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  1. I can't believe they let the Wii slip so far so fast

    This is the problem, the PS3 launched at the same time as the wii pretty much in Japan and america and 4 months later in europe. Yet the games on offer for it could easily be enough to see somebody use it as their only console. When peter more started talking about the Wii60 idea a few weeks later reggie responded by saying something like 'I would rather see consumers just buy our console and a ton of games than any of our competitors products' Obviously though now it doesn't matter to them look at there latest earnings and you can see why we don't matter anymore. We won't drive sales so what are we meant to do... oh yeah as you say buy another console! What is going on when nintendo can't even satisfy its own fans on a market leading system?
  2. I can't believe they let the Wii slip so far so fast

    This is fascinating to see, there amount of varied opinions on this subject, i quite like the ones that make out i am anti-nintendo, after all i have said and done up until this point! I am disappointed with the way the wii has turned out, I BELIEVE NINTENDO TO BE THE BEST GAMES DEVELOPERS IN THE WORLD and that is why it is such a disappointment to see them having so few releases over the first year and such a lack of new titles from either themselves or third parties in the near future. I am not attacking Nintendo because i hate them, i am just feeling let down after all the excitement they generated with all the talk of 'New Ways to Play' I love Nintendo and i have done people heads in where i work and at home with how much i talk about what they are doing and what is coming out next, i find that there seems to be less and less to get excited about.
  3. I can't believe they let the Wii slip so far so fast

    It translates to that in this way... Iwata and the gang promise a whole new exciting world of gaming (which they have delivered to some extent in the form of fantastic versions of existing games, but failed to deliver new IP's) Then when the console launches and becomes a huge hit outstripping supply by massive margins it then becomes apparent to Nintendo that it would make no sense to release to many games of great quality that would help sell the system when they can't even meet the normal supply yet alone increased demand. Which then leads to a slow trickle of games instead of hammering out a library that has all sorts of wonderful experiences in it. Like i say though that is business, and it is completely understandable. It is just a shame that the success has been so great that it takes away any pressure for games to be released. As for me contradicting myself with wanting new games but saying i like the 360. That is simply answered by saying that i am a gamer, i like games, Nintendo make the best games i have ever played, but when they are not producing, and nobody else is filling the gap of new ideas, then all we are left with is the conventional games of which the 360 currently has the best selection which will this year probably be overtaken by the PS3 as they rattle off a few exclusives like little big planet and the usual suspects like GT blah blah blah... Also, i find it is a strange experience to be at odds with the only gaming community i have ever really enjoyed being a part of. It is funny to think of all the times i have joined in with the arguments i am facing now. Hopefully the future will see a library full of great stuff, but it is happening far to slowly due to the lack of incentive to put games out.
  4. I can't believe they let the Wii slip so far so fast

    I love the DS and think it is the best console with the best library of games out there i didn't use it as an example because it also has a huge amount of crap on it, it is just the fact that so many good games are on it as well that make it so damn good even with the crap percentage swinging wildly.
  5. I can't believe they let the Wii slip so far so fast

    I know the psp is not a great example, i was just using it as an example to demonstrate that the games companies release for that are not thrown into the apparently bountiful casual market. What did i expect before launch? I expected there to be actual new games. For example, Konami made a promising start with Eledee's, it may not have been perfect, but it was a good idea, imagine if they had sat down and made that concept into a proper big adventure or something, obviously they wanted to have a game out as soon as possible though which is understandable. I expected to get the old franchises with great new controls, which we have got, ie mario galaxy and metroid. It is the lack of real new games that baffles me. Wii music might be awesome, but look how few and far between these new games are coming. Surely they should have these ready to roll so we didn't have the drought of last year and the ps2 ports filling in the gaps. For example i loved the godfather and scarface wii versions, but i could have easily played those well before they were on the wii and i would have had no motive to play them again just for the sake of new controls. All i ever wanted was to be able to go into a shop and see all sorts of games that were new and fantastic. Instead i go into a shop and see some fantastic titles, then a bunch of crap and then maybe two previously unthought of games. Remember Iwata's Wiimote (revolution controller) unveiling back in 2005, and the speech he made about how the current cycle of better graphics etc would lead the industry to slowly die. Well it feels as if instead better graphics we will just replace it with new controls for a while and then discover that very few people have actually made any new games that the controls are capable of. Remember the threads of game ideas for the wiimote we used to make, well none of them have come true because nintendo has shown third parties you can make money by selling 'nothing games' to casual players. I remember after the balance board announcement at last years e3, i started a post in which we then went through the ideas for games that could use the balance board... as if any of them will ever come true when devs don't even want to use what they have now.
  6. I can't believe they let the Wii slip so far so fast

    There are a few people even on these boards who can probably remember how hardcore a nintendo fan i have been, the times i have defended nintendo from posts with the same worries as mine, i have had two 360's and two psp's i don't particularly like the games they had on offer but they both seem to still have more games that i want than the wii, the wii being the console i championed and spent literally the last two years spreading the joy, just like people are now against me. I think part of the problem is that whereas the wii has some fantastic titles as listed above. the fact remains that a huge percentage of games are not proper games, whereas the huge majority of games on the 360, ps3 and psp are actual proper games, they are not neccessarily new and exciting or up to the quality of true nintendo games, but they are at least games.
  7. I can't believe they let the Wii slip so far so fast

