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  1. I like the cheesiness of it all. Plus, the guy throwing the cards is well cool - makes Gambit look like a chump :)

  2. No probs mate - Golden Sun it is!


    I'm not sure if I've seen PS2. My brother used to watch all those kinds of films and at various stages I've sat down and watched them with him. Even if I've not watched it in one sitting, I've probably seen it all :p


    I think my favourite will always be City Hunter!

  3. You busy mate? Could I tempt you for an hour or so of hunting? If not I'll Golden Sun it for a bit but I thought I'd ask you first :)

  4. Well I was never looking to argue with you but I couldn't help but notice that you were completely missing my point - which, as you now