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  1. Halo 4

    Yeah, it's surprisingly interesting. It seems a lot closer to the books than the games from it's style but I don't mind that as I also really enjoyed the books.
  2. Star Trek Infinite Space

    There's always Star Trek Online F2P. It's not overly exciting but the space battles are quite fun for some time and you can fly most ships from the TV shows/movies without having to pay anything.
  3. Battlestar Galactica & Caprica

    Fracking Oil lobbies.
  4. Electric Shavers: Rotary or Foil?

    When my foil one was broken I had to resort to a normal razor (Gillete) for a short time. Felt I got about the same results with it. My dad had a rotary (Philips) for a few years and went back to foil (Braun). Apparently the shave is smoother. That being said I think you need to get a pretty good electric razor to rival a normal one.
  5. Robocop

    Now he only needs a cape and pointy ears and we have Batman. He looks far too human for my liking. The original Robocop had a clunky mechanical design. I liked that one much better.
  6. Windows 8

    Windows 8 is a usability nightmare. They could have completely integrated the Metro stuff on the regular Desktop, maybe even similarily to widgets - well basically anything which wouldn't force you to switch desktops would have been a big improvement. Also to make the gestures with the mouse is complete counter-intuitve. I don't mind radical changes but only if they are for the better, but making things more confusing than they were before isn't the way to go. Still for tablets I find it's pretty interesting because it's actually a PC OS, so I can see myself using it there despite its problems but for my desktop PC it's a no-go. Also Samsung pre-installs a start menu replacement on all of their Windows 8 products. That says something...
  7. That reminds me of a schooltrip. We were all in the bus when the teachers realized one pupil is missing. So they wait and wait for him to come down with the ropeway everyone had to use. After about half an hour I got out of the bus and asked the teachers who was still missing. The looked at me in surprise then said: "Oh you are already in the bus!" Best of all it was only their fault. I was sitting in the bus the whole time and they just overlooked me.
  8. Apple vs Samsung Trial

    I see it this way: the way apple patented for instance the ornamental design of the iPhone, it's pretty easy to point out a patent violation. It's very general and without a fixed measurement. As was seen in many cases before and proven in this one again, the patent system in its current state is broken. The original intention was that the company which created something new would have the exclusive right to sell it for some time. After all they also had to invest in the research and have to compensate for this investment through sales. Patenting every vague little bullshit idea someone came up with in five minutes or are generally accepted standards were not part of that idea. In Apple's defence though, they do a lot of usuability research so it might have taken longer than five minutes to come up with the ideas. I'm not siding with Apple or Samsung but rather think, these things should not be allowed to be patented.
  9. The Last Stand - He's Back

    With Arnie in it, it will be at least decent. He instantly makes a movie better.
  10. F1 Race Stars announced

    I really like their approach. A karting game with a large emphasis on driving skills sounds really good to me. Are the pilots based on actual F1 drivers? I don't really follow F1 so I have no idea.
  11. Actually I was wondering why he didn't drop the bomb in the water in any case. Instead he let it detonate in the air and just hoped the wind wouldn't blow all the radioactive material towards the city. Also why he is seen in the Bat when it's supposed to fly with an autopilot. Maybe it wasn't actually him in the Bat but a stunt-double :P This would also explain why that knife wound from Talia didn't really impede - he used a double there as well. That's why he seems so invincible, whenever something dangerous is about to happen, Bruce replaces himself with a double.
  12. Bruce didn't actually need to look in that many places for Alfred. Quote pulled from IMDB: "I went to Florence, there's this cafe, on the banks of the Arno." He probably had to try out 4 or 5 cafes until he found Alfred. About the Bat. The autopilot was working so he wasn't actually in the Bat.
  13. I really liked the ending because after all the stuff Bruce went through in his life, he was finally happy. Well deserved - also he actually got together with Catwoman, which is more of a teasing relationship only throughout the comics. I would have liked more character development, for instance Talia's motives were basically explained in one sentence and Bane was far too clever to have the simple goal of bringing down a city. Also I didn't find him menacing enough. He seemed extreme but very much in control of himself. Also the way he talked had something inspiring. All the references to the former movies were also great, maybe slightly overdone but I'm really glad they didn't forget about Begins given the title is closely related to TDK. Overall I thought the film was just too much of everything. All of it was well done and entertaining but I think I can hardly bring myself to watch it again soon. It's just too complex to simply enjoy. Also even more than in the other movies Batman and Bale felt totally out of place in this very normal world. A few thing which bothered me: The fighting. They rarely put their guard up or blocked attacks. Batman's training should have included stuff like Ju-Jitsu yet the only fighting style he seemed to know was to punch the other guy a lot. The fights should have incorporated a lot more martial arts, especially given their background in the Leage of Shadows. Why does the bomb have a timer built in? If you use it as a generator you wouldn't put a timer on that thing. Why didn't Batman dump the bomb in the ocean? It would have greatly reduced fallout. Lewitts character felt a bit pointless until he was revealed to be Robin. I mean everything he does could have been done by Gordon as well. He just seemed a bit forced into the story. Lastly the scene in Florence at the end. Just to bring some more evidence to the table (at least I assume it's new, I didn't read all the posts after all) that it wasn't a dream: he wouldn't even have to find the right Cafe right away. Alfred stayed in Florence for several days and had the same routine every evening, so he should find him eventually. Furthermore even if the autopilot didn't work Batman could have gotten out as soon as the Aircraft could fly in a straight line. But the simplest proof would be, if there is no hint whatsoever that it should be a dream, then why should it be a dream? Especially when there is a hint (the autopilot), suggesting it is not a dream.
  14. GRID 2

    No cockpit view? Can't choose assists? No Lamborghinis? If they remove any more stuff there won't be anything left that made me like GRID so much.
  15. Halo 4

    Not enough awesome alien weapons. I really like the sticky grenade pistol thing though.