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    Your mum. Also enjoy playing soccer, frisbee. Hanging out with my friends... Oh yeah, im a physicist
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    I once drank a lava lamp. It didn't taste like lava.
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    Legend of Zelda. (cant say which one. all have their merits)
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  1. Same here. As soon as one starts seeing stuff like "explosive spoiler" and "This game just gets more and more interesting." you know it's time to leave. Have fun guys, I wont be visiting this thread again. The likelyhood of me visiting the forum itself seeing as so much information is out is also very slim. Might just keep eye on newspage alone. Cheers Raven
  2. playing kingdom hearts. writing a thesis.
  3. Wii Remote >>> Sixaxis

    Your energy example is just applying a scalar quantity to each point in cartesian space. I will admit that all science is just a theory (heh. as is religion). But the time fourth dimension is shown in practice with electrons within a synchrotron. Relativistic effects need to be taken into account to keep the electrons in phase and for determining their energies and velocities. Bwa ha ha!
  4. Wii Remote >>> Sixaxis

    *insert physicist* The 4th dimension is time, and it refers to special relativity in which it is assumed that every position in space will also have an associated time coordinate. so (x,y,z,t). This is taken into account at relativistic speeds (ie. when approaching the speed of light) because at these speeds not only do lengths contracts, but time dilates. SIXAXIS does appear to be one of those 'buzz words'. Because where I come from in the land of physics, a degree of freedom is a movement by an object that cannot be emulated by any combination of the other movements. This is mainly associated with molecular dynamics though... So moving in the x,y and z directions (cartesion space) is 3 degrees of freedom. BUT rotation also be considered degrees of freedom. ie. rotation around the x axis, y axis and z axis. I hope that nobody tries to prove (without use of an amusing photoshop picture with a ps3 controller with 12 wheels coming out of it) that the name SIXAXIS is justified. Its bullshit, as is the 4D crap.
  5. No such thing as too harsh. Anyone can potentially ruin an awesome storyline. They should pay the price if they do.
  6. Seen this just around the corner from Melbourne Central train station (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, The world... etc etc) heh heh. Took the picture a while back, just been a long time coming before i posted it up on the forum. Nice to see some zelda hype building! This painting... thing... is about 6ft tall
  7. what ethernet sort are you going with?

    Originally, I was going to go ethernet going on the advise of a computer techy friend who mentioned that gaming tends to drop out with Wifi. But if there isn't that much data being sent anyway... well, probably Wifi all the way! But... seeing as I'm moving house soon, it will probably depend on locations of Wii, wireless router... other stuff.
  8. Official Wii Boxart Thread

    Agree 100% with you here. The black boxart looks a lot more snazzy than the gold one!
  9. Iwata asked.. 16/10/06

    Sounds like a quote of the week...
  10. Ive said that I'm going to do this anyway. I really dont need some little git spoiling anything for me. As soon as it hits November19, the internet can get stuffed. I might spend that time playing Kingdom Hearts actually....
  11. VC European Misery Rumour

    Hypothetically speaking if you were to have ROMs.... This is a real shame, and I posted something to do with the VC region locking in the actual VC thread. I would really like to play a legit version of Chrono Trigger. Oh well... just gonna have to work out a way to fix this.
  12. how are you getting your wii

    over the counter. at australia release. probably a midnight release.
  13. Sadness

    This is a game that I've been looking forward to for some time. It really is nice to see a company get some guts and make a game how they want to make it. Given the little movie that we have seen, I think it would be hard to adapt their plans to the PS3... Only time can tell though, October 31st here we come!
  14. The one that always springs to mind is using the Wiimote as a torch. Press a button on it and it clicks on, maybe with a buzzing sound. Heh, even a vacuum cleaner, Luigis mansion anyone? Sword slashing and gunfire is pretty obvious. What about stuff for Warioware like games? Fly swat sounds? The sound of the champagne bottle as you shake it and pop the cork... There are HEAPS of little things that can be done
  15. I wish the grass in my backyard was emo... that way it would cut itself... Anyway, emo Link would make a myspace account, and using the wiiconnect24 system you get to publish your poems about how your life is a spiraling vortex of loneliness and depression