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  1. Wii sports or Wii play?

    If I am playing with some of my older friends or the one I would not class as a 'gamer' or my aunt, uncle, dad or mom then it is Wii Sports but I find I can have more fun with Wii Play if I am playing with a someone who knows how to play games... Tanks and Shooting Range is great fun at time like that.
  2. Official WWE Thread

    TNA is on every week (one week behind US arings) on The Wrestling Channel (427 on sky). iMPACT is on Saturdays at 9pm and PPV's are on every 4 weeks at 8pm on Sundays. I am guessing some of you guys have NTL or one of those others things and cant watch it.
  3. Official WWE Thread

    Anyways…. Kurt Angle has signed for TNA! It was announced at the end of their PPV tonight... Here is the video: TNA took the video of YouTube, looks like they want a few more PPV buys of the repeats in the US, the other vid gives you an idea of what it is like anyway. Here is the crazy live crowd reaction:
  4. N-europe

    N-E it is then...or Knee as I have fondly nicknamed it...
  5. http://themushroomkingdom.net/smg_e3-06.shtml
  6. 21 Minute Super Mario Galaxy Movie

    Sorry for causing so much controversy by just posting a new video of one of Ninty big games. It is nice to see some people on here are actually looking forward to Wii's biggest title and not just vying for a quick snipit of attention.
  7. WWE Smackdown Judgement Day - TONIGHT

    there doing a nice build up to both DX and ECW returing right now so not all is bad. Anything got to do with Smackdown is terrible right now though so bash that all you want... PS: It nice to see my posts were deleted, well done
  8. 21 Minute Super Mario Galaxy Movie

    I have made two threads on here since September... The first one got locked for no reason and if this one gets locked because of idiots telling mods what to do I will end someone. If anything delete these first few posts and for once try and keep stuff on topic
  9. OMG Sony did it

    You only hate them cause their popular :P
  10. I agree with IGN, there is no way in hell the PS3 version of "moving in a 3D space" can compete with what Nintendo are offering. Sony are only offering basic function and that is all the can do unless the copy everything Nintendo has done with the Wii (seprating the controller in two ect.) Also we dont even know the full extent of the Wii yet. Wait till the confrence tomorrow! The Wiimote looks like the better controller overall to me right now as it is the perfect combonation of form and function
  11. OMG Sony did it

    I just think Sony have the better product overall for the people that can afford it. i.e not like the people who have just offended me, what are you 12? PS: Mozart is overrated
  12. OMG Sony did it

    The dualeshock3 looks like the better controller overall at least I can play real games with it before i opt for the gimmicky side of things, well done sony!
  13. WWE Backlash

    Ok the last 30 mins of RAW were fucking BAT SHIT amazing tonight... *need to change pants now* DX.........ECW.......... :bouncy: :bouncy:
  14. WWE WrestleMania 22

    Mickie James FTW!! I aggree with everything that happened on raw except !!!
  15. WWE No Way Out 2006

    It's ok an Orton/Rey/Angle match is planed for Mania
  16. WWE No Way Out 2006

    WTF? How can you hate Lashley? He is one of the best athletic talents the WWE has at the moment and with all the stupid gimmicks they have going at the moment they need someone like him.
  17. WWE No Way Out 2006

    Undertaker, Randy Orton and Booker will win there respective matchs setting up setting up Undertaker/Randy Orton at Mania which will end there feud. This will lead to Angle, Rey and Benoit having a Triple Threat match in memory of Eddie at Mania. Lashley should beat JBL. Matt Hardy and his mystery partner should win their match which might help the tag division (i have no idea who that partner would be though) Paul London should win the crusierweight championship, Paul London should be the frikken WWE CHAMP!! Oh and the Boogeyman will eat worms!!! (you heard it here first!!)
  18. Look at this!! Resident who???

    If the game manages to scared me more than Condemend did then I will be happy. Condemend is my mesuring bar for these type of games now due to the fact that I acutlly turned of the game as i was too firghtened to see what was going to happen next :P
  19. Happy Birthday Johelian

    Happy B Day!
  20. Favourite Pulp Fiction Quotes

    Ahhh *Head Explodes* There is to many but the best IMO are: Why: It was a fantastic way to start a film Why: Because it is fantastic dialogue and the I never though i would laugh at someone going to shoot someone before I watched this Then there is lots of cool stuff from other scenes that hardly anyone remember like: And And Finally One Liners Like: I am going to stop now
  21. Survivor Series this sunday

    Sky Charging Me To Watch This Is Pissing Me Off.... Anyways I think: RAW vs. SmackDown Elimination Match - Team RAW (Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Kane, Carlito & Chris Masters) vs. Team SmackDown (World Heavyweight Champion Batista, JBL, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio & Bobby Lashley). Why: they need to make SD seem more important now so they should win WWE Championship Match Special Guest Referee: Daivari - John Cena © vs. Kurt Angle. Why: Take the belt of Cena! He is killing it he is not The Rock and will never be Last Man Standing Match - WWE IC Champion Ric Flair vs. Triple H. Why: Let Flair win i still hate HHH General Manager vs. General Manager - RAW GM Eric Bischoff vs. SmackDown GM Theodore Long. Why: I don’t really care and who really does unless it involves some GM getting fired no good will come from this WWE Women's Championship Match - Trish Stratus © vs. Melina. Why: We need some thing new in the women’s division and moving the belt to SD might help WWE United States Championship Best of Severn Series(1st match) - Booker T© vs. Chris Benoit . Why: It doesn’t really matter though as it is only the first match of a possible seven
  22. That Article is the worst thing i ever read... I will get a Xbox360 (launch day) I am still unsure about the Revo; the main reason been that notting but murmers of game are doing the rounds and zero titles have been anounced yet but I am sure I will get more hyped for the console between now a next June.
  23. RIP Eddie Guerrero

  24. RIP Eddie Guerrero

    I dont know, we just for some reason hate each other and it decided to rear it's ugly head in this thread. I quite frankly dont understand it