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  1. 3 minutes ago, Dcubed said:

    See, issue with this data mine is that the others could just be fake placeholders to throw off the scent of the real course list.

    Which is why I always take this with a 10lbs bag of salt. Heck even Nintendo could be doing it just to mess with people. They put those in and "let people find it" only to then mess it all up by completely changing it for the next release. 

  2. 10 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

    You can make an argument for some Fire Emblem characters also falling into that (Lucina and Chrom), but I decided against that just so @BowserBasher would have to play 5 FE characters in a row if he went through the roster in order. Yes, I'm a scoundrel.

    You know me too well, also, thanks you scoundrel!

    At least Pyra is there, plus Hero (Kamikaze!!!!)

  3. So I kept seeing talk of a leak that has been proving right with the Wave two tracks. Never knew about it so went looking around 

    It seems to be this and that this person was able to see the prefixes for the games that the track was from. And after the release of wave to details this seems right.

  4. Nice, Think it may be one to grab right away being Minecraft it may be caught after a bit more than others. I gotta keep my full set up to date (apart from the two that had P2 variants) I have all characters. So missing a Bayo and was it Corrin that had the other P2 one? Which I've never been fussed about.

  5. 5 hours ago, Dcubed said:

    Nah, we need to make it even longer! MK8DXBCPW2 it is! :p

    The arcade tracks are rubbish, nobody wants them.  Namco couldn't design a good MK track (or a good MK game) if their lives depended on it.

    Fair enough, honestly looking back at them they really aren't any that stand out or are memorable. Heck, you can't even hold your item behind you can you. I could ever find the way to do it.

  6. 11 hours ago, Dcubed said:


    Can we just say MK or booster pack, way too many letters.

    But this is what we need, don't make them all Tour tracks.

    After playing the Arcade MK whilst I was away, I have thought could those be included. But then they feel different to normal mainline game tracks, they are all wider and just don't seem to have as many corners as normal tracks. I think they really are designed for the arcade machine so that you don't end up crashing every 10 seconds. But maybe tighten them up and have them in Mario Kart Ultimate when they (please please) release it.

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  7. Reading @darksnowman play through this again gave me the itch, so I took this with me when I went on holiday last week for somethin to play in the evening.

    Link's Awakening on the GameBoy was my first venture into the world of Zelda it was my favourite then and it is still my favourite Zelda game (sorry BotW). I had already played though this twice when I first got it, the second time going for the no death route. I love what they did in updating the graphics and the style they went with. It really does feel dream like.

    Whilst the island is a lot smaller than probably every other Zelda game it still gives of a vibe that it has a decent size to it. Whilst it does have a little non linear to it,, the game does push you in the direction you need to go. Dungeons need to be done in order and as always rocks and holes block your path until you have the right items. But it never takes away from how great the gameplay is and how much I love it. The first dungeon is easy and may seem too easy, but it is the first one after all, and by the time you get to the 7th you are wanting them to be like that. That one gave me issues when I first played it and it did again. I knew the general way round and that I had to get that ball to the right rooms, but it still had me running around in circles a few times until I sorted it. 

    As with the last two times the final boos gave me no issues, I had beaten that so many times on the GB that I pretty much have it down to a tee, but it's still a joy to play and satisfying to jump those arms and hit the eye with an arrow.

    I'll no doubt be back to play again one day.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Mr_Odwin said:

    It's all about the multiverse isn't it? Like that's the consistent theme through everything at the moment. Spiderman, Dr Strange, Loki, What If, Ms Marvel .... all giving us knowledge about the multiverse.


    1 hour ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    Yeah, but it still doesn't seem to gel like the original phase did and there are other things in the background as well. Things like the Thunderbolts and Young Avengers being teased, not to mention whatever was going on in The Eternals. I'm sure it will all come together in the end but at the moment it just seems like a bit of a message.

    I read a idea that it's not so much about the phase now but more the Saga, so we had the Infinity Saga and we are now in the Multiverse Saga. I know they have labeled these phase 4 and 5 but the Saga thing does make a little sense.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Helmsly said:

    Which one did you get? the large one from GB Afterlife or the smaller one from a few years ago? I have the small one of of the two and hope to get the Afterlife model soon. I just don't have anywhere to display it at the moment lol


    It's this one, so the newer one that's in stock. Not sure how soon I'll build as I have no where to place them.

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  10. Picked up the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 over the past week. So along with the F1 McLaren I picked up when the double points were on, I now have a fair few sets to build, just no room.

  11. Taking all the current stuff out the equation, if it wasn't for Vince, would the wrestling industry be the way it is now? I'm sure someone would have done something similar, but Vince taking the then WWF national and international was huge at the time when the wrestling work was territorial and seems to have a thing to keep it that way between all territories. In the 80's and 90' he and Hogan made wrestling mainstream and it hit a whole new set of people, it had gone from it's carney days and something that was just for a very niche group, to a spectacle with WrestleMania and the showbiz that he bought to it.

    His on screen Mr McMahon character was the biggest heel of the Attitude era and one of the top heels of all time. You could say he made Stone Cold the mega star he was just because of that feud. He had a few other great feuds and always seemed to be there. 

    It seems that reading or seeing documentaries that he helped a lot of guys become who they are today, and it's always been known that he would do stunts/spots before he would ask the wrestlers to do them himself. 

    He bought a lot to the wrestling world, did he overstay? Maybe. But everyone knew he would be doing that job until the day he died. WWE was his masterpiece. I'm sure whoever takes over full control, be that Steph or HHH one day, I think the WWE will be in good hands.

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  12. I only got the one replay from last games but this match was too funny, from the Zelda fun to the constant "Falcon PUUUUNCH" (we all know who that was).

    Also early warning for @Glen-i I won't be on Saturday for Smash. Aways with family on holiday so unless WiFi is good it'll be a miss from me.

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  13. For any one with spare money (lol) there is a double VIP points event on the 12th and 13th (apparently trying to take some of the Prime Day business away from Amazon). I may use it to get the F1 McLaren race car or a few Mario sets. Not sure just yet.