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  1. Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers!

    This may very well be the first FF I see myself spending time with. Together with MH3 the best looking game around?
  2. Formula 1 '09

    You just had to notice that, didn't you That is so annoying. It's like the car's disconnected from the track, the wheels floating instead of getting feedback off of the tarmac... Oh boy. My enthusiasm just went down a couple of gears.
  3. Formula 1 '09

    Wii doesn't have a standard, and that's the problem right there. Gamecube did, however, and this strikes me as being a Gamecube-game with motion controls. But by no means does it look like the N64 F1 games. Seriously. I know because I just checked. Compared to this, the N64 ones are like driving with giant pixels. And Michael Schumacher, of course.
  4. Formula 1 '09

    As I said (or at least thought) before, you guys are expecting way too much. This isn't Forza 3. Hell, this isn't even GT3. Makes sense, because this is made by a way less talented team on a way tighter budget and schedule. Be happy, gloomy guses.
  5. Formula 1 '09

    what? This looks miles and miles better than Dirt 2. Be thankful for what we're getting, apparently the controls are bliss.
  6. TMNT: Smash Up

    Surely you don't mean they play any role whatsoever in the campaigns or such?!
  7. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Wow. Let my girlfriend fetch this for me along with Little King's Story and Anno and The World Ends With You. I'm unwillingly glued to the sofa for over a week anyway. Blasted surgeons. Never played any of the Primes, never thought I missed out on anything, but when I heard about this collector's edition, my nads started to tingle out of sheer excitement. A full wiimote-makeover. The moment you pop the disc in, you get struck by the game's awesome presentation. Menus look slick, animation intros for the trilogy and Echoes MP and such, extras... what more could you wish for? I've only just finished the Chozo Ruins, and boy am I loving it. At first I thought of it as something close to a first person Zelda with guns, but then I started appreciating how this game (or rather, these games, I should hope) improve on LoZ's set-in-stone mechanics (map => miniboss => weapon upgrade => boss). I assume I'm only at the beginning of the game, and already have I gotten to countless missile launcher and energy capacity upgrades. Sweet incentive for backtracking. The fact that you can actually jump and dodge, all the while still maintaining the upper hand of the gameplay, is an amazing feat for me. Haven't enjoyed a shooter (or FPA, before some of you send me hate mail) since Perfect Dark. And then there's the atmosphere and polish. The music's obviously synthesized, but it never does it become annoying. From the get go, the score is brooding with foreboding (can you say that? think some of my anaesthetic is still wearing off, can't articulate what I'm thinking the way I should like), and shapeshifts dynamically at set points in the level. And then there's how water and condensation and yadayadayada appear on your helmet. Needless to say that the attention to detail is to my liking. Think I've scanned just about everything I can scan, not only to find out the weak points for massive damage, but also (and maybe more so) for admiring the artwork. All of it is very reminiscent of Alien. Or maybe that's just because we've only recently watched the whole quadrilogy in a couple of days. Graphically, it's made me feel a bit depressed really. Mind you, not for the reasons you'd suspect. It's a slap to the face and on the wrist to many a developer that they've been really, really lazy over the past few years with the Wii. Praise whatever gods may be that some devs are starting to mend their ways. All in all, I think the above shows that I'm still mopping up the dribble on the floor while I'm playing. Question: Does playing the game on advanced difficulty settings also add deeper gameplay, or is it just harder baddies?
  8. For the people in the Benelux: SSBB event!

    Would love for me and Pikachu to join in, but seeing as I'm practically immobilized (again), I fear you've got to count this Belgian out
  9. Monster Hunter Tri

    Feel these nipples: http://www.hardgame2.com/nwii/noticia-48275.html Edit for the linguistically daft: IT'S FREE.
  10. Pro Evo 2010

    Got some data to back that up? Hope they improve: -on-the-ball control: I want to feint and 360 and scissor when I want to. -more teams (same request as any year) - control over passing speed: right now I still get too many balls being "nudged" toward other players when I want a strong pass, and vice versa. - more precise wiimote aim shot mechanic during play (not just on free kicks) - more management (still haven't found how to select your thrower) - overhauled master league - Spanish commentary option in ALL Euro copies That is all.
  11. TMNT: Smash Up

    Or include the TMNT in their petz form.
  12. Virtua Tennis 2009

    Every review of the game seems to mention this as the ultimate tennis game, but none care to compare it to Grand Slam Tennis. Bizarre. Edit: I demand that remark be stricken from the record your Honour! What I meant was, no clear comparisons.
  13. TMNT: Smash Up

    Yeah... Like eight characters and five stages or something. Seriously, if they want us to buy this, they're going to have to up the ante (especially because comparisons with SSB aren't far away).
  14. The Conduit

    It sure does still hold up brilliantly in this day and age doesn't it? The customization options in multiplayer... Awesome... The awards system and user stats... Awesome... Still bummed over the fact that Rare took those rights with them (although PDZ was nowhere near as sweet as the original).