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    NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, DS, GBA, Game and Watch, and a wristwatch that plays a rather simplistic mario-game.
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    Michael Jackson
  1. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    the nunchuck plastic better withstand my forcechoke. yeah! star wars, bitch!
  2. Super Mario Galaxy

    holy fuck. first communism and now subliminal arshiking!
  3. Nintendo's Profit!

    this does not make my wiinis grow.
  4. Parents against the Wii Zapper

    as it happens, the wiimote also could be mistaken for a dildo. one that vibrates if applied correctly. and what's wrong with a game where you shoot at zombies? should zombies ever appear at a family cookout, parents shall be gratefull for their children's leet clipping skills.
  5. http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com anybody seen this?
  6. Factor 5 on the Wii?

    there are some people, like me for instance, who feel like throwing up when shigsy says "i don't think anybody is interested anymore in a long epic zelda game". well okay. forward the minigames, and suck my fucking cock! then you get all these pikmin resembling fanboys who try to crawl up his ass going like "yeah, minigames are great! there isn't anyone on the defense, is there?" fuck casual gaming, and fuck you too if you think that nintendo's market share is more important than your own gaming experience. "but this way more developers will get interested in developing games for wii". more interested in making crappy minigames for the new demographics is NOT a good thing assholes.
  7. Is the Nintendo Kids image gone?

    gaming has NEVER been only for kids and obsessive nerds. where did you get that idea? just because nintendo is now drilling into new demographics doesn't mean they were absent before. and i am still to be convinced that the more casual approach of things is in my advantage as a hardcore gamer.
  8. i didn't know england had a soccer team. i'm teasing.
  9. Street Fighter Sequel Greenlit

    one can only hope they cast jessica simpson for the part of chun li, johnny knoxville for the part of ryu and of course the rock for the part of blanka. this has vast potential. chun li: ryu: and of course, blanka: any other suggestions? i was also thinking of steve bescemi as dhalsim and joe pesci as edmund honda. there are some similarities to those characters no producer can ignore.
  10. Zero Tolerance Policing in UK

    this week a 14 year old kid got knifed in his neck in front of his school, for not sharing a girl's phonenumber with some other 16 year old kid, who therefore did the stabbing. this happend in gent, a city in belgium. he survived, but his condition is critical. it's all over the news. i can assure you that bandaging his neck wouldn't have do the job. it might however have stopped the blood from pooring onto the street, but not from gushing out of his vein. fortunately some cop thoroughly pressured the wound and medical emergency services made a prompt appearance. that being said, how does a country deal with this kind of crisis. it's awfull.
  11. Zero Tolerance Policing in UK

    dude, bandages really aren't the answer to someone who's bleeding to death.
  12. apparently there's 110 million people who would disagree with you there. the ipods have always been overpriced. didn't stop the people from going "omg, it's white!". obviously you know better, so simply don't buy it...
  13. as a matter of fact, my first portable cd-player was one of the first ever made, it weighed a ton, was from sony and it priced somewhere around 10 000 franks (belgium), now being 250 euro, or some 200 pounds. but back then 10 000 franks was more like 500 euro today... you must also understand that you're not paying for storage per se. there's design, there's the itunes service, there's the fact that these things are brand new and unique in their genre, there's the apple logo and there's the multifunctionality thing. if my cd-player back then could play vids i'm sure it would have been quite the pricy thing. the point i'm making is that nobody really needs to carry their complete music collection with them. it's a nice thing, but its also a penis-thing. you will never be able to listen to 80 gigs, even if you flew to the moon and back. it's an artificial need, created by people who profit from other people thinking that they constantly need more storage. hype zomg 4000 gigz! best thing in the world! people were happy with half a gig of mp3, i remember. so why should they be unhappy now? obviously it's not their decision if they're happy with it or not. and that's a funny thing. consumerism makes baby jezus smile.
  14. seriously people. "oh my god i can only take 16 gigs of music!". i remember going on holiday with a portable cd-player and only two cd's, some ten years ago. it was enough. you're spoiled to death. some attitude. hell, i can also remember walking into the grand canyon with a friggin walkman, and only one tape. that's sixty minutes. i compiled it myself. good times. had some top gun soundtrack on it. "highway to the dangerzone". yeah! didn't give a fuck about gigs back then! just me and my songs.
  15. Zero Tolerance Policing in UK

    as a student of criminology i can assure you that normal people don't concider legal consequences as an argument not to do something. there's probably a word to shorten this sentence up, but i don't know it. what however does have them relinquish the prospect of a criminal act is social reflection. "what are people going to say". this is however in contrary to the criminal minds, the not so normal people, but there's few of those around. so to toughen up the sentencing has only little effect. most people who are engaged in criminal activity do so because of certain social and economic pressures. these pressures are the root of the problem that is criminality. by zero tolerance policing the government is merely cutting the weeds instead of turning the soil**. it is cowardly and ethically unwarranted. ** i made that figure of speech up. sounds great even if i do say so myself true criminal minds are a rare species*, it is therefore quite unpragmatic to program your policing around the assumption that every person who commits a crime is a criminal. a government that faces high figures of criminallity needs to educate it's people, redesign or review certain social structures and thoroughly fight poverty. * and i don't even mean criminal masterminds. as you might know, the criminal mind is a biological deviation, often reffered to as "uomo criminalis" in academic circles. of this niche even less are born with considerable intelligence. there are of course shades of grey too. normal people can commit serious crimes, such as murder. i'm not saying that these people should have a nice little chat with a social assistant, and everything will be fine. leave the objectives written above to the government itself and the ongoing criminality to the justice department. these offices are separated for a reason after all. now on a more personal note: i think zero tolerance policing is a completely disgusting idea. how emotionally detached can you possibly get from peoples problems... edit: forgive typos and incorrect spelling and grammatics. english is like i sixth language, i try my best. i always appreciate being corrected.