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  1. “(speaking of Wii) That’s truly disruptive. I got sort of killed in the press recently because I said people are going to put their Wii-motes down when they start to play all the new stuff on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It wasn’t dismissive at all. Nintendo has disrupted out industry; they’ve done a fantastic job of that. My point is the games I personally like to play–Assassin’s Creed and Killzone 2–I have a list full of them and none of them are on the Wii.†- Dave Perry What does everyone think of this dude? if nintendo followed suit with exactly what the xbox360 and ps3 done with hi def high powred none casual gaming then it wouldnt be in the near 1st position its near today! also more here on his website http://www.dperry.com/archives/news/dp_blog/dropping_wii_co/
  2. Wii sports rip of for the ps2

    AAAAAh, i thought they were like a 5 in one disc or something, with 5 different controllers. If its just the 1 game then its all been done before with the golf game on the ps2, That was quite popular though!
  3. Wii sports rip of for the ps2

    it does! !
  4. Wii sports rip of for the ps2

    im not really worried to that, but the thing is theres an absolutley HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE ps2 userbase, bigger than the ps3, 360 and wii put together! And this actually looks quite good.... even if it turns out to be a load of shit, it looks half decent, now brain traning... thats on a lot lower level compared to this
  5. http://www.myrealplay.com/ what does everyone think of this? it absolutley rips of the wii in every aspect, even look at the advertising! Is anyone slightley worried? I mean, if this is just a 3rd party doing this imagine what the 1st partys have up their sleeves for the ps3 and maybe even the 360!
  6. Far Cry Vengence Wii

    looks wicked, ill defo be picking thos one up!!
  7. are the u.s sales figures for the wii and its software not in yet? its been over a week now and theyres been no official update..... or is it japan that only get weekly figures updates?

    i might have to, cheers

    cheers, sound quite bad then........so is the game available in the u.k????
  10. Wii Sales Figures

    I THINK ITS ALL BOLLOX (fake) EVEN though its in my sig
  11. I hate wii sports

    hahaha nice one for them though!!
  12. did MIDWAY ARCADE TREASURES 3 get released in the u.k for gamecube?????? I pre-ordered my wii ages ago and i found out that sanfransisco rush classics are available for the gamecube on this disc so i really want to buy it as i love san fran rush. If it wasnt released in the u.k would the free loader work with a ntsc version?
  13. Should Wario Ware come free with Every Revolution?

    yer defo!!! promotion disc
  14. Change your Mind?

    yer same ere. i thought nintendo was dead to be honest coz i thought the gamecube was wank! only coz of lack of 3rd party support. the revolution is cool, plays dvds and probably cd mp3s, Wi-Fi, Online, wireless pads, backwards compatable with gamecube game, ability to download a back catologue of 1000s of older nintendo games... One think that puzzles me, is were the hell does it store the games it downloads? has it got a hard drive maybe? i hope it does, even if it is small becuse like xbox, youll be able to update ur current game n stuff.