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  1. The latest South Park episode

    lol i love that ep! i hope the wii will be part of the next episode. oh by the way, a great site for not only south park, but heaps of other awesome shows is here: http://tvlinks.voodeedoo.org/
  2. European Event- General Chat

    whoa december 7th... not bad at all, good on ya nintendo, it'll be good to see em whip a few playstation sales lol
  3. No DVD

    i wanted to get rid of my xbox as well, thats all i use it for!!!! and i hoped that money could go to my wii, oh well, dvd players are cheap lol
  4. Definitive Wii speculation/rumour thread

    ahhh that helps to settle the mind... good to know nintendo has everything on track
  5. Definitive Wii speculation/rumour thread

    ohhh god september 14th couldnt come soon enough... if they dont reveal everything then im gunna be super pissed!!!! then all i have to do is wait and save money!!!
  6. Australian Wii Preorder

    thats really interesting coz at my local EB its positioned ABOVE the ps3 poster. TAKE THAT SONY!!!
  7. Australian Wii Preorder

    nah not at all, same for the ps3, on the ps3 poster it has ONLY 699!!!! *when u trade in a xbox or ps2 with 25 games. mind you in australia the premium playstation will be $999 and the base model will be $899. hopefully the Wii will be no more than 350 to 400 max.
  8. Australian Wii Preorder

    hey guys! look what i snapped at EB games today! I really like the look they are going for, not really childish either.
  9. Australian Wii Preorder

    man i have been checking this out everywhere and i saw that one today! u should see the posters they have up in some EB games stores!!!!
  10. Definitive Wii speculation/rumour thread

    hmmm possible wii last secret?: http://www.codenamerevolution.com/?p=1243 but what gets me is that one of those tipsters on the net said
  11. Heroes first footage!

    *starts salivating*
  12. Definitive Wii speculation/rumour thread

    that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Definitive Wii speculation/rumour thread

    what i love the most is when u click on the picture he has supplied u can see the blue borders on which he has simply placed a Wii logo! ROFL!
  14. Definitive Wii speculation/rumour thread

    omg, now i am posting this as a 'rumor' although it sounds more like complete BS, and im not the kind of person to dismiss a rumor straight away http://onlynintendorevolution.blogspot.com/ oh osaka, when will u give up?
  15. Definitive Wii speculation/rumour thread

    i like your theory simon. and im sure time will tell us if there is any truth to this. anyway u could get us some physical proof? or just perhaps some more in-depth info?