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  1. New GC Freeloader works on PAL Wiis.

    I've had a Purple Cube, that i got at Launch... And about a half year ago i sold that to get the White instead... but when I got it I did not no it was pearl-white... acturally, I dont like that pearl look... but to late... I connected it to my tv, opened the disc-cover to put in my freeloader disc to play my US imported Zelda Windwaker... but it did not work... so i couldn't play anything... so I sold the Pearl crap... and now I have nothing else to play than my DS Lite... So I'm acturally looking forward to the Wii's GameCube compatibility so I can play my GC games
  2. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Now I've watched about 4-5 different "Wii unpacking" videos and picture-sets and I havn't seen a SCART-plug (to stick the 3 composite kabels in) jet... WTF? Is that just not something they use in the US or whats going on?
  3. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    Yeah... All the spoilers are really ruining it But staing off the internet until december 8th, thats too extreme for me
  4. so.... What are you taking home on the 8th?

    - Wii pack - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz - Red Steel - WiiPlay + Wiimote - Madden 07 - Racing game (don't know witch one jet) - Farcry, Call of Duty 3 or another - 1 Classic controller - 1 Wiimote - 2 Nunchuckss - Some WiiPoints
  5. Hands-on with the Wiimote!

    Yes, offcause.. I did not mean that people thought the wiimote would ONLY use pointing-control... thats only sonyboys who think that... Im not stupid... I was only talking about the point-controll.. It's just when you look at etc. the demonstration of Zelda and Red Steel that was shown at E3, the guys where pointing at the screen... and so many game-jurnalists and Nintendo representative have used terms like "point at the screen" and "aim at the screen" and "like a lightgun"... And apparently most of the EB Games Store managers, atending the vendorshow, thought that they could acturaly point AT the screen... And please dont get me wrong... I dont think there is any problem in not pointing directly at the screen.... I even prefer not to... But read a few older previews (etc.: http://wii.ign.com/articles/707/707152p1.html ) and search for the word POINT and you see that it really is being described as POINTING and the wii-mote is even called the wii-pointer... and I would define a POINTER as something you acturally point with... not like a mouse, but like a laserpointer etc... Still.... I don't have any problems with not being able to point directly... It's just that I think its been quite clearly described, by media and Nintendo itself, as pointing directly at the screen... and it really shocked me when I "found out" that it wasn't so...
  6. Hands-on with the Wiimote!

    The second picture really illustrates that you can point at the screen!!!
  7. Hands-on with the Wiimote!

    But I really think most people, even most Nintendo fans, thought that you would be able to point at the screen, like a lightgun... I'm not worried... It'll be awsome no matter what :awesome:
  8. Hands-on with the Wiimote!

    Yeah... but then what about the gun-thing Nintendo have showed a few times... If you can't really point at the screen that thing will be crap...
  9. Hands-on with the Wiimote!

    Yes... I agree... But how a console presents itself in the first few minuts is very importent... they did say that after getting use to the wiimote-control it simply was brillient... But what do you guys think about that they couldnt point directly at screen, and the ninntedo guy saing it was normal, and that its more like a mouse-control...?
  10. Hands-on with the Wiimote!

    I've just talked with a few of my ex-colleges from EB Games Denmark... They have just, together with every EB Games/GameStop Store manager, atended a "vendor-show", and played Wii (and PS3 :P)... The guys I talked to both said that they were first shocked when getting to play with the wiimote... thay both asumed (as i did) that they would be able to point the Wiimote directly at the screen for aming... but it did'nt work that way... one of the guys said that he was first holding the controller, not pointing at the screen, and the on-screen-navigation-hand moved smoothly and precise, as he moved the wiimote around... but then he pointet the wiimote at the screen... and the "hand" just flew right out of the screenarea!!! The wiimote actually couldnt be pointet AT the screen, but only around in "free air" - navigation as you would do with a PC mouse... evervy game they played (wario ware, zelda, wii sports and a few other) it was the same... you couldnt point directly at the screen... I, offcause, told the to EB Games store managers (former co-workers) that the Wiimote had to have been badly calibratet, and that it will be posible to point AT the screen... but they both said that the Nintendo-guy showning them the Wii and guiden them thouh the play-session, said that its not the idea that you point at the screen but that yuo just navigate as with a mouse... And then I just though.... WTF... The guys also talked a bit about the aim being a little slow, due to sesiblility... but that could be ajusted... - They also played PS3... and they hated it... almost 400 EB Games Store Managers atended this event, and most of them didnt like the PS3 and the games playable at all... They said that Moterstorm was Slow, and without any speed-feeling... that Fall og Man was just a game coping stuff from other games, and doing nothinh new... no of the games impressed...
  11. Madden NFL 2007 movies

    Am I the only who thinks that the game looks great... visualy? I really think the grafic is great... actually better then I would have expected from a Wii 3. party launchtitle...
  12. No Resi Wii?

    A EA SPORTS spokesman said that Fifa 2007 would be released next year to PS3... and they just can't ship it to stores in october/november 2007... thats when Fifa 2008 will be released... So no 12 months xbox-only-fifa anyway... its just like at E3, when Microsoft announced that GTA would launch eksclusivly for the xbox360, but the (also during the E3 expo) Rockstar said that it would launch on both PS3 and Xbox360 by october 2007... so...
  13. No Resi Wii?

    Well... Ok, maybe Fifa07 isn't the game that makes my day I will probably buy the PS3 instead of the xbox360 becuase of the bluray player, linux support (to make that ps3 a HD media-center-device) 1080p, and, let face it, a slightly better performance... But Hi, I might not get either! I had a xbox360 (for a day) but returned because it was so noisy and made a ching-ching-sound when choken, maybe it had a lose screw Anyway, im not going to get a second consol (Wii will ofcause be my number one) till sometime next year, or maybe not untill 2008 (it depends on wether or not I'm going to study abord, in Japan or the US)... alot of things will be different by then, so... Maybe I'll go for the Wii60 setup... nothing is for sure!
  14. No Resi Wii?

    Well... im probably going to buy a PS3 sometime next year, to play games like Resident Evil 5, GTA 4, Metal Gear and Fifa 07... but a Resident Evil 4 style game with intuitive Wii controls might just be better than a high-res-fantastic-grafix-ps3/xbox360-game!!! But since I'm as big as a Nintendofan one can be (er, that didn't come out right ) I just love Nintendo exclusive titles! Anyway, Resident Evil is great, offcause, but I'm mostly into the more Nintedoish style games please make Pilot Wings Wii... hehe
  15. What are YOU getting at launch?

    Ok, the Wii wont be nearly as expensive as the xbox 360 and far from the PS3.. but with such a great launch lineup I think it will be a rather expensive buy for me... there must be about 10 of the launch games that I'm thinking of buying... but hi, thats just luxary problem, not any thing to complain about... It looks like it going to be the biggest consol launch ever... both regarding sales and launch games : peace: yeeaahaaa I've was just wondering, just how sure are we that the wii will launch in mutiple colors, white and black?