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  1. To be fair I think it's the Xbox that can't do Dolby HD. If you use the xbox HD DVD drive in a computer you would be able to get Dolby HD. But yes, it is a cheap solution. On the other hand. How many people have a dolby HD decoder in the first place?
  2. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Any headphones will work. You should be able to find a twin phono to 3mm plug adaptor. I had a look on Maplin but couldnt find anything... Failing that, I have a pair of Speedlink Medusa headphones which have the connector you need although that would need a gender changing adaptor as well.
  3. Totally new to xbox 360

    Care to share that deal? :awesome:
  4. Totally new to xbox 360

    I took the plunge and bought an Elite with Blue Dragon and The Darkness. I'm not sure what other games to get though. My old flat mate had an Xbox so I've already played though GoW, Dead Rising, NFS MW, GH2 and some other's I've forgotten.
  5. Totally new to xbox 360

    Is this deal in store as well as online. I'm tempted to go down and pick one up.
  6. Blu-Ray Enabled Wii... ZOMG i hope not!

    It's so ridiculous it really takes the piss. The Wii simply doesn't have the processing power / memory to play a Blu Ray disk. Not forgetting the fact that it needs to output high def and would need an HDMI socket.
  7. Naked PC Pictures.

    Not the best picture in the world but here it is: Specs if your interested: Opteron 165 1 Gig Mushkin Ram 7900GS 160GB HDD (now with a 500GB as well) Lian Li PC60 Watercooling: Alphacool NexXxos XP (gold plated) Alphacool Mosfet Cooler Alphacool NB cooler Alphacool GPU cooler RamPlex cooler AquaDrive HDD cooler Aquastream pump AquaTube 120mm Rad The only thing that isn't watercooled is the Zalman PSU. It's not audible in any way when idle, even in a silent room. The HDD does make some sound when accessed though
  8. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    If the light goes red then it's not connected to the internet. Mine does it occasionaly and I need to turn the Wii on again before it will connect again.
  9. Dolby Pro Logic 2

    I think you will find your tv does have the audio inputs. They should be the white and red ones that go with a yellow to make a composite connection. Componenet is only the visual side of things. You can plug the audio into a non Dolby Prologic stereo, but it won't decode the surround sound channels.
  10. Wii Porn (Post your Wii setup: 56k warning!)

    I've got mine laying horizontal because it was the only way it would fit. It doesn't look as striking but it still looks cool. Will get pictures later.
  11. PAL Wii: S-Video Compatible?

    True, but you a VGA cable is capable of more than VGA resolution. Otherwise a PC monitor wouldn't work. I have connected my PC to my computer through a VGA running at around 720P. And my PC monitor is VGA and runs at 1280*1024. As to which one is better, it depends on your TV, but since there is no official VGA cable as of yet, I would stick with component. Of course if you don't have an HDTV then you will want RGB.
  12. PAL Wii: S-Video Compatible?

    VGA can output at any resolution in theory. It can certainly handle 1080p. I'm hoping PAL software is capable of 480p. It doesn't really make sense for it not too, especially since it's a built in setting for the Wii menu.
  13. PAL Wii: S-Video Compatible?

    I'm pretty certain VGA is analogue too. Also component is significantly better than RGB as it's high def.
  14. No chance of an import PS3

    And yet, that is exaclty what Sony demanded they did. They wanted names and addresses of every single person in the UK that imported a PSP
  15. Wii Hardware Discussion

    I've got one It's damn cool but it makes you feel really ill after only a few minutes. I really like the controller though. It's not a home console though, neither is it a handheld. It can be played anywhere, but you can't really play it on the move.