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  1. Definitely a nostalgia factor there. Makes a difference from Pokémon being judged by nostalgia, I guess. I'm sure Link's Awakening will be great, but unless it's radically different in a way Nintendo are keeping secret, I doubt it'll be my Game of the Year purely because it's a remake.
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Ah yes, I call that the "Diddy Run", when you think you're gonna have serious trouble, only to nail it with little difficulty. Named after my first 9.9 attempt with Diddy, a character I struggle to play well with, only to finish each round in less than 30 seconds. Except for the boss, where I only got hit once. Still don't know how I did it.
  3. Along with Ike, Roy, Chrom, Charizard and especially Hero. At least Pichu has the baby excuse, what's their problems?
  4. READ THIS BEFORE POSTING! So @S.C.G pretty much came up with this idea, I'm just refining and organising it. It's time to find out what N-Europe thinks are the absolute must-have games for each of Nintendo's consoles. Over the next lot of months, I'm going to be asking you all to help me with this very important task by nominating and voting for games to come up with a conclusive agreement that will be set in stone for the rest of time. Or until another person decides to make a top 10 list, but that never happens! Here's how it goes down. Each console will take up two weeks, one for nominations and one for the final votes. Week 1 - Nominations All you have to do is select 5 games for your nomination. You must select exactly 5 games, no more, no less. Do not order your games from best to worst. Just list them. There's no need to explain your choices here. Once a week has passed, I'll tally all the nominations and the ones that get the most nominations will determine the shortlist for the following week. Week 2 - Final Voting Voting must be done via Private Messages sent to me. This will help to prevent any possible tactical voting. Everyone will get a number of votes to choose their favourite game(s) from the shortlist. The number of votes will be determined by how many people took part in the nominations. It'd be great if you could explain why you chose a game in the PM. I can then use these in the article that will go up on the N-Europe front page. I will abstain from these votes and act as a tiebreaker. If two games tie, I'll decide which game comes out on top. Once a week passes, I'll put up an article with the results on the front page and we'll move on to the next console. Have you got it? Great. Then let's get started. Here are the articles for the completed Top Tens.
  5. It's the Mario Kart League 2019! What is the Mario Kart League? Simply put, it's a weekly meet-up of N-Europe members to play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and then shout at each other afterwards. I suppose we could also find out who the best racer is as well. The League is split up into two halves throughout the year. How do I sign up? Post a comment declaring yourself IN! for each week that you'll be able to play. League Nights generally take place every Thursday at 8pm (GMT). Please try to enter the room 15 minutes before that time if possible. If you have declared yourself IN! but then can't make a night, please inform me on this thread before the league night starts. People who frequently pull a no-show with no notice may be penalised. There is an "Always IN!" List for people who don't want to bother declaring themselves IN! every week. Please mention me (@Glen-i) in this thread if you want to be in this list. What do I need to know about League Nights? There are generally two types of League Nights. Player's Choice nights allow players to freely choose what vehicle they use and what tracks are played on. Even though you can choose the track on these nights, please try your best to not choose a track that has already been raced on that night. No-one wants to do Rainbow Road 12 times. Theme Nights dictate a specific vehicle setup and track order that must be followed. Each night consists of 3 GP's, making for a total of 12 races. Please allow 45 to 60 minutes of your time to take part. It is advisable that you add mine and @BowserBasher's friend code before taking part. (Glen-i - 3034-9087-7910 BowserBasher - 8313-9234-5620) How are the points calculated? After each GP, the points you earned will be recalculated by me using this formula. (Total points divided by Number of Players multiplied by 12) Your grand total is divided by the number of GP's you've taken part in, giving you an average score that will determine your placing in the league. This means that even if you miss a night, your score will not be affected, but your placing may change depending on changes in other people's scores. In GP's that utilise Battle Mode, the points you earn are determined by your place, not the amount of points you got. If your total attendance is below 50% at the end of the year, your score will be discounted from the final results. What are Team Nights? Once a month (Except January), there will be one night where the players will be split into two teams. On these nights, the current top two players will be designated the Team Leaders. Everyone else should send me a Private Message saying what team they want to be in. Your choice must remain secret. If one team has way more members than the other, I will ask the leaders to choose who gets moved to the other side. Your points are still mainly determined by your placing, so you still want to come in 1st. The team that has the highest total score on each GP will get an extra 10 points. What is the Champion's Bonus? In an attempt to level the playing field, I am introducing the Champion's Bonus. In each GP, beating either of the two previous Mario Kart League Champions (Glen-i and RedShell) will earn you 5 points. Beating both of them will get you 10 points. This bonus doesn't apply on Team Nights. Any other Rules I should know about? Theme Nights must be followed. However, if you don't have the right vehicle part, let me know as soon as possible. I will try to find an alternative part that has the same stats. During Player's Choice nights, please do not choose a track that has already been raced on that night, it's only polite. Do not rage quit, if I start to notice people "disconnecting" regularly, you may be penalised. If you do disconnect, rejoin the room as soon as possible. You will earn one point for that race. But I'd be willing to discount that GP's score if it would result in lowering your average score. But don't take the mick. Be aware that discounting a GP will affect your total attendance. Remember to let me or the host know if you can't make the night as soon as you can. Have fun! And feel free to show off your hilarious (Or skillful) moments with the Switch video capture! Theme Night Suggestions If you have a suggestion for a Theme Night, please send me a PM with the details and I'll try to implement it. Thanks to @RedShell for the new logo!
  6. Or people could just stop living in the past. Pichu's way cuter than Pikachu anyway, less annoying voice too. (Although that may just be N-E having the habit of uncontrollably taunting whenever they play as Pikachu in Smash.)
  7. RedShell hates Bellossom and Pikachu confirmed!
  8. All you need to know is "Cute Pokémon no-one uses wins Tournament, trainer says he's super happy but no-one seems to have told his face"
  9. Well, I won't be able to watch the Masters final, but I doubt it can top that match.
  10. Impossible to get by yourself now. It was a Poké Bank event Pokemon. If you know someone with one, you can get them to breed one for you. And before you ask, I don't have one. Didn't have a subscription at the time. If anyone has one and can hit me up, I'd appreciate it. Noooooooo! Don't need more double stat drops on switch in. ENCORE!? Holy crap! Togedemaru might have swung the tide in Ko's favour! EDIT: IT HAS STURDY!? WOW! DOUBLE EDIT: Amazing play by Ko there! He pulled off the fabled "Pikachu knock-off championship win" Togedemaru better be in Sword/Shield, otherwise people are gonna be disappointed.
  11. Purely because it's quite bulky and has Intimidate. So sick of intimidate...
  12. Perish Song is an interesting choice. EDIT: Hey, he pulled it off!
  13. The opening few years of a Pokémon generation are my favourite for competitive battles precisely because legendaries are banned. A lot more Pokémon are viable when legendaries aren't everywhere. Sun and Moons low base speed meant Pokémon like Pheromosa dominated because of its high speed. Ironically, that was the main reason Alolan Marowak rose through the ranks because it was a hard counter for it. I really like Marowak, so it felt great to finally use it in serious matches and not be laughed out of the room.. The seniors both share two Pokémon (Incineroar and Tapu Fini), but it should still be a good match.
  14. That was a good final in the Junior division. Constant switch ups in strategies for each match was exciting to watch.
  15. Beautiful Substitute from Teddy! Like, holy crap! Read him like a book!
  16. Tuned back in to the Junior Finals. These two kids are way better than I'll ever be and that's awesome. Digging Pi Wu's impromptu Rayquaza scarf. The two teams are completely different too, so that's gonna be interesting. Something that I always respect with Pokémon World is that competitors are referred to by their actual name. I can't take a lot of competitive players seriously because they use their dumb online username. Also, damn, that special Champion Blue remix specially used in these finals is totally banging every year!
  17. That's the problem with Smogon, the Pokémon setups they have are absolutely perfect... for fighting other Smogon setups. With a little bit of imagination and a bit of tweaking, it's quite easy to blindside a Smogon built team with a move they never saw coming. Do that often enough and they lose all momentum and give you an easy win. Which is why I suggest that Smogon be used as a base to build on and not be taken as gospel. That site certainly knows a few things, but they're too narrow-minded. I haven't been able to watch the VGC's today because I've been playing Smash and Mario Party at the community centre so I have no idea how it's going, sorry.
  18. Indie World Presentation on 19/08/19

