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  1. Rogue Trooper

    thanks blackfox for moving this topic to the right forum, sorry about that
  2. Brutal fight scenes in films

    Rare is the day you see a fight in cinema that actually feels and looks like a fight. Watching Braveheart ( I just had to get the soundtrack just for the cavalry charge!), some of the most blood thirsty and cinematically awe inspiring camera work can be found in the most bizarre of places sometimes. The film when looked on in its entirety is just a mess. A historical mess set in Scotland, filmed in Ireland and stars an Australian trying to affect an accent he just wasn’t designed for but the fights by god! Sheer and utter brilliance. From the first scrap in the village after his girl is killed by the English lord to the slow motion before the heavy cavalry crash into the Scottish lines at Stirling and then the mania that ensues afterwards, the film captures it all. God help me but I love this film so! The combination is perfect - the music, the camera, the editing (the film win an award for), the acting and even the look of it is just bloody astounding. So my question to you is, What do you rate as the best ever brutal fight scene to be portrayed on the screen?
  3. Super Smash Bros Melee

    Super Smash Brothers Melée; the event match mode is driving me up the bloody wall. It took me around 50 tries (I assure you, no exageration) of the 2x speed; Captain Falcon on the racetrack (avoiding the cars, getting to the finish line in an absurdly mean time limit) level, then Link vs. Young Link was a bastard at times, Peach and Doctor Mario wouldn't leave my Luigi alone when teamed up, and now... now I need to KO 5 enemies, including both of the Starfox team, with only one life myself. Fine, you say, but then you need to use Ness, who I think is an incredibly hard character to play well as. I think I've been attempting this for more than an hour, every time I get to the second part (Captain Falcon, then a very difficult Falco), I get the crap kicked out of me, and by the time I reach the last enemy (by far the hardest, Falco is far too bloody quick for Ness, the little runt), I'm usually hovering around the 100-110% damage mark, meaning one hit and I'm pretty much dead. It's not helped that Ness' third jump is extremely difficult to pull off when you're swearing at the bastard for not letting him hit you.
  4. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

    When is this being released? I seriousily can't wait. The first one had the most fun and greatest co-operative ever tbh
  5. What is the worst Nintendo 64 game you ever played? For me it's superman 64
  6. Worst Fears

    Spiders....I don't know why they just scare the shit out of me
  7. Halo Discussion

    I'm still waiting for halo 2 to come out on the PC....
  8. Rogue Trooper

    I keep seeing this game in the shops but there are barely any reviews on it. has anyone played it? Is it anygood?
  9. Rate the last film you saw

    Chronicles of Narnia: It was okay...faithful to the book but the guy who played peter was a bit naff and it was a bit boring places. The White witch was surprisely hot and the battle charge was cool. It also had awesome music 7/10
  10. I'm considering buying Spartan Total Warrior for the gamecube and wanted to ask if anyone already played it and how it is like, because I read some mixed reviews and now I'm not sure if I want to spend much money for an "average" game. I expect it to be a hack and slay with only a few moves to learn and a fast pace, not too difficult and with enough story that it keeps me going. Just something where I can watch how nice I kill hundreds of enemies without worrying too much about health and that I can just shut down my brain. Also how big are the large scale battles?
  11. why are gamecube games so expensive?

    I was considering buying Timesplitters 3 for the gamecube but the price for it in the Uk is about £30 in most of the shops and online shops where are the PS2 and Xbox versions you can buy for a fiver.why are gamecube games so expensive?
  12. Shooters

    resident evil 4, rogue squadron 2, timesplittter series, call of duty series
  13. One of the things I loved about the call of duty series is the large scale battles in single player where big groups of allied and enemy NPC's fighting each other was fantastic. I also loved the fantastic scripted sequences and the feeling of chaos in the battles. It's makes the experience fantastic. Are there any other first person shooters (On the PC and not just WW2 ones) that have: large scale battles Lots of scripted sequences chaotic experience
  14. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

    the first was fantastic but very short. The co operative was excellent and I hope that's in star wars lego 2
  15. I was considering buying Timesplitters 3 for the gamecube but the price for it in the Uk is about £30 in most of the shops and online shops where are the PS2 and Xbox versions you can buy for a fiver.why are gamecube games so expensive?