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  1. Well if you want the metroid just look in the shop under metroid and you should find it.
  2. yeah i had to puzzle it together. its not like you can actually paint ^.-
  3. look what i made in Forza 3 ^.^
  4. Hey i have a ssbb event coming in the netherlands do you guys care to join? Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tourney part II Think you have what it takes? People have been training for this all year long, and not for nothing with great prizes to win who doesn’t want to take on the challenge. And we did this before and we already had a great time, but this time we want to do it bigger better and bolder! To Play as a player you can register with a small fee of 3 euro but you will get a free welcome gift! When: 18 Oct from 10:30 to 17:00 CET (Yes if you continue to win you will be there till the end!) Where: Breda in the Netherlands inside the awesome ForeGames store located in the NieuwStraat 31. Where to register: The registrations are only possible at the day of the tournament meaning that you need to sign up on-site between 10.30 and 11 CET for 3 euro per person. I hope to see you guys there (it would be great if we had a real N-Europe team there!)
  5. Hello Tim sorry to PM you but i am trying to get in contact with nintendo for the GDC and the Gamescom for N-Europe and NiSuTe Europe but no one can help me it seams as you can read here:


    but here is a question. Nintendo... Nintendo benelux doesnt seem to want to help us with getting in contact with Nintendo germany. and when i send a mail to nintendo europe or nintendo germany they will send it to nintendo benelux and that closes the circle.. now i have tried Nintendo UK to but i dont get any reply's from them igter so my question now is.... GUYS HELP NINTENDO NEEDS TO BE IN THE LIST!


    i hope you can help us out. and again sorry for disturbing you.


    with kind regards


    Maikel de Bakker

  6. Yeah me to >.> ah well it tricked me for a second but i realised this hapening on A1 is like DUH...
  7. better servers, better online games, More shoters, more RPG's, more Racing games, a headset, a full open internet conection without friend code restrictions after you agree't that you are over 18 years old and that you know that there are people that can be offensive to you etc etc, more suport to thirt party developers (asking less royalti's) and mush mush more (espesialy 4 players 1 console online vs 12 or more others would be a dream come true)
  8. i like the game a lot (no i never played it before) but the timed events is a bit anoing for me sins i hardly have time to play and when i do it is on un set hours MY FRIENDCODE IS: 3566=5349-9526 Town: nisute
  9. why dont we try it together
  10. i am using 5.1 and there isnt a problem here. no lag or what so ever
  11. more info about this update can be found in our wii channel forum.
  12. This update updated the Parental Controls and made it posible to use the USB keyboard in the mii channel. also it has altered some Wii system functions, what they are is yet to be seen..
  13. Sales of this game did not pas in the top 10 so it isnt selling like hot cakes. so is it really that good tell us in your score: 1 is really bad 10 is really good
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