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  1. General Switch Discussion

    That'd have been me. Boob I called you out for being another bosum whom donates itself as a test subject for Nintendo's mass milking experiment. But the WiiUniverse recued you. I was only joking though
  2. General Switch Discussion

    @ArtMediocre Haha well if my pudding held me at gun-point to slowpoke her cake, then at least I wouldn't be shot dead by failing to do the job with skinny old cranky witch fingers. Having sausages can be life-preserving I suppose @RonaldDuck Oh boy you're not the observant type, are ya Loony Goon? Motion control is a charming technological innovation to be implemented into games, but it hasn't been implemented consistently in immersive ways, so peeps be hating on it. That applies to all the other fancy shmancy things you listed. Wii was a great seller yet considered a dust collector, Professor Galileo. Precisely. It's pretty simple to please the simple-minded and statistics display that the majority of their consumer are geniuses of neural simplicity. Indeed Nintendo are fatcats who has cozy bedtime naps with full bellies.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    No offence taken chump. I mean champ. My bad my phone's on-screen keyboard is too tiny for my fingertips and it kinda responds glitchy which causes typos. Do forgive me hoe. I mean bro. Is constructive criticism and/or expressing an opinion that isn't within the catergory of songs of praise is automatically labelled as a rant? Or is that you attempting a lowkey offence? I mean, if Switch's quality thrills your mentality with stimuli then do you. I guess it's inevitable that a company who takes an easy route to success will please the easily-pleased, whilst dissatisfying the more complexed mind. Also I know some earthlings resort to accepting anything for as little as a drip of pleasure, like a drug addict who itches for but a drop of substance to flow through the veins. Not saying you're one of such humans, butcha boy's just sayin certain homosapiens be doing that. For ↑personal reasons↑ I didn't charge like a raging bull to its slaughter to buy the Switch, and for ↑personal reasons↑ it doesn't feel bad at all. The only thing that feels very bad is the fact that Nintendo decided to be typical by whipping up a console that I dont desire. However, I have close ones who own it which confirmed my suspicions, additionally I've seen youtubers playing through some of the games and I've seen enough to've enable me to form an opinion. So fortunately I'm not apart of the "many people losing money by selling the Switch", this saved me from buying trash. Or as people called the Wii -- "dust collector" haha @Ronnie wow I cant believe that you read something that you consider nonsense all the way to its end. No wonder why you a Switch-looking boy.
  4. General Switch Discussion

    @FartMeteors My bad it was a woman but her name's slipped from my memory. During the Nintendo presentation (cant remember the year :P), I cant remember word for word but the bold message blooming well shocked and startled me, so that trauma is stuck with me. She literally said in something along the lines of "And guys, you have to remember that as a provider, we'll never satisfy the consumer by giving them exactly what they want otherwise we wouldn't be here for a long time. Yeah, right -- it's not the best business strategy." I disrespected that immensely as I admire creators who push their art to maximum so as to allow bursted limits to force genuine creativity. I felt that Nintendo were once like this, but clearly not anymore. They've become easy-money grabbing, capitalistic amateurs who've surrendered their talent. I honestly believe that if they as a company began failing in the public eye and lost to their competitors, I honestly dont think they'd be able to create awesome games (the charming combination of brilliant story or gaming concept, excellent gameplay with stunning visual). The fact that they have no clue what to do with Star Fox (among other titles..) says it all haha blimmin noobs. Their was also a rep for another developer who generally said the same thing. Or it could've been Nintendo too actually lol forgot my bad. But it was about a creation game (Spark? Mario Stage Building Thingy? Something like these) the dude said was asked if the players could create any experience as in any game style and genre, and the dude hastily responded "Good God no! Can you imagine if consumers had such software available in their hands? They gradually would lose the necessity to rely on us as creators. *laughs*" Again, I get it of course. If Usain Bolt can dash 100m in a flash, it wouldn't be the smartest idea to do that with his first race, coz then how will he keep breaking records for that big paycheck haha? But within the video game industry, you'd expect a little compromise, y'know?... Like actual new games and in reasonably GOOD quality (F Zero, Star Fox, Metroid, Mario