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  1. One thing that always annoys me is that if I'm looking to buy something, it pops up in advertisements. Even after having bought that product, it keeps popping up in an advertisement. There should be a "I've already bought this, get it out of my feed" button.

  2. Unfortunately my PC has a 6th gen processor so no update for me. My work laptop is 10th gen, but knowing ITs speed it will take a while before they will roll out W11 in the company.

    It's too bad, I always like trying out the new OS but don't have a chance yet.

  3. Just now, Dcubed said:

    Wow.  KH1&2 collections being Cloud versions is pretty dang shit.  S-E really just couldn't be arsed could they?

    Are they all cloud versions? I thought I saw that only KHIII is a cloud version? Would love to pick up the 1.5 and 2.5 game, but not if it's in the cloud.

  4. To me the Switch has been a great console so far. As I play mostly handheld (has been the case since the Game Boy), having one machine for both handheld and TV play is a godsend. I'm excited to get my hands on the OLED for the better screen as I think I will get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

    Plenty of highlights to talk about. Breath of the Wild obviously is one of the greatest games ever made and it is such a joy to play. But Splatoon 2 is one of my favourites. I just love the whole setting, vibe, and mechanics of the game. Another highlight has to be Astral Chain, such an impressive game.

    The Switch has been the machine to make me love Platinum. Never owned a WiiU, so I finally got to play Bayonetta 1 and 2, plus The Wonderful 101. Next to that there are a lot of great games available, from lovely indies such as Hollow Knight and Axiom Verge 1 and 2, to fun third parties such as Immortals Fenyx Rising and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Remastered. There really is something for everyone and looking back I've already played so many great games on it. It's also a lovely pinball machine.

    But my most favourite thing about the Switch is that it has brought back community gaming. I joined the Mario Kart League again which was amazing and fun every Thursday. Dropping in random Smash Bros. nights is always good, and recently Monster Hunter Rise has been an amazing multiplayer experience. Playing random games online with N-E and Discord people like Rocket League, or the Beat 'em up Collection. Having parties and trading sessions or just random visits in Animal Crossing. And finally the Mario Maker 2 building challenges here on N-E. It's a shame a lot of that community play has dwindled a bit now, but they have been great and I would love for it to be more active again.

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  5. If you have an NSO subscription you can give the game a go for free until 19/09. It's also 50% off on the eShop at the moment.

    I gave it a go for about an hour or so yesterday, and not sure yet what to think. There are some good bits in there, but so far it's been a bit repetitive. I picked up some new weapons though so that may mix it up a bit. Looks okay enough, and it has a lot of potential but I wonder if that ever comes to fruition. I do like the setting though, customizing a giant mech and taking that for a spin, what's not to love?

    I hope to get some more hours in before the trial ends so I can decide if I want to buy it or not. Anyone here played it? What are your thoughts?

  6. A new system update, 13.0.0, has been released for the Switch. Adds Bluetooth support for headphones (although microphones are not support so no voice chat over Bluetooth), and it limits the number of connected controllers to 2.

    It also adds the option to update the LAN port of the Switch OLED via firmware. It also adds an option to download in sleep mode over LAN. Not sure if this also works when using an adapter or only with the integrated LAN port on the OLED.

    Further, the system now shows if you are on a wifi 2.4 or 5.0GHz connection.

    Curious to test out the Bluetooth headphone option, if it's any good or lags like mad.

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  7. I'm almost done with my first listen, it takes a while but that's not a bad thing. :grin: So far the songs that stand out are The Writing On The Wall, Days Of Future Past and Death Of The Celts. But with these new Maiden songs they definitely need to sink in a bit.

    Interesting to see A Matter Of Life And Death at the top of your modern Maiden list! Something you don't see very often. My list would be (leaving out Senjutsu):

    • The Final Frontier (When The Wild Winds Blow is indeed one of the best newer Maiden songs)
    • Dance of Death
    • Book of Souls
    • A Matter Of Life And Death
    • Brave New World (I got into Maiden around the time of Dance of Death, so this album always went by me a bit and is one of the reasons I rank Dance of Death quite high)
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  8. On 27-8-2021 at 3:19 AM, WackerJr said:

    The credits have just rolled for me & ONLY NOW do I discover this!?!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤪

    Those health boosts would’ve been useful...

    I can imagine the final boss being a challenge with 4 hearts! It already was for me with 6. Anyway, credits rolled here as well so I'll write up a short impression here soon, and after your input I'll throw it all into the blender for a Throwback Thursday article!

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  9. Last Friday a 90 eurocents/80 pence bit of DLC launched for The Wonderful 101 Remastered, adding Prince Vorkken as playable character:



    Unlock a new mode that lets you change the main player character to Prince Vorkken Ohgee, heir to the throne of the comet Rhullo and leader of the star-spanning Guyzoch Space Pirates! As Prince Vorkken, the Multi-Unite ability is replaced with "Enemy-Unite," which summons a host of "Unify Monster" alien beasts!

    "The Prince Vorkken" also works with the free Time Attack DLC. Use Prince Vorkken's Enemy Unite to carve out a new path, and perhaps a faster time!

    *Players can switch freely between normal mode and The Prince Vorkken mode after installing "The Prince Vorkken" DLC.


    For that price I may give it a go. I'm kind of wondering though when they will share more news of the promised Kickstarter stretch goal modes.