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  1. Decided to make a start of the McLaren F1 car today. Engine and rear wheel suspension done. That's just bag 1. 60 pages! Bag two has a total of 110 pages of instructions. I'm assuming that being Technic building instructions are longer. Steps are more detailed and cause of some of building it seems that there are only a few parts per step. Looking good already though, the engine all moves and that suspension is looking solid.

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  2. @S.C.G I usually just skim your stream but sat and watched it today in full. It's interesting to see other players driving style like that in full, how you handle items and your line through the courses.

    Have a tip though, not sure if you do it to be safe, but your starts could be much better. Press A when the second light comes on to get the full boost off the line. I notice you tend to wait for the countdown to hit 1 before you press it. Maybe you know that just thought I'd mention it. It's a very tight margin between full boost and fluffing it though.

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  3. Good work @Glen-i, seems this game can still throw new things at us all the time. I'm sure there was something I did and we both started asking what happened over VC about it. Oh yeah, Bayonetta walking up the steps at the end of Mushroomy Kingdom. There was the warp star above them so I just started holding right hoping something would benefit me, and well she just walked up the stairs.

  4. Some great games there last night. I made one a lot closer than it should have been, I think against @Ike. And that run of two of us having the same character for like 5 games at the end there. Worst was my ZSS against you two Minecrafters, I just had no way to stop you both mining. 

    I hope @Glen-i has got that match saved where Ike died through some odd means (or so it looked like on the Nintendogs stage. 

  5. I have similar experiences but it's more newer games that I'm in the middle of that get put down when a new game is released and I Neve go back to them to complete them. Last one was Luigis Mansion 3. Never got round to finishing the first time I played it, but pick it up again about a year ago and played through from start to finish that time. I think Bayonetta 2 is like that too.

    Older games? I'm sure there are lots of my SNES ones that I never finished and I know I never finished Prime 2 and 3. I bet there's loads I could go back to a complete.

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  6. 1 hour ago, viceview51 said:

    I think the fact that there's no "league" makes everything quite more enjoyable. Especially when running in the middle of the pack and witnessing the action.

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. I used to get so frustrated when I''d make a tiny error that put me mid pack in the league and it would ruin the whole evening. Now I can just say "that's Mario Kart", cry/laugh and go on about it. I don't get annoyed and still enjoy the rest of the evening.

  7. So I was looking for something to watch and noticed this was on Disney+ so decided to start watching it. I think I'm 6 episodes into it and have been enjoying it so far. Was never a huge Star Trek fan but always seem to like these more comedic/spoof type shows of it. Only trying to watch one a night and that seems to be a good way to go.

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  8. I like the look of this but I've had no interest in AEW so far. It just hasn't clicked with me, so not sure if I'll pick this up but it is great that we are getting a decent looking wrestling game on the Switch and not those reskinned 2K WWE games that I would loved to have bought. I remember one of the first that came to Switch, you needed an extra SD card for the 32GB of data it needed to install before you  could play. (or something like that)

  9. Well that was a fun a different night. Actually found it easier than I thought to keep track,, just couldn't find the character as the tables weren't the same.

    Now we all know who the least fqaavourite characters are, Mii Swordfighter, along with those others that didn't get picked till they had to.


    Oh @Glen-i, advanced notice. I won't be around for next weeks games. I'll be in Wales at the WWE Clash at the Castle show.

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