Kart, Zelda, Super Mario, Smash Bros -- just to name a few), online functionality to british standard M4R10 and just a more mindful hardware and user interface design. Oh and making splendid use of the hardware concept (primarily motion controls, but yeah VR and AR too and all that jazz that they all 3 used to innovate into their technology). But man in actuality we're getting ports, which those games aren't up to standards to me personally (Kart & Smash -- poor modes, poor online, poor visuals, poor stages and so on). And the new games such as Odessy and BOTW simply suck to me, I could write an article to explain how so but have already done so multiple times. And coz the hardware and online is just weak, not many relevant third party multiplat software are coming (Anthem, Destiny, Assasin's Creed, Mass Effect, Overstrike, Jump Force, and so on) and the few that do come are either ass or stink like it. Not twisting anything bud, I'm not one of them sort of folks buddy. xD ... Woops my bad for the typo @ArtMediocre
  5. General Switch Discussion

    @Esequiel After the Wii I became extremely sceptical of Nintendo and performed great hesitance to purchase their consoles. Skipped 3DS and Wiiu. Was playing the waiting game with Switch and after this Direct I'm almost 100% certain they're taking the biscuit with capitalism. I'll never forget when one of their representatives said at an E3 press conference that they'll never satisfy their consumers in order to remain in business. I get that a man needs his bread to eat, but it's the intensity of their relentlessness in this regard that cheeses me the frick off. Like next to zero compromise of itching our back with genuine entertainment after we itch theirs with our gold & silver. I'll keep my iris observing the Switch On Super, but if it comes to fruition but sucks, or if it doesn't bloom to fruition, then that'll be the final nail in the coffin for them from me. @NintendoJapan this one's for you for torturing me for almost 2 decades rounding up. I didn't wanna have to go acapella upon these mothersuckers, but this diss has become a no-brainer. When the hell will the seven seas learn, to not be mistreated as Nintendo's waste sperm. Infinite promises to rocket our hopes high, Joy from the Heaven they perceive by milking their own sheep dry. What kind of imbecile purchases the same retro consoles at least 5 times? The moron like a dimwit Goron splashes waves of rupees making his scammer filthy rich. Beedle drugs you with his needle to get you to enter the cylce of emptying and replenishing his product line, His airshop full of stock grows hot by shovelling a 2 of spades up your rectal spot until you pick up six. In other words Nintendo is playing you with the Switch to make the retro purchase a sixth -- gamed like a trick, feel the rumble while their joystick penetrates your anal split. Then continue to splurge, by seducing you with the urge to purge up all your paper with their lightsaber. These pimp lords are cultivating their suckers in the Dark Side of the harlot beach owned by the colony of Siths. You horse around online free of charge. Then forced to pay a fee to make em live large. For what benefit? Adding friends by decoding a friggin' digit? Using a seperate device to chat clear and loud, with limitations to software storage up in the infinite database of clouds? A lack of messaging -- to the noobs whom in the motion of teabagging you got their skinnyjeans stuck up they butt crevice causing an awfully unpleasant case of wedging? Ports of games from the previous console generation which take the image of stone-aged software played by the ice-age civilization. Third party software that only office clerks from third-world tribes gift their descendants on chinese new year, and even those infants would disown em by floggin em on eBay as exotic souvenirs. Everything about the Switch is so fundamentally wrong. I think I see where it was supposed to be going, it's the Wiiu but a hoe model in a thong. So regardless of its inferiorities it still has all the horny lightsabers glowing. Odyssey and Breath of The Wild are Switches flagship you say my foolish brothas? On that I call an alpha male baboon's pink ass! If you're a toddler, then I guess Odyssey's an enjoyable roller coaster. And as for B-O-T-W, it made my j-a-w drop like an unrolling kitchen towel, with the only breath taken from me being a disappointing s-i-g-h from how terrible -- and unbelievable the gameplay has reversed into the Hall of The Shameful. The ifinite present box is Ninty's business strategy, seducing us to party like Mario unwrapping bob-ombs from annual Xmas trees. Everything we give for our hopes, wishes and desires, painfully shatters our world as it all backfires. Meanwhile Bowser enlargens his crafty empire, in his pimp hat he recruits more villainous minions to hire, who help fuel the fire that he blasts like a liar, to grow his kingdom higher and higher by sucking his consumers dryer and dyer hot damn!
