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  1. General Switch Discussion

    Apparently, details about Neon White aren't allowed to be mentioned until after June 15 5pm either. https://metro.co.uk/2022/06/08/nintendo-direct-rumoured-for-next-week-thanks-to-neon-white-leak-16789426 The article says they've had to sign NDA's so someone's been breaching their contract.
  2. I missed that because I watched the Japanese trailer because I came across that one first. Weird hearing Byleth saying more than 1 sentence. What's interesting is that they must read the Three Houses save file because Byleth's name was prefilled with the name from my Golden Deer run. I was a bit concerned the story was going to be a retelling of Three Houses and it seems it is. Hopefully it's going to be different enough. I'm half expecting then to play a Uno reverse card and it turns out Shez is actually the bad guy. Although the game has already poked fun at itself a couple if times already. It's nice to have another game with the same characters.
  3. "Final trailer" has dropped. This gets more fleshed out cutscenes than Three Houses.
  4. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Yeah, I thought it would have been released around that time.
  5. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Was wondering what happened to that.
  6. Same… And the plastic accessories since it was the Mega Drive 2 + Mega CD 2 I had.
  7. Funnily enough, I also went back to Arceus as I needed another Shieldon. I had to wait an hour for a Time Distortion to appear, luckily I found a Shieldon the first time. That let me finish my Pokedex and nab the shiny charm. Annoying that you need to catch 2 of them to complete the 'dex. I also needed some more of the starters and the easiest way to do it was do the side quests to activate the Massive Mass Outbreaks as they are forced in each area (save before you go to the area if you don't get the spawns you need just reset). Also got a Shiny Growlithe and Rufflet which was a nice bonus.
  8. Wish they would make Spider-Man Remastered available on PS5 as standalone, though I might just get the PC version. Always wanted to try out Street Fighter, but not sure 6 will be the best entry point based on footage.
  9. Did they just ask the internet to create Pokémon names this time?
  10. Yes, I converted it to GMT instead of BST. My bad.
  11. New trailer dropping tomorrow. That's 1pm for us.
  12. No way, Ignatz's new design is way better. His post design is a downgrade.
  13. And here's the Golden Deer showcase vid. Guessing the DLC class is going to be... DLC?
  14. Dragon Quest Treasures

    English trailer (for what little English there is).
  15. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Normally I wouldn't mind, I'm just a bit burnt out from work stuff. Would have dropped out even if BowserBasher was able to make it.
  16. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Think I'll be taking a break this week.
  17. Did they say if class changing was limited to the original character do not steal? The unique animations don't look like they should be able to change class. Unless it's for their preferred class?
  18. Black Eagles showcase trailer has dropped.
  19. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Well at least mine wasn’t deliberate.
  20. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    I don’t know what your referring to?
  21. Don't forget to claim your free starters for transferring 'mons from BDSP and PLA.
  22. I’ve escaped from maintenance he’ll, so might be worth checking.
  23. They are splitting the Pokédex so it tracks by game/region as well. I was thinking about doing a living dex but I dunno now. I do need to go back to the older games. There's still a load of Pokémon I never got.
  24. With Three Hopes being announced, I finally got into gear to finish my Golden Deer/Verdant Wind maddening playthrough. The reward is kinda lame. Took 101 hours according to the in-game timer but it was probably more. My first playthrough was 71 hours for Crimson Flower hard mode. Maddening starts off super difficult, but it evens off a bit later on. Chapter 14 in particular was, well... maddening with it's infinite enemy reinforcements. poor Hilda had to tank a lot of hits so the other could pick them off during the player phase, but it meant I had to turtle up at the start of the map. The terrain helped with enemy units that start nearby, but I was pretty much stuck to the start position. You have to protect a single green unit who appears at the North East of the map who will trigger a Secret Scheme™ if you guide them to a specific spot which will cause the enemy to start retreating giving you a chance to push forward. A lot of enemies drop some good items so you want to try and kill them. I almost did where the green unit died, but Byleth got in a spot I couldn't escape from. Chapter 13 was also tough as you start with only Byleth and Claude, and you don't any battle preps so you only have what you ended the last chapter with (apart from Claude who gets a couple of new toys). I thought I had finally cleared the map, and then I scrolled right and saw there was anther half of the map to go. The second half wasn't as bad though. Maddening made me appreciate gambits a lot more. There ability to stop enemies was moving is very useful. Speaking of gambits, Falcon Knight Leonie + Alert Stance+ + Retribution is broken. Retribution gambit grants the Counterattack ability which allows you to as the name implies, counter attack but you can do so from any range. Annoying when the enemy has it, amazing when you have it. There's a chapter where you need to move a unit to specific spots to stop reinforcement. Leonie was able to fly around the map and either dodge physical attacks and/or take very little magic damage and able to kill on the counter attack. Also useful for long range spells (she killed Hubert this way). Sadly doesn't work ballistae though. Battle data screens are in the spoiler tag. I'm probably going to NG+ Azure Moons and I want to play the DLC story, but I think I'm going to take a break and play Kirby first. Although I doubt I'll finish that before Three Hopes.