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  1. Yeah. It was the only thing I had left to get. You have to win twice as well.
  2. The Tombola is what broke me, you get the Liquid Metal Shield from it as the top prize but it was killing my arm. And yes, Fleurette is best partner.
  3. Hi, might wait abit and see if they can fix the issues before jumping in then.
  4. Ah, was hoping someone was shipping it early.
  5. Where did you order from if you don't mind me asking?
  6. I was wondering what game you were hinting at, this one didn't cross my mind for some reason even though I loved the game alot. Still waiting for a Motion Plus follow up.
  7. It's kinda spoilery so don't watch if you haven't played DQV yet.
  8. Honestly though, is anyone really going to miss Stunfisk? Or Unfeasant? There so many other starter bird Pokemon who are vastly superior. They can drop Ultra Beasts while they're at it as well. Maybe the Pikachu knock-offs. They've been looking for any old excuse to try and reduce the amount of new Pokemon every gen, seems they finally hit their limit. I read on the internet that the games are tied in with the anime, TGC and merchandise so delaying the game also impacts those. They seem to be a restricted by their own success.
  9. In theory you could duplicate money and items by trading them to a friend and then restoring your cloud backup. I'm not sure how often the auto save goes off. I'm not sure how this prevents time travel though. I guess if you restore an old save from say a few months ago then you'll kinda kill your town as the game will think you haven't played that long.
  10. It's got nothing to do with the Online service, it's to prevent people cheating. You couldn't backup your save on the 3DS either. Keep on topic please.
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Will be interesting to see if this boosts the popularity of DQ in the west like it did with Fire Emblem. Because if Smash can't then nothing can,
  12. ONINAKI — August 22nd 2019

    It's not on there yet.
  13. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Yeah they've added loads. As I said in the DQXI thread, the maps in the 3DS version and PS4 version where a little different and some locations quite a bit different so I guess it makes sense the switch isn't seemless. You can see teh casino is down on the beach in 2D mode where it wasn't in the 3D version.
  14. Oh, this doesn't seem to be the case.
  15. Just seen on the Treehouse stream they've added Nose for Treasure back.
  16. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    Nintendo are calling it "the sequel to BoTW" though. I'm hoping Link and Zelda stay teamed up or something and you play as both characters.
  17. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Looks a lot better than the previous remake they did.
  18. General Retro Discussion

    It has Ys 1&2, so guess I'm getting it.
  19. They said they don't want to keep fans waiting so it's probably the people moaning about it not being out like a year ago. You just know they're going to hold the rest back until Sword 2/Shield 2. I will amit that not having to catch over 800 is a bit of relief, but obvisouly that means someone's favourite 'Mon migh tnot make the cut. This also possibly restricts competivitive battles as well depending on who makes the cut.
  20. Not when it costs £314.30. Might grab the collectors edition of the game.
  21. That's really sucks. I caught when they said Dynamax replaces Mega Evolution, didn't think they would go that far.
  22. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    @Glen-i is correct, those aren't open world games, stop exaggerating to try and make your point.