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  1. Coding

    And copying the solution from Stackoverflow.
  2. I know, that's what makes it funnier.
  3. I understand Edelgard's motives, but don't really agree with her methods. It's a bit of a Thanos situation. Not sure if Blue Lions mention it, but I think Golden Deer touches on it. But you learn something about Edelgard in Black Eagles (via a support conversation) which also explains about her motives. Not sure it will make you like her. Oh and there are 4 routes but you can just copy your save file.
  4. I thought they were too busy looking for reasons to be offended than play video games. Anyways, I don't think discord killed the forums, it's more that the site has lost visibility. Google "kirby and the forgotten land uk review" and NE is on the 7th page. You may as well not even be on Google at that point. The songs are kinda weird, it's like they couldn't afford the license so they use the first 30 seconds then change the song a bit so they won't have to pay royalties. The frequent re-used sound bites are a bit annoying as well "I'm gonna win!" "I feel giddy!". Shut up! Still fun game, I beat it on hard and I think that's enough. I liked the GBC game more.
  5. This is looking good, can't wait. Finished season 3. Not as good as Season 2 but still good. Might check out the manga during the wait for season 4 and the movie.
  6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    I would have been pretty salty if that killed me before you. Thanks for the games, the score was pretty even tonight I think.
  7. Not sure it's a spoiler, but just in case.
  8. Confirmed for North America. 27th of October.
  9. The levels are designed to be explored rather then just going straight to the goal. The level designs have a lot of places that you can use to activate the time travel. It is odd seeing things you can't interact with in the current timezone though. They are supposed to be hints at what you can do/access, I guess. Altering the future stages was a pretty cool mechanic I thought. Some of the bosses are quite different as well, with some you don't even need to attack (which they repeated in Sonic & Knuckles). The Metal Sonic race is a highlight.
  10. Hilda with Quick Riposte would have been so good.
  11. Saddened by the Sonic CD hate on here. I grew up with it so it has a nostalgia bonus for me, I see why people wouldn't like it. Still hate the UFO special stages though. Thank goodness Origins let's you retry
  12. Marianne Is kind of weird as a healer as she only has access to Heal and Physic (which is handy). Lorenzo kinda outclasses her as he gets Mend and can heal more. Hilda is a beast, yes. I recommend levelling her Heavy Armor skills to get weight -3 and weight -5 so it’s easier for her to attack twice.
  13. Finished season 2 and it was better than season 1. Kaguya comes off a bit dumber this season but it was worth it for the gags. Glad they deviated a bit from them trying to 1-up each other each episode and do something a bit different. The ending of the season was hilarious. Hopefully season 3 lives up to expectations.
  14. GAME's page makes mention that is was announced in a Direct.
  15. Sonic Origins (23rd June)

    Is that Green Hill… again? The city stage looks cool though.
  16. Finished season 1. Best characters are Surprised they only used the Chika Dance ending once considering how viral it went (and it seemed like a lot of work).
  17. Live A Live (22nd July 2022)

    There's a demo as well.
  18. Dragon Quest Treasures

    Date was revealed in the Direct Mini. Seems to be Switch exclusive?
  19. Wasn't expecting a release date for DQ Treasures (9th Dec) so that was a nice surprise. Interested in the Mega Man Battle Network collection as well.
  20. That costs twice the amount of the Mini.
  21. PC Gaming Discussion

    Ys IX has a demo so you could try that to see if you like it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1351630/Ys_IX_Monstrum_Nox/
  22. You unlock the ability to replay missions after beating the mission where the demo ends.
  23. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    I hate the Electroplankton stage so much.
  24. I never would have guessed that was him.
  25. Sonic Origins (23rd June)

    Marble Garden is borked. You can't control the blue spinning top things. The animation of the debris falling from the drilling robots doesn't stop either.