  6. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    No showcase or worded details of the new Metroid, Star Fox, F Zero, Super Mario Party's online, Smash Bros Ultimate's online,Switch's online service nor for an update for the Switch's hardware (making it more efficient for third party support for games such as Anthem, Destiny 2, Jump Force etc). Fortunately I had zero expectations. I just caught the show with my bros whilst I was catching my breath marinating in sweat after my workout. @Hogge Haha Ikr! I really dont understand the minds of some people nor of what their eyes see. Art style can be admired, but the level of the graphics (quality of the drawing art and the animation if character models and the environment) is horrendous! @drahkon You know, boss! You can trust a third party to apply more art into visual quality (Fortnite) and game structure (Starlink). It was like a cold blade licking my heart when those E3 discussion hosts were giggling at Star Fox Zero, but I agreed with them and Nintendo deserved that mockery. Does Nintendo really not have the mental energy to storm up a basic no-brainer like what was done with Starlink? Thor, the god of thunder, son of Lord Odin whom be heir to the thrown of Asgard!!
  7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I felt hopeful when Sakurai commented that he planned for all of those characters to be unlocked in an enjoyable way, I hope that way is via an adventure/story mode similar to Subspace Emissary but more well-done. And those gameplay refinements are exciting and welcome. @Jonnas @Hero-of-Time I would've appreciated more worthwhile information such as online functionality details be that online communication (voice chat, texting, add friends with simplicity, player history list, smooth connectivity with minimum lag etc), online modes (tourney, teams, tag-style teams, singles, free-for-all, adventure co-op, mission objective muliplayer like target smash, homerun and race to the finish etc etc etc), Switches local play features and so on. Instead of showing all the blooming characters he could've just quite simply said "All characters from previous Smashes will be playable and we have 3 surprise characters *shows the reveal*" and then speak about the above details.
  8. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Haha why does your stamina suck or something? What's not easy about simply entering and exiting a cave? In any case, you say tomato and I say tomato. xD Hey but does Conduit 3 qualify for an 'adult shooter'? They could upgrade the previous 2 to make it a trilogy. Do you know if HV released that Conduit for the 3DS in the end?
  9. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    @Ronnie I dont mean to be offensive by saying some people are easily pleased, in some areas of life even I, Beveragenius, am easily pleased. But I guess truth stings at times when pride is swollen. Still, in a genuine exchange of opinion truth is what shall dribble melodiously from my lips. I didn't say that it's arrogant for a game that I dislike to be praised by popular opinion. I suggested that things that are logically simple yet are praised by fans (or others who conventionally praise the idol highly based on previous triumphs) as the best thing since sliced bread, those biased opinions are imprisoned in arrogance. It's unhealthy, it could transcend to the realm of delusion. However, I dont equate simplicity with low quality for sometimes less is more. Old @bob over there seems to get it. I also get one of the reasons why Nintendo are going the simple route, complexity wouldn't be friendly towards the pick-up-and-play aundience (children and the casual adult gamer), otherwise entitled as the Blue Ocean Audience where Nintendo banks on earning the money from. Thus competitive games may additionally be further reduced in quality due to the absense of skillful gameplay mechanics replaced with more luck/chanced-based mechanics.
  10. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    @Glen-i that 'genius' statement was used metaphorically to convey that not everbody is easily pleased. When @drahkon said he/she wanted a "Mario game that's not as easy as sex" I assumed he was including Odessy into that catergory like I and others have. So for a game that is boring (as it's too simple/easy) to be glorified with praise, I find that arrogant or even biased just because of personal preference of the Almighty Nintendo. Dont get me wrong, the games aren't entirely garbage, for they have some good ideas within them. Just ultimately for me they're a miss, similar to how many feel that motion control is a miss.
  11. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    @Ronnie My answer to your question may be controversial because it's probably subjective, but I'm just sharing my view with you. Geniuses are rare and appear in various forms. Have you ever heard a saying like "Geniuses are lonely/crazy"? Haha they dont follow popular opinion, they're independent thinkers. So the mass may view simple things as masterpieces, whereas to a genius those things are child's play. Moreover, who knows if Nintendo bribed the reviewers for biased positive reviews? Remember, our lifestyle is corrupt by the monetary system. Drahkon, myself and a lot of others who I personally know or follow on social media has been somewhat unsatisfied with games such as Mario: Odessy and Densetsu no Zelda: Breath of The Wildu. How about the current online service for the Switch, are you satisfied with it Ronald? All of those games churned out within 12 months is testament to the fact of their immense relaxation towards quality and thus quantity of high quality software. Indeed, a vastly improved Switch would redeem, in all of the aforementioned regards, Nintendo's respect and honour as a public emblem in relation to artistic entertainment and inspiration. Not only hardware and internet improvements, but also quality of software.
  12. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Incredible hopes and prediction Grazza
  13. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    @Ronnie However they churned out the seismic magnitude of all sorts of software throughout the lifespan of the NES, SNES, N64 and GameCube is how I want 'em to churn out software on the Switch. Mind you, those were the days when Nintendo were hungry. Now they're fat cats with fridge-loads packed full of Hovis bread, so they're being immensely relaxed in quality and quantity (of AAA franchises) of software. Mm-hm, as a business within a lifestyle based on a failed monetary project, level of financial gain is what determines Nintendo's quality and quantity of art. So I guess money has compromised Nintendo's values of art. I've said it before and I shall say it again -- as a business it's logical to be compromised by cash accumulation, however, it's simply dishonourable in my opinion. Respect and legendary status is earned when one uses genuine effort to obtain success (especially when it's a no-brainer that their efforts would be tremendously rewarded). I guess it's just an issue of morality. Inspire people with talented art. Make unforgettable marks in history with genuinely enjoyable products (especially as a company with a name meaning 'Joy from Heaven'). Being lazy to just churn out child's play because they know sheeps will just follow the crowd to be milked. Capitalism for sure, do what you must for simple survival, but inevitably you wont be viewed with respect and honour from minds that are not sheep-like. At times, if it's within your capability, you should just enjoy what you do and be an icon of inspiration. By the time online will be presented to the public, it'll almost have been 2 full years since the Switch released. It is unacceptable. It's wriddled with hardware faults. Its storage crisis is screaming for salvation. The chip isn't filling every third party developer with confidence, so not every multi-platform game is coming to the system, and the few that are are slow with regards to immediacy. A PS4 Pro / XBOX1X strategy would be salvation. Switch-On Steroids. Oh no. *in Baymax's voice*
  14. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    I must say that it's been a while. The last time that I was within the midst of N-E, the population dwindled. And now there's less. Is there some sort of Tournament of Power in progress whereby the King of Everything is erasing the losers? It's that time of the year where, traditionally, we express our hopes, dream, wishes and prophecies. Well I foretell an event multitudinous in quality: Nintendo shall announce and showcase an upgraded Switch entitled.... Switch-On Steroids. The SOS will have sufficient internal storage so as to no longer need external storage the price of half-a-console after installing only one-and-a-half of software. SOS will boast a chip efficient at running all new third party software, so that all said software could be available on the system. First party software could be enriched aswell, both visually and mechanically (such as increased A.I and graphical based rendering techniques which could be used for various puzzles etc). Overhauled online infrastructure which includes; seamless gameplay worldwide; player history list; simple friend requests on a click-and-send basis; improved communication, so can text or voice message random players who aren't on your friends list, and optional voice chat in and across software regardless if friend or not (and via the SOS itself, even inserting smartphone earphones in the SOS to use as a gaming mic). SOS homescreen modernized. More like Wiiu's Mii Plaza homescreen meets Splatoon 2's Inkopolis Plaza. Next gen immersive interaction! Classic Nintendo games from all/most/some previous Nintendo consoles available for purchase with refined visuals and full online connectivity (gameplay and communication). With service of the cloud storage and/or SD card, space of these software could be accomodate without the need for our Thanos-inspired will to erase half the population of the cursed system. Now as for software, I called go on all night long baby. Dont just bring games, or else they'll be ghastly like Star Fox Zero, Mario: Odessy and Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. I'm sorry, but the novelty of the "big" concepts of the latter two weren't big enough for big minds. Openworlds moreorless were done in the original Zelda, all it is is that today had the illusion of slightly improved visuals and things such as climbing trees, buying property and finding treasure that isn't really necessary. Look at the world in say, Assasin's Creed: Origin -- it just feels alive, organically! Authenticity and purpose is needed! Think of Windfall Island in Wind Waker, or the postman motoring across Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time.... the entire game should be filled with this on a monumental spectrum! In Wind Waker how the old dude taught you combat at the beginning, and how you explore the seven seas for forbbiden scrolls -- these should be ways how each player discovers unique techniques (some magical!) throughout the game. Heck, throw in some sort of online multiplayer so that players can combine their unique skills in puzzle based quests and war based quests, and heck, perhaps VS mode.... which sails me fishingly to my next subject -- motion commands. Skyward Sword was on the right tracks with that extremely basic sealing technique and general combat. Simply power this up. The sky is literawii the limit! Enemies should each have 2-8 attack routines and learn the defend simple routines (to counter mindless spam like in Wii Sports Resort sword duels). And various gestures whilst activating magic uses magical spells (attacks, defenses, summonings like Fi for example, sealings and so on), perhaps some foes could do this too! All with a blockbuster story that'll bring the audience to tears, full-on with voice acting (jap dub with eng subs until decent english voice actors can be found, at which point simply offer it as paid DLC). Now THIS is how a Zelda game can be powered-up with art and sheer love. Do similar to so with Smash Bros (modes damn it, modes! Tag mode switch style, team mode, GOOD adventure, splendid next-level stages where you go to different dimensions where you smash your opponent, the screen follows the one being smashed in the distance if you get what I mean.... etc etc etc), King of The Hill mode (like in Ultimate Ninja Storm) which is clan-friendly!.... Go nuts with modes! Fun modes! Conduit 3. Star Fox: Trek Wars (no more on-rails and hell no no racer [racing missions but not the entire game racing, that is what F Zero is for!], a full on exploration game similar to Mass Effect: Andromeda, Beyond Good & Evil 2 and so on). F Zero... brilliant story, ship customization, online MODES (normal 8-16 player [maybe even 32!], survival, pink slips and so on). Mario Party (in the style of #4 but bigger and better with online!). A proper Super Mario. A proper Mario Kart (sorry). Fire Emblem but next-gen (immersive story and gameplay, a SUPER rich RPG world!). Metroid next-gen (navigate galaxies, unique planets, insane bosses and environments, engaging story, perhaps some co-op etc etc etc). Give us an openworld Donkey Kong, Kirby and Kid Icarus done artistically and next gen. And all these games use motion controls to offer a deeper and wider gameplay experience. Then all third party may aswell have optional full support of motion control (to make there be a greater reason to own the Switch version). Nintendo would take over the gaming industry and Sony and Microsoft would be forced to innovate and offer motion control as the industry standard.... So technology could actually modernize and advance. Currently the industry is painfully stagnant. In short, significal improvements to hardware, software and internet functionality and services I dream to see. The Switch is a tablet so I'd like to see all sorts of apps; drawing, video entertainmemt, food delivery to celebrate gaming victories or watch E3, streaming apps for E3 and Directs/Tree House, just all sorts of apps. If this were to happen, I'd buy Switch-On Steroids for £545.99 any day of the century.
  15. You have terrible memory for somone who has been named such a numerical name by their mumma.