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  1. And that's all 4 done, I believe. Thanks for the help @Ike and @Ugh first aid
  2. I've found a Garbodor, @Ike
  3. That was a Hidden Ability one. Did you catch it @Ike
  4. You shake the tree, you reap the consequences.
  5. Just Garbodor and HA Charizard for us now.
  6. OK, go ahead and start that Copperajah.
  7. Wait, it's working now @Ike
  8. It's whenever @Ugh first aid and I both try to go online. It just collapses in on itself. It's getting really annoying now and I don't know why it happens.
  9. @Ugh first aid has found a Duraludon, code is the same. EDIT: Hang on, having issues, give us a bit.
  10. Found another one. Same code as before.
  11. Found a Charizard. Code is 2648.
  12. OK, @Ike. I'm heading online now. I'm aiming for Copperajah, Duraludon, Garbodor and HA Charizard. If me or @Ugh first aid finds one, we'll let you know and then I'll use a link code to make sure we all get in. If you could do the same, should you find one, that'd be great.
  13. @Ugh first aid and I will be playing from 8pm, just under an hour from now.
  14. Oh no, I won't be able to until tonight. Thanks anyway.
  15. With me hosting the AC party tomorrow. Tonight is possibly my only chance to catch these G-Max Pokémon. I'd appreciate any help people can give me.
  16. That's not a bad idea, but someone would have to be willing to put in close to 100,000 bells in as prize money.
  17. Well then, almost a week past and we're still alive. I think it's time for a... It went well last week, so why the hell not? In case you aren't aware, I hosted some games last week for 5 other N-Europe peeps to play for funsies... And also fabulous cash prizes. So let's do it again! @Ronnie got in contact with me and suggested that hosting it on a different island would help to vary things up and give people a chance to show off their homes and I agree. So this week, the N-E party will be on his island. I'm still hosting the games, mind you. Now, I've got a feeling that there might be more than 6 people wanting in this week. So I'm gonna have to put some restrictions down to be fair. Party begins Saturday 28th at 8pm on the Island of Daybreak Party Game Host - Glen-i (Glen) Island Venue Provider - Ronnie (Patrick) (FC: 2093-6613-0337) Party Guests RedShell (Manolito) Party Guests who attended last week BowserBasher (Simon) For the sake of fairness, places will be given on a "First come, first served" basis. As well as this, priority will be given to those who didn't come to last week's party. Those who did attend last week are still welcome to put their name down, but if there's not enough space, their place may be given to someone who didn't attend last week. I'll also have to ask each person to give the name of their villager, so I can tell who is who. It's also highly recommended you bring a freshly made fishing rod, bug net and shovel, as well as a vaulting pole and ladder. You will probably need them.
  18. What is the Super Mario Kart League? This is an alternate, less frequently occuring League that will run alongside the main League. The key difference is that this will take place in the classic SNES game, Super Mario Kart. It will take place over 11 nights throughout the year starting from Feburary. How do I sign up? You will need to declare yourself "Always IN!" for this League. Once a month, you will be designated another player that you will race in 3 Super Mario Kart GP's using the SNES Online App on the Switch. Each pair will have to decide for themselves when they will face off against each other. When you have finished a race, use the Switch's screenshot feature to snap a picture of the results so you can prove to me who won on each track. For example: What else do I need to know? The online features for SNES online are a lot less stable than Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so it is advisable to use a wired internet connection to minimise lag. By default, all of these nights will be player's choice of character racing on Mushroom, Flower and then Star Cup on 50cc. If a pair wishes to, they can change the speed to 100cc and change one of the cups to Special Cup, but both players must agree to this. They must also stick to 3 GP's per night. Because of it's extreme difficulty, 150cc is banned from this League to prevent getting a Game Over by running out of lives.
  19. Don't forget, it was available on the WiiU eShop as well. Believe it or not, Xenoblade was always pretty niche until the second one sold so well. There'll be a lot of people who jumped into the series with that game and won't have played the first one. And let's face it, the Wii version isn't exactly a looker as far as that console goes.
  20. Why can't you get online at home? Don't have access, simply put. At least, not good enough to play games with.
  21. I can head online in 5 minutes. EDIT: Never mind, Sméagol has you covered.
  22. It's looking quite likely that I won't be able to go online in the future. I'm gonna have to head home soon and then I doubt I'll be able to leave until the situation improves. I'm good though, I have plenty of games to play. With that said, I'd like to get the current G-Max Pokémon (as well as a HA G-Max Charizard) before then and would appreciate some help over the weekend.
  23. In an ideal world, this would get people to maybe start taking it a little seriously. In reality though, the moment he recovers, the usual subjects will print stories of him "triumphing" over the disease which will further reinforce the notion that it's not a big deal.
  24. Nintendo Direct Mini (NOW)

    The Bravely Default series is basically the FFV job system on crack. The thing that truly elevates that system is the fact that as well as the main job you have equipped, each character can also equip a "sub job". The sub job doesn't affect stats, but it does give you access to the battle abilities that you've learned. So, for example, you can have a Knight who can also cast White Mage spells or a Ninja with access to Summons. In addition to that you can also equip passive abilities from any job (assuming you have enough slots) to make some truly powerful combos. If you like FFIII or FFV, I highly recommend Bravely Default.