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Zero Tolerance Policing in UK

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the severity of a crime is circumstantial.
Well that's why there's murder and manslaughter. Well there is co circumstance in which many 'crimes' should be commited so...


and dont diss mormons, while i dont share there belifes, theyhave a strong sense of family interaction and kindness. also calling anyone a moron for not sharing your veiws surgests a very threatend mind.

Well in my opinion they have a high sence of ignorance; I am allowed my views....or is that frowned upon when it's white British national atheist or Christian now too?!


I didn't call him a moron for not sharing my views, I said it due to rubbish input.



Yeah, but do you think they'd bother? Really? I know I wouldn't.

If you mean the Armed Forces; they'd have to, they're owned by the Govt.:heh:

And if you mean the dossers, then i'd be illegal for them not to seeing as though it's conscription, if not then it'd be jail. Obviously we'd have to make jails not Hotels Paid For By The Decent first though.


And wow, look at you turn your plausible argument into one with childish insults. Way to go.

Well i'll attack certain behaviours with similar, fire with fire; it's the only way little babies learn.

You'll never win when people are like that though, you'll be called a snob for acting one way, and a kid for acting the other so...



And to be honest, I've pretty much given up caring about what most people think of me anyway, I don't care if people think I'm a dick because most people are anyway, and you seem to be better off being an ignorant selfish **** anyway.

What goes around certainly doesn't come around.

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fighting fire with fire seems a little silly to me, water works better.









and murder/man slaughter dosent really cover it. say some one is bleeding to death outside a pharmacy, you run in to get some bandages, the shop keeper says you have to pay but you dont have any money, should you be treated like a theif for stealing somthing to save some ones life? should you go to jail for it?



and no ones denying you your veiws, its just not really very friendly to go about saying things about people heart felt belifes because of rubbish input. i wasnt aware you were a "white British national atheist"


im not trying to lecture you, hell you make a lot of good posts but why dont we keep peoples belifes/sexualities/race/gender/whatever to threads were its appropriate.

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dude, bandages really aren't the answer to someone who's bleeding to death. :)


well, yeah, a role of bandages is designed to stop bleeding,



plasters (which i often do call bandages) would do fuck all

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this week a 14 year old kid got knifed in his neck in front of his school, for not sharing a girl's phonenumber with some other 16 year old kid, who therefore did the stabbing. this happend in gent, a city in belgium. he survived, but his condition is critical. it's all over the news.

i can assure you that bandaging his neck wouldn't have do the job. it might however have stopped the blood from pooring onto the street, but not from gushing out of his vein. fortunately some cop thoroughly pressured the wound and medical emergency services made a prompt appearance.


that being said, how does a country deal with this kind of crisis. it's awfull.

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