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  1. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    would really like a code, had a really sh*tty day and it would really chear me up! EDIT: Thanks!! @Eenuh
  2. South Park: The Stick of Truth

    can anyone please confirm if the nazi babies and zombies are seen in all its glory(in the 360/ps3 version), saw some pics online that the red scarf around their arm with swastika logo's are displayed with a giant black bar over it. That was the german version, but i want to know if all pal versions has it.
  3. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Question: What is the dimension(in cm) of a PS4 game case? I know its a blu ray variant, but some cases have different sizes. asking this because i want to buy a box where i can store my games.
  4. Wii U General Discussion

    Its not noticeable, i put both batterys a scale. And the new battery is 30 grams heavier. Original is about 70 grams.
  5. Wii U General Discussion

    play asia, and its about 26.60 euro's so about 22.58 GBP. And with play asia you do get free shipping.
  6. Wii U General Discussion

    on wednesday i popped this bad boy in my gamepad The battery comes with a little bit of charge in it, but a full charge will take you 4H. In comparison the original battery takes 2H 30M to charge it. Now battery life, the original will get you 3H 10M of play time(on factory settings i.e. brightness 4, powersave off), this new battery will get you 6H and 15M of playtime. All in all im verry happy with the improvement.
  7. oh thats a bummer, but nice to know that i dont need to play the same quests in online mode. Is that only a low level quest thing or are the offline higher lvl quest also different in the online part?
  8. got a question for you guys Does anyone know if my offline progression(the multiple star quests) carry over in the online mode? I know that in monster hunter tri on wii the progression was seperate(online/offline) meaning that if you first complete the story mode in the offline mode (all the way to 5 star quests) that you again start at the 1 star quests. Is that still the same in MH 3 ultimate? and if so are the quests online different from the offline portion of the game?
  9. Trine 2: Directors Cut (eShop)

    anyone know if i can use the R stick for to make objects with the wizard? i know that you can use the touchscreen in the wiiu version but can u also use the R stick for these actions (like the 360 and ps3 versions)
  10. Wii General Discussion

    oeh a marvelous horrorgame, than it must be good. Evrything from marvelous on the wii has been highly stylized and Top notch. EDIT: TRAILAH(so awesome!)
  11. Wii General Discussion

    how is the sound quality?(on black ops for instance) is it as atrosious as the wii speak crappy sound?
  12. GoldenEye 007

    Activision can certainly be pleased with the sales of this game, in just 3 weeks the game manages to climb to 300 000 copies sold worldwide*. At this rate the game could well be a million seller by the end if this year, and that’s a really great achievement for a 3rd party Wii game, finally shows that quality titles do sell. Yea the information is from VGchartz but its the only thing we got for actual numbers, don’t thing there far off the actual numbers. Unless someone can prove me wrong ofcourse. (*=Sales does not include the black friday sales from the US)
  13. GoldenEye 007

    Hope theyll just copy the mario kart wii technigue(or some other nintendo game, cant remember witch one it was) when you quit a game the character will be taken over by bots and it accually will cost the quitter points/XP. Could someone from n-europe contact activision directly, i really want to know when they are planning to fix it and why it takes so long to get fixed. Its so hard for normal people to get in touch with the developers of the game, look at black ops wii the developers LISTEN to the community and therfore the problem is already fixed for them. Lan adapter problem is really bugging me thou, not to say that its frequent but it shouldnt even happen to begin with. Sometimes i think that the multiplayer for goldeneye wii(the most importent part of the game) didnt get much bug testing time.
  14. GoldenEye 007

    good news guys, i finally got some smart(ish) answer from activision about the matchmaking freezing problem with the lan adapter: Its not known if thats an patch for there servers, or something simular to the black ops patch.
  15. Disney's Epic Mickey

    in what world is a 8 for a review bad?????