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  1. Iwata is ‘One of World’s Best CEOs’

    Yamauchi was wise to retire and hand the job onto someone younger with fresh ideas. Maybe Ken Kutaragi should do the same and let someone else helm SCE.
  2. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

    You're absolutely right. When you upgrade to the next generation of consoles, you get so used to games looking better that you forget what they used to look like. Goldeneye always looks way better in my head. Then when I play it again, I have a chuckle, because, by modern standards it looks rubbish. The same goes for any othe Game from that generation.
  3. I was chatting to my friend who works in Woolworths this afternoon during my lunch break, and he told me that the entire company only gets 5 Wii systems in per week. I was shocked considering he also told me the reservation list was huge, bigger than any other product in the store. Seriously though, 5 systems for a company with a shop in every major town in the UK. The only way I can imagine that they are distributed fairly is if the exact time of the order is recorded. So if you order at 9;00am, then you'll definitely get yours before the person who ordered at 9:01am. He also told me that no-one is buying PS3's so it seems that the initial surge was just catering for the hardcores, and no-one else wants one. He also said "don't get one it's over-rated" to which I replied "I knew that over a year ago".
  4. Spider-Man 3

    Isn't it funny, the Spider-man font is the same as the Playstation 3 font, and in this instance, the words are in the exact same place on the box. It could almost be mistaken for a PS3 game, lol.
  5. If any of you like me have been a Nintendo VIP:24/7 for quite a long time, you may have noticed that every day, if you log onto the Nintendo Europe website, you get 5 stars. Since I heard about star points being integrated into the Wii points system, I decided that it would be a good idea to set the Nintendo website as my home page, so it automatically logs me in whenever I open up firefox. I'm not sure how other browsers work, but in firefox you can have several home pages, so I've got Nintendo set to number 3 tab. If you think about it, 5 stars a day is quite a lot actually. It only takes 20 days to make 100 star points, which is pretty good considering the effort. When I look at my stars history, I've earned 11,360 so far, I've currently got 5,760 (bought a Mario GC controller), but the most interesting stat of all is that I've clocked up 4,725 points through repeat visits to the site. Yes this has been done over several years, but since I got the Wii, I've been getting 5 a day, which means I've had a total of... 92 days, so I've made 460 points in 3 months. There's no knowing how long until the stars are connected to the Wii points, or just how much a star will be worth in wii points, but the more you have, the more VC games you'll be able to buy. To finnish, I suggest that you all either log onto the Nintendo website every day, or set it as you home page, and you never have to think about it. Because there's free points at stake, and we all love to get things for free.
  6. Suggest A Thread

    The Come in Here if You're Using the Opera Browser Thread. OK, so the point of the thread is for when we've all got the Opera browser, we can enter the the forum, and write messages on this thread. But only messages from your Wii console. There's not much point to it other than the novelty of using your Wii instead of the PC for the first time. But I still think I'd enjoy writing a post from my Wii. It might be quite time consuming tho.
  7. Wii Friend Codes Thread

    My Number is: 7991-1391-2350-6972 I haven't added any Wii's to my address book yet, but I've already sent e-mails between my Wii and my Hotmail account. I love seeing the blue disc light glow when you recieve a message.
  8. How's your Arm?

    Wii elbow from playing Baseball and Boxing. These are the 2 most challenging games, so I use all my strength, lol.
  9. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I'm sure once we're all surfing the web with our Wii Channels and stuff, the light will appear more often. But c'mon, surely the thing should glow when you turn it on, and whenever you insert a disc. It's my favorite part of the console, and they've ruined it. I want what the box shows, a blue pulsating light. Perhaps Nintendo could update the firmware so that you can choose whether to have the light on or off, and when to see it. The flash at the beginning has to be rplaced by the glow, it just looks a bit lame otherwise. The light should also glow when you insert a disc, This is the time when it will look best.
  10. European Wii Preorders

    I pre-ordered with GAME in Nottingham. They cheeky gits only bumped the prive of the nun-chuk up 2 £17.99. What a rip off. And they only had the Wiimote with WiiPlay, not on ot's own. So I ended up paying £52.98 for a second controller. I did get a game as well though.
  11. European Wii Preorders

    How many systems has Nintendo got ready for Europe? The best place to find out is going to be here. I've got my pre-order at GAME, and I can't wait until tomorrow morning, WOO!
  12. what are you going to call your wii?

    I'm Thinking of using Hal again. Does your system have a name, or do you have a name for online gaming? If so, I'm Hal_9Million again. If the system has it's own name, then I might be a bit more original. Giving it a Human name seems like it would be funny.
  13. Wii Adverts

    The UK Ad is the same as the Japanese ads. That means that they will get more exciting. They basically show off what kinds of control you can use. Check out the Wii Website to see vids.
  14. European Wii Preorders

    I hope i get my pre-order in earrly enough I'm going to be at uni when it comes out, but i can't get there 2 pre-order my system until saturday i registered my interest and they said that they were gonna get about 100 systems on day 1, but there were over 400 registers so far. but they said the pre-orders will determine who gets theirs first. hopefully they won't all fill up in 3 days.
  15. March? What will Wii do?

    I'm thinking a load of 1st party games. The ones we all want, but aren't coming out on launch. Super Mario galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, and the most important... Super Smash Bros Brawl. Then they'll most likely have some other new titles, hopefully some great 3rd party games. EDIT I have the exact same opinion. Ask anyone, particularly those without HDTVs if they are unsatisfied with DVD and they'll say they're perfectly happy. I know I am, I know my family is, and my friends. HD is something that we don't need yet, and something that is being forced upon us. Like the N-Europe article says, HD just sounds cool, and because it's being rammed down our throats by consumer electronics companies, we're being fooled into think it's something we need. Besides, HD technology is still young, and flawed. Many Xbox 360 games suffer up to 2 seconds of lag on some HDTVs simply because they're cheap and don't have the computing power. The HD disc formats will all fail becuase we're all too used to DVD, all too happy with DVD, and by the time we all have HDTVs, and HD discs and players are cheap enough, the real HD format will also be cheaper and better. That my fellow posters is the hard drive. With Hard drive technology getting better, and smaller, slowly becoming solid state, and downloads becoming more readily available, in 2 - 4 years when HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray are affordable for the consumer, downloading will be even better.