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  1. Rate the last film you saw

    Ong-Bak Very good first movie i've seen from Tony Jaa. Some good fight scenes throughout 9/10
  2. Super Smash Bros Melee

    Awesome game, still play it from time to time. A tip i can give you is if some-one uses a big character, use a lighter, faster character i.e. someone picks Bowser, you pick Fox. More likely to win this way
  3. Shooters

    For exclusive shooters for GC, i'd recommend Giest, Metroid series, Metal Gear Solid (stealthy shooter) Multiformat wise, Timesplitters series, Resident Evil 4
  4. NGC magazine

    Collected N64/NGC mag since issue 37. Best issue i thought was the 50th and the 100th, mainly because my name appeared in the issue as well as a letter i wrote about the DS (issue 100) and the GC (issue 50). Issue 40 was good for the Goldeneye cheat codes they had, good for getting the last cheat i needed. When it turned into NGC, i found that the bit they had showing them immitating game characters was great. Their humour was never boring. Now, like NOM, NGC is leaving us. It will be missed, but cannot wait until their Wii mag comes out later in the year.
  5. why are gamecube games so expensive?

    Shops are trying to get rid of all excess stock of Timesplitters 3 for X-Box because of the 360, Sony just seem to be following suit with PS2 versions. The GC version is probably getting sold at £30 quid because EA have still gotta make some money off a version of the game still
  6. Na, don't think u'l get billed. It is their error on the system, so if they do charge you, then you can demand your money back from them. I did before when Orange went down, got free calls like you have, then the system went back up and they charged my phone £15. Got the money back after threatening to take them to court over this mistake they made.
  7. Rate the last film you saw

    Just finished watchin American Pie 4 play (all 4 films in the same box), awesome films, shows what you can actually do when you are a teen trying to have a lot of fun. I give this set 8/10.
  8. Coming 2007..

    The Simpsons has had it's day in the sun, time for it to move aside and allow another show to bask in the sun (Futurama). Probably will see the movie, if i can.
  9. Rate the last film you saw

    Last film i saw was Miracles It's a great film with some great martial arts fight scenes in, Jackie Chan stars in this 1980's film set in the 1930's. Great film if you are into martial arts films. 8/10
  10. What be in your pockets!?

    Right now, i have Wallet (with £15.35, debit card, ID, GAME card, Vodaphone card, Discount Card (work), club memberships, NI card, small change) Keys Gum Phone Hankercheif A Pin MP3 Player When i go to college, i have the following in my pockets Wallet (with notes, debit card, ID, GAME card, Vodaphone card, Discount Card (work), club memberships, NI card, small change) Keys Gum Phone Hankercheif USB Pen MP3 Player When i go for a night out, i have the following in my pockets Wallet (with notes, ID, Vodaphone card, club memberships, small change) (Wallet may get nicked, especially around my area) Keys Gum Phone Hankercheif When i go to work, i have the following in my pockets Wallet (with notes, debit card, ID, GAME card, Vodaphone card, Discount Card (work), club memberships, NI card, small change) Keys Gum Phone Hankercheif Knife Name badge Tie
  11. So when is the new NOM out?

    I'll give the new NOM (or ONM as it is now called) a go and see what it is like. Hope it appeals to the more mature Nintendo gamers more than the last one did
  12. Next Gen Bond game coming for Revolution (?)

    I might get it, depends if the reviews of the game are good and if it is longer than Russia with Love
  13. There is never anything good to buy with the stars, i got loads to use up, and nothing to spend them on lol
  14. What did you get for christmas?

    I got just about everything i asked for with lots of extra stuff Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Now 62 Jackie Chan Autobiography Clothes Socks (traditional Christmas gift in my house Chocolates Scarf Poker set Magic box that makes coins shrink Wallet (with money inside) A tin (with money inside) A light-up turtle Deodrant Aftershave Money (£260) With some of the money, i bought some jeans, t-shirts n a jumper. The rest is goin on a CD player n some games
  15. 1:The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (N64) What can i say that has never been said before, nothing. This game was, and still is brilliant, ground breaking and magical. This was the first Zelda game in 3D, which was well worth the delays. I also own the soundtrack to this game, which is also awesome. 2:Goldeneye 007 (N64) This was my first FPS game in 3D, and it was awesome Single player mode rocked, my favourite level was the train and my worst level was Egyptian Temple. Multiplayer mode was great. I still remember using the invincible cheat during multiplayer mode and never dying no matter what was thrown my way. 3:Super Mario 64 (N64) The very first game i played on the N64, and still the best Mario game that i have ever played. 4:Metroid Prime (GC) The best looking game on the GC, and the best FPS on the GC by far. 5:Mario Kart DS (DS) I've played all Mario Kart games, and this one is the best one that Nintendo have created. First, because it is online and second it includes a mixture of new and old tracks from previous Mario Kart titles