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  1. General Switch Discussion

    The alarms thing is weird, seems you can only set one using supported apps??? Probably for Animal Crossing to wake you up before Joan leaves on Sundays. Seems awfully specific though. But, they finally implemented a use for the home button LED!
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Not very interesting.
  3. Just seen an advert for this on TV. Nice to see Nintendo actually prompting the game unlike SE.
  4. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Wow, Starfox is pretty difficult.
  5. General Retro Discussion

    Bonus points for the Road Avenger shout-out. That game was hard, even though I beat it a number of times I still sometimes couldn't finish it. I think The Simpsons might have referenced it, or might be a coincidence since that would be pretty obscure. That video taught me that the mega CD can read burned CDs, which may not have been their intention.
  6. Cheap Switch Lite with eBay code. Other colours are available.
  7. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Just feels wrong not too. I kind of know them off by heart (no pun intended) at this point. I got lucky with the random ones from the digging mini-game and treasure chest game and got them really quickly. Plus I like having the full set of hearts, nice and symmetrical. I hated in BoTW where you can't get a full set of hearts and stamina
  8. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Yup. I had 4 deaths though so you got me there.
  9. For sure list: Tetris 99 (Although I think it better suits being digital but it comes with a free(?) year sub which is tempting) Link's Awakening Dragon Quest XI (EN and JP) Ghostbusters Luigi's Mansion 3 Pokemon Sword I think Blazblue Cross Tag Battle version 2 is due out in November. Maybe list: Ni No Kuni Layton's Mystery Journey Two Point Hospital (do want it, but I think it's going to have be sacrificed due to the amount of stuff coming out in September) I slept on Astral Chain but might pick it up at some point. Gonna pick up a Switch Lite, the normal Switch hurts my hands so hoping this might be a bit better, plus hoping the d-pad is good for fighters. Picking the the LA Amiibo, and Chrom for definite. Maybe the Pokemon ones as well.
  10. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Just finished up ALttP. Been meaning to play the game again so this was a good excuse to do so.
  11. Ring Fit Adventure

    Seems like a QoL accessory.
  12. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    You can turn them off. You can't turn off the sidebar showing the players though.
  13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    I'm out. Thanks for the games. Banjo's Final Smash has a weird hitbox. It looks like it hot multiple characters but it didn't.
  14. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    I think Banjo is winning.
  15. Super Kirby Clash

    I might, but not tonight, maybe tomorrow tonight/weekend? How much can you play before buying?
  16. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    Glad we're not getting drip fed SNES games so much this time.
  17. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    Honestly surprised they are porting Tokyo Mirage Sessions, didn't think they would bother. Wonder if the cut content is back in. That game is one of the reasons my Wii U is still hooked up. The fact you can preload now and the game isn't out until January is a bit hmm.
  18. Opened Youtube and there was a video on the front page with the character's name in the title and in the thumbnail.
  19. Advertising campaign seems to have kicked off, seen the ad on TV quite a few times already. The grey one actually looks better than it didn't in the original press shots.
  20. Switch eShop Thread

    Why not?
  21. In what way do you think Capcom have milked the series? The only way I think they've milked it is by releasing all the games on everything including the kitchen sink. I was under the impression that RE7 and RE2 Remake were well regarded. Can't really blame them for trying different things to keep the series (un?)fresh. I do miss the old cheesey b-movie style of the old games though.
  22. General Switch Discussion

    Oh you got your Splatoon t-shirts? Mine's still in Germany. The Fire Emblem CD any good? Spent too much so I'll need to wait a bit before picking it up.