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  1. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

    Have been enjoying this game tremendously. So far, I've reached about 2/3 of the game. This game definitely is a better game than UC, which was a fine game to begin with. I find the story a lot better. It's better connected and not as loose chapters as in UC. The graphics in DC have wowed me a few times. Especially when you get to the later chapters of the Javier mission. Simply amazing! There's been a lot of talk about the shaky cam. To me, I think it adds to the experience rather than frustrate. When it's all moving around like crazy, you just dont need to shoot. Hold your fire and enjoy the scene. That's how I take it. Can't wait to finish this game and unlock the secrets. I'll definitely be playing through this game a few times. Haven't tried co-op yet and need to get more gold to upgrade every weapon. My handgun is pretty decent now. Maxed out its power, now it can even handle bosses in most situations. Having all said that, how I wish Capcom would have taken the Javier mission and made it a RE4 prequel. That would have made my day!
  2. The Homebrew Channel

    Did just that yesterday. Now my HBC is gone Can't play any imported games anymore. Sad! Anybody knows how to get it back up, if possible at all?
  3. Muramasa: The Demon Blade

    Game arrived today. Can't wait to play it, but got NSMBW and RE:DC occupied at the moment. Little King Story should arrive next week as well. Great times
  4. Castlevania Lords of Shadow

    Im interested in this title, but im holding my breath for it. Firstly, it's a an original game turned into a Castlevania title (remember Dinosaur Planet -> Starfox Adventures), it's not developed by Konami itself and seemingly it has nothing to do with the history of Castlevania. No Belmont bloodline involved? That said, Im in for a new fresh start, if it means it'll move the series forward, im interested Now, they'd better start a 2D Castlevania title on Wii so we'll all be happy
  5. Super/Street Fighter IV

    argh! help wanted! i found out today that ps3 dlc is region locked! i wanted to buy the alt costumes for sf4 using my european psn account. but i have a asian ps3 and region 3 sf4. it doesnt work n wasted 13 euro! i wish i did a bit more research... is there a way to buy asian dlc on my european psn account? i'd really like to play with the alt customs! thanks!
  6. Super/Street Fighter IV

    Yesterday I played in the afternoon, around 4-5PM, fortunately this time I got better matches. Barely any lag, really happy about that. It also meant I got really test my skills online and I did a whole lot better than the day before. My defensive game is also a lot better now, so my game is a more controlled instead of going all out on the offense. Still, need to spend a lot more time honing my skills. As for the trials, I've started with Chun Li's trials, as she's my main character at the moment. Im on the very last one one hard, hope i make it through soon. My thumbs start to hurt! Haha
  7. Super/Street Fighter IV

    I just got this game recently. Bought a PS3 specifically for this game (and RE5), enjoying it immensely so far. I've unlocked everyone besides Seth, but that's because I dont have interest playing the game with certain characters yet. My main characters are Chun Li, Guile and Ken/Ryu, basically the vets. Online so far has been VERY disappointing. I thought PS3 online was supposed to be better than the Wii online, but so far, it's not much different. I haven't played one match so far that had a green bar, 3 blocks of connection is the max, mostly one red block. Just yesterday I played about 5 online matches, lost all of them, due to horrid lag. Felt like SSBB online. Maybe I should try again at a better time, since I was playing around 1AM, prolly connecting with people from the US or Asia instead of Europe. The game rocks though, can't wait to play against my mates One question though, what's the Quick Match supposed to do? Every time I click on it, it searches for a few secs and there's no result. Does that mean nobody is in the lobby?
  8. Muramasa: The Demon Blade

    Does anyone has this game running on HBC/Gecko OS? I just imported Taiko Drum Master and Tatsunoko VS Capcom and both work on my 3.4E Pal Wii. Such joy I couldn't find this game while I was in Asia a few weeks ago, so I'll just import it. I may want to wait for the US version though.
  9. The Conduit

    I really hope this game impresses saleswise. Out of the three Sega games, this one has the greatest potential. This game has to prove there's a market for these types of games on Wii. The latest vids look very good to me. Very GoldenEye/Perfect Dark feel. can't wait to play it
  10. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

    The full scans look really lovely you know, see http://gonintendo.com/?p=75405. I think this game will be more action oriented and hopefully have more story around it. Still prefer a full-blown 3rd person RE game like RE4, but Im very excited about this. Looking forward the first trailer to show up. Tomorrow perhaps?
  11. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

    I've got mixed feelings about this. I really enjoyed RE:UC and I'd certainly wouldn't mind a sequel to it. It was pretty obvious Capcom left RE2 and RECV out of the previous title. So a sequel was to be expected. Then again, I would have preferred another go at a RE4:Wii type of game. Seeing there's a full year of development time between RE:UC and the next game, I'd would have thought they may have put their hands on a RE4:Wii type of game. Wishful thinking I suppose... I'm certainly looking forward to RE:TDC, but I'm still hungry for a more traditional RE game.
  12. Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers

    I'm rather interested in this game. It just seems plain old fun, just like the old 8 and 16 bits days were. It think it actually look better than Dead Rising. It really depends on the price it's selling though. There sure are a lot of zombie games out these few months
  13. The House of The Dead: Overkill

    I bought it yesterday, the bundle with the HC. The Handcannon is really awesome, love the look and the feel. It's quite large and can get heavy with prolonged use. But it's a whole lot better than just a Wiimote or the Zapper. I don't have a Perfect Shot, but I'd love two proper gunshells in the future. I absolutely love this game, to me, it's even better than HotD2&3, but it may be because it's fresh and new to me. The presentation is really topnotch and the soundtrack is great as well. First must-have of the year for Wii!
  14. Should I download the homebrew channel?

    Im looking for ways to play import games on my PAL Wii actually. There's some gems i REALLY need to play. Im heading to Asia in a few months and Im planning on getting Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Taiko Drum Master Wii. Anyone know if the HBC is easy to implement? I do have a Zelda:TP disc here, but i havent finished it yet. I believe I have put a separate hacked save file on the Wii right? Any helpful tips?
  15. Sonic and the Black Knight

    Gotta say, this game looks rather promising. They should do a Sonic with the art style like that Sonic Storybook Series illustration, cus that looks good :P