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  1. House of the Dead: Overkill 2 (RUMOUR)

    I don't get fucking in joke in this fucking thread
  2. GoldenEye 007

    So what's the verdict then.. Is this as good as everyone says?
  3. Sonic Colours

    Anyway... This game... Do want
  4. The Last Story (24th February)

    Wow. Online! I have slim hope that either this or xenoblade will make it over. But if they do I'll be fucking delighted.
  5. Sonic Colours

    Would love to know where the 24fps thing came from.... Lol. The dif between 30 and 60 is obvious ... For instance
  6. Little King's Story

    this arrived last night... not had chance to try it yet.
  7. Monster Hunter Tri

    so how do meet people in the first place? just bump into them in the hub?
  8. Sexuality Thread

    this thread is really interesting... i'm gay, but not what you might call 'overt' in that. I'm not ashamed of it, and if anyone ever asks me, i always tell them the truth... however being gay is just one part of a mix of things that make me who i am. I've actually found that people who are more camp seem to be quite threatened by gay people who don't use their sexuality to define their whole existence. i've often wondered if these people latch on to a gay 'identity' so strongly because they don't have very strong sense of self.... or don't think they'll be noticed based on being less obvious.
  9. Monster Hunter Tri

    I started a thread to share wii friend codes for people interested in co op on monster hunter tri http://n-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1133410#post1133410 please put your code in the thread... ta! 1.... it won't have anti aliasing so it won't be less jaggie than other wii games... but it is one of the most beautiful wii games there is. I play on a 50" plasma and wii games look great on it. 2... it's the same engine, but not sure why you'd complain about that as MG1 is best looking wii games ever. Some enhancements can be seen in the trailer, like the fur shading from the bee boss being used in the environments now.
  10. so.... where is new play control wind waker?

    castle town was made that way to reflect ocarina's fixed camera town. they said so during development. Twilight princess was not significantly retooled for the wii. regardless.... new play control games do have their controls optimised for the wii... so no reason to suggest wind waker wouldn't get the same treatment. Anyway, my point was that the only reason i can see for them not having done this yet is that the Wii game will go back to cel shaded link.
  11. Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep

    Yes please... however i'm getting a new wii which should arrive tomorrow... i'll let you know the friend code ASAP
  12. Wii General Discussion

    Amazing isn't it? Totally weird how retaillers are pigeon holing the system... and no one seems to be noticing. No wonder hardcore games don't sell if no one stocks them. ps... HIT ME UP ON 360...GAMERTAG = ninja moomin
  13. Wii General Discussion

    So i just bought a new black wii on amazon... EXCITED!
  14. Nintendo Media Summit 2010

    100% agreed... nintendo knocked this one out of the park - the line up is truly amazing...