    That is the problem, there was all this talk of 'real change' from reggie and iwata and the crew, and yet here we are with all the old franchises. I know they are brilliant but where are all the proper new things apart from wii fit. and they can't just get by with a few titles launched over a period of years, we need a steady flow of quality titles not just a few to spend months looking forward to! it wasn't really meant to sound like that, the last five weeks i have run around work telling everyone how it is the best game ever (but i am back into the mario bros 3 camp now) i meant to use that to highlight the fact that it is all the old franchises that are having to prop up the lack of new games... i got distracted before i finished that part though!
  8. I can't believe they let the Wii slip so far so fast

    i read that quote as well, and ironically it is what pushed me further into this state of mind, these quotes mean nothing now that we can see the current nintendo after what they promised back before the wii came out. Also how ironic that i am now the one on the receiving end of the pro nintendo comments. i never thought that would happen.
  9. To all those people i have spent so many great times with on this forum i thank you all, i thank the people that i argued against as well because at the end of the day it is all good fun and i absolutely love games. What i am about to say might surprise those of you i have fought alongside this generation so far. Right then, a few of you will probably know how hardcore a Nintendo fan i was, with my videos and endless defence of Nintendo through last summer when the 'Have Nintendo Abandoned the hardcore?' threads started appearing all over the internet. Back then it was obvious that Nintendo had not abandoned the hardcore we had smash bros, galaxy, bwii, mariokart... blah blah blah... to look forward to. Look at us now, it has become aparent that although we have some top titles that will no doubt be some of the best this generation to look forward to, we are going to be getting them over a huge period of time. I dare you to go and look at the games on sale in shops, compare the wii to the 360, then i dare you to compare the Wii to the PS3 (the same console that was struggling for support with lagging sales and programming difficulties) then if you are feeling brave take a look at the release schedules for this year, sure the wii will have a longer list, but my god look at the titles that are on it! I can't believe that me of all people, the one who looked forward to the Wii so much, the person who bought wrist weights a month before launch so that i wouldn't get tired out arms from playing it, is now here saying these things. I remember coming here back in 2006, all the wonderful discussions going on about the sheer endless possibilities that the Wiimote and Nunchuck could give us for entirely new games and the fantastic ideas we used to share with each other. Well what ever happened to those days when the Wii was going to be a fantastic new machine with a whole world of possibilities. Instead we find ourselves looking at a super rich Nintendo that knows it doesn't have to do anything to sell all the consoles it can make. The whole touch generations idea is fantastic, i can't tell you how much i love the fact that there are games for literally everyone, i love hearing completely random people at work say something like... oh i played that brain training the other day, and then go on to tell me how much they enjoyed it. I think it is fantastic to be able to discuss games with all these different people who i might not even speak to at all normally. But copy cat rubbish has now become the only thing third parties seem to think will sell. I honestly believed back when we were looking forward to the wii that this was going to be the best thing ever, even until the start of this year i had hope for the console spewing out some proper games but the release list is just to bare of actual games that don't involve some awful film tie in or copy cat product. i can't believe we still can't communicate properly if at all in the few online games released. Remember when the wii was for everyone? I do. Remember when Nintendo were going to stop gaming from becoming monotonous and we were actually going to see real change? I do, but now look at the slow release of games and even the game we look forward to, they are all the old franchises! That is not to say it is bad to do that Mario Galaxy has to be one of the best games ever made if not the best. But it is hardly moving into new territory and giving us new types of gameplay etc. Nintendo now has the money to do whatever they want. But they are of course a company, there purpose is of course to make money. I understand that, i always have. It just looked like out of pure chance for a short time, they way they could make more money was also going to be to have genuinely fantastic products and games on the market. Now the company has outgrown that and they know they need only keep selling the console on wiisports alone to all those families out there who don't really have much of an interest in gaming. Remember how good the wii was going to be? So do i.
  10. Merry Christmas Day everyone!

    Yo, yo, yo! Respect to you all this crissy!... ... Sorry i don't know what happened to me there! Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. Ghostbusters Wii

    If the controls are right, this could be one brilliant game, if the controls are wrong... then god help us all.
  12. That is my first design, it is based on one of the snow levels of Super Mario 64!
  13. Why i have been away!... Making a website!

    Yes that is just my excuse as i am still setting it up and wanted to throw in another page that i didn't have time to make!!! lol lol i know, the site has only existed for about two weeks and i have never done anything like this before so i am just trying to get some sort of frame of a site up so i can see what i can realistically create! lol if i had something to advertise i don't think i would advertise on my site in it's current form! But who knows one day it might become a website that requires knowledge and skill to create rather than an iWeb template!... probably not though! Yes, well spotted, i am an idiot!
  14. Attach rates?

    Don't MS include Arcade games in their attach rate which seemed to give them an extra boost! Partly because everyone in the world need to play Geometry Wars Evolved!!!
  15. Hello there! Phew it is good to be back here at last! The other week i bought an iMac, and through the miracle of iWeb started to create my own website... what is it about? well games of course... well Nintendo and Warcraft i suppose! Right then i have three things to ask: Firstly, has anyone got any advice for making a website in general? Secondly please have a look at my site: web.mac.com/lordillingworth or the full URL: http://web.mac.com/lordillingworth/Nintendo_Clubhouse/Welcome.html Finally, now you have seen it what do you think? It is still in it's early days at the minute, so not all the pages are finished, if you have any suggestions or ideas then please don't hesitate to shout them at me! Also i can't help but feel that a lot of people will think it is rubbish, so don't hold back if it is the worst site you have ever seen! One final question, is there a better way to make a few coins here and there than using google adsense? When you get paid by the click obviously it is a very low income because lets face it... how often do you click on google adverts? I would love to here what you have to say, especially as this is the only forum i really hang around in! Let me know what you think, thanks, dan.