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  1. SSBM - Who do you go?

    Jigglypuff. Undefeated as him.
  2. Wii sports rip of for the ps2

    The racing game looks tonnes better than Cruis'n Wii: This 'Realplay' Game:
  3. We Love Golf

    That looks like a carbon copy of Hot Shots/Everybodys Golf (I owned that for the PSP). Looks good though.
  4. Wii sports rip of for the ps2

    Worried? Why do I give a toss? What exactly is the problem you have with this? Companies jump on board the latest craze, for example all the "Brain Trainers" you have seen. I just think its funny, why are you worried? And also, your signatures cool. Thats a tonne of PS3's being sold, just shows how great Sony is at marketing quite an expensive product.
  5. What if they made Final Fantasy VII remake for Wii?

    Why is FF7 "perfect" for WIi? all you mention is the graphics, which the PS3 completely trounces the Wii at.
  6. Anyone know any good TV Episodes to watch on Wii?

    I cant get alluc to work. has more stuff, is faster to load. is quite slow. Edit: does work, buthas much more stuff like simpsons, family guy and futurama.
  7. Like, who stream shows of almost everything there, don't think it works on Wii. Anyone know of something similar that does work on Wii Browser?
  8. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Shitty Halo fans? Look, im not a fan of the X-Box but its a bit harsh called someone who plays Halo a 'shitty Halo fan', not only that but saying they can't handle puzzles. Metroid Prime is a brilliant series, but they aren't exactly taxing in terms of puzzles.
  9. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Well he looks a bit more realistic. This game should be pretty good when it hits UK.
  10. Trauma Center: Second Opinion

    I never knew you could use the Healing Touch on the bomb. I still passed it first time. This was on easy mode mind.
  11. Dragon Quest IV, V, VI: The Zenithia Trilogy

    They are just really classic and fully traditional RPG's, in the sense that they follow the norm completely and differ in no aspect. Just really solid RPG's for the hardcore.
  12. Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland

    French 7+ while UK 12+ Haha... I'll probly pick this up.
  13. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    No, look. NES: Final Fantasy I (I) SNES: Final Fantasy II (IV) Final Fantasy III (VI) PS1: FF7 FF8 FF9 FF Anthologys + Origins (Original I,II,IV,V,VI) PS2: FF10 FF11 FF10-2 FFXII GBA: FF1+2 (original 1+2) FF4 (original 4) FF5 (original 5) FF6 (original 6) NDS: FF3 (original 3) FF4 (original 4)
  14. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    Well, I've just unlocked the Dark Knight Job, and the Castle Guy in your party (I called him Steven) is dishing out 1000+ attack per enemy per turn Doesn't mean I stop getting killed. I've just traversed to the other world..
  15. Making my Idea reality?

    Haha, well I am working on a small game for PC in my little team and would love to work on the Wii's VC (it's possible for small devs). All we have though is 1 programmer and 3 graphic artists. All 2D, but thats nice for the Wii's VC if we are intending on doing classic games. Any information would be helpful really on how we go about actually copyrighting it and stuff.