    I'm hoping for info on One-finger Death punch 2, Shantae, Shovel Knight's last expansion, some surprises would be nice too.
  19. Air lock nullifies any and all effects of weather, so it is a bit strange to have both out at once if they're on the same team. Rayquaza is a good counter to Groudon/Kyogre though. Air lock is always in effect when Rayquaza is present in a battle. So if a Groudon switches in, then the weather change won't do anything. So I think it's more of a way to bring some calm to a battle in an attempt to maintain control. I might be wrong, but most competitive players don't teach Kyogre Thunder, with the weather being so volatile in this gen, it's far too risky to go for it. They normally go with Ice Beam, Origin Pulse and two support moves. If they replaced Ice Beam with Thunder, they run the risk of being utterly walled by Groudon with Harsh Sunlight. My Kyogre knows Thunder though. Precisely because no-one expects it and it can really punch a hole with good prediction. In a similar vein, my Groudon knows Thunder Punch because it almost always catches a Kyogre switch completely by surprise and is endlessly funny. Kyogre hasn't got the defense and speed to cope with my Speedy Groudon setup.
  20. The Jimquisition Thread

    Dude... Come on... Cheap shot.
  21. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Just leaving this here after @Ugh first aid showed me it.
  22. This year's World Championships has been really varied. Some proper surprise Pokémon showing up in this Incineroar and Gen 3 legendary populated meta. Stuff like Breloom, Shedinja, Venusaur and Umbreon are holding their own quite well. Proper upset with a former World Champion getting knocked out by a Groudon with Dragon Claw of all moves. Who teaches Groudon Dragon Claw!? It's such a "me" kind of moveset. With that said, if Intimidate got nerfed, I would be over the moon. Intimidate dictates the entire doubles meta and I'm getting kinda sick of it.
  23. Indie World Presentation on 19/08/19

    While it's certainly no sweeping solution, the effects of leaks can be lessened here by people showing some restraint and at least using spoiler tags. N-E is a small enough community that this is perfectly feasible. Discussion about secrets like that is fine, but a little consideration goes a long way.
  24. Voting is now over. Like I said before, the Switch is still alive and healthy, so there's no point in doing a top ten. So all that's left is to wait for the articles to come out.
  25. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Yes, it's the whole thing without dying. Make sure the first character you pick has decent aerial movement so you can survive the platforming section. (And of course, make sure you're good at fighting with them) Incineroar, Little Mac, Ganondorf, etc. are not great choices. If you've got it, try and use the Celebi support Spirit. Great Autoheal makes it a whole lot easier. And if all else fails, you can lower the difficulty. I think the latest update added a Very Easy option, so it should be doable. As for the second challenge, your skill tree carries over, so it's fine to start a New Game +. But make sure you do all the other WoL challenges before starting a New Game +. Or copy your file over to a different slot so you still have access to it. (I can't remember if you can actually copy files...)