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    Guitar, Games, Girls!
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    N64, GBC, GC, GBA, DS.
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    Xbox360, PS2(I regret that :[)
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    Zelda; Ocarina of Time, or Mario 64
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  1. You're a male with a whale-sized tail whom adores 'g' words (gay?).

    I imagined that you would've been a bit more creative with your Nintendo I.D man. Nintendindosaur? That kind o' doesn't go dude.

    Change it to Nintendosaurus (Nintendo Saw Us).


    My gamertag is WiiorUse. Do you get it? Just giving you ideas to like pinpoint that unique N.id.


    Catch ya later ok bud.

  2. I remember a thread that stretched to about 80-odd pages in days, the one where that guy (can't remember his name) was gonna lose his virginity. Although that was probably a very N-Europe regulars thread, with plenty of posts but not many users.
  3. The only major events I can remember N-Europe having a massive audience for were the reveal of the new Doctor Who (Matt Smith), and also Derren Brown doing his lottery stunt. That went massive on this site, but doesn't tie in with the date.
  4. Anyone having troubles with Facebook? mine keeps on saying "account temporarily unavailable."
  5. ASDA SMARTPRICE CHOCOLATE! 27p for easter egg style choc, love it.
  6. Rest in peace doggie. I've dealt with deaths in the family easier than I've dealt with pet deaths before now. it's a horrible feeling losing your best friend.
  8. I lurk and check the Post Your Purchases thread daily. What started as curiosity has ended in addiction.
  9. You can see where they have slowed the video speed down to fit Bonnie Tyler in with the Gorilla.
  10. It is pretty crazy. http://io9.com/5041165/craziest-bat+rumor-ever It could work if she plays it as a sort of Cruella DeVille thing, she would fit in Nolan's world as some kind of old lady mafia boss thing. Like Mom in futurama maybe.
  11. Depp for Riddler and Cher for Catwoman according to latest reports.
  12. I'll be the first one to say it... That's no moon...
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