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  1. Halo 3. Tonight. 8 till Late.

    I'll play with you lot if you want, don have the Heroic Map pack though
  2. Super/Street Fighter IV

    1up's servers are shite, download it tomorrow morning
  3. Blue Dragon or Eternal Sonata?

    persona 3!!!
  4. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    what? word count is gay
  5. Trackmania Wii (& DS)

    only platform that suits this game is ps3...
  6. Do you even know anything about pc games? Portal stagnate? World of warcraft stagnate? World in conflict stagnate? company of heroes stagnate? yeah ok then
  7. Can someone convince me....

    seriously man MGS4 + Metal Gear Online Little Big Planet Gran Turismo Killzone 2 God of War III Resistance 2 White Knight Chronicles Socom 3 Infamous That line up is wicked ps3 will do fine
  8. Can someone convince me....

    2008 is the year of ps3 dude
  9. US November Sales

    nice to see only 1 bad game in the charts for once
  10. post pics everyone who cares about lists
  11. New Capcom Games?

    no it dosn't..............
  12. PS3 Price Cut... and Wii still sells more

    oblivion and mass effect shit confirmed
  13. PS3 Price Cut... and Wii still sells more

    why does everyone give a damm about the economics of games? really why does it matter to you how much nintendo makes? edit: also why does everyone pretend they like this causal game bullshit, your on a games forum ffs people you like hardcore games and thats the end of it.
  14. PS3 Price Cut... and Wii still sells more

    There going to stop making games for 360/ps3 and thats all i really care about, not to say i don't like the wii or anything just different games suit it.