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  1. Had to log in for first time in many years, RIP Mr Iwata. Had to post this video, he just seemed so pleased with the Wii U.
  2. Yo, just wondering if any WoW players would mind givin me a res scroll? You'll get some free stuff from it once I subscribe!
  3. It dont work if your offline without transferring. Registers to your console and gamer tag, neeeeda transfer the console license to play offline on a new one
  4. Stop it daddy it taste's like the sea
  5. Could anyone recommend a decent uni to study game's design, mainly focused on the 3D modelling side of things, I love doing it but the course I'm on is barely any design work (although we were promised loads) and programming heavy, I need to move! So yeah, any decent courses you guys know of?
  6. Im not sure that super meat boy counted, as its reduced too 800 instead of 1200
  7. The lag in this game is pissing me off so much. Play with a team of 6, everytime we play we'r stuck in games with japanese, thats "local" apparently. Fuckin daft. This needs a patch so bad, why do they always fuck up online when they release a new COD, exact same thing happened with MW2. Bastards.
  8. Can anyone else not get the update? Im tryin to look on xbox forums but that wont work either. Bah guess this is what i pay for eh
  9. Bren


    I smoke, i like it, i should quit, but i cant, its shit. The craving is annoying, but they are nice in certain situations, after a massive dinner, after work, stuff like that. And also good for when your angry i find. I'll quit soooon, maybe And the reason i started smoking was weed, I cant see how anyone can quit weed without becoming a smoker, I just couldnt do it.
  10. Its worth goin for the 35 quid versions, X11, they're so goooood. If your feelin flashy the £140 are probably the best shit goin
  11. Bren

    Halo: Reach

    I've still got a pic of me rocketing 3 of you while i stole the warthog on the final level, have to play this co-op again lol
  12. Bren

    Halo: Reach

    http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/halo-reach-28-74-cheapest-yet-tesco/735604/?page=2#post9171209 Reach for only £28 from tesco with those codes! First 5000 to use the pre-order code though, works for Halo, Cod and MoH
  13. Bren

    Fable III

    They've got an arcade game planned, not sure if its going to be free, but their is one on the way! Dont think its a pub game though.
  14. Just get ya harriers and AC130 on open levels, Chopper on crowded levels and you'll easy fly up to 25, if not you'll get very close and be nukin in no time.
  15. I'd be willing to pay for cod if i got my moneys worth. Say it was 400 points a month or something, one new map, few new weapons a month and plenty of alternating playmodes to mix it up a bit. If they had indepth clan ladders leading on to tournaments and stuff like that, then it would be right up my alley! If they were ever asking subscription for COD how it is now, then no, but that wont be the case. Im not into paying, but if it makes a game get constant updates and makes it a whole more fun, ill let it go And £5-£8 a month they would probably charge is feck all really for the amount of hours i pour into the bloody game :| Wont happen for another year and a half i think? And im not suprised their doin this, not after the EA feckers charged me to get the VIP for battlefield, gash! They fired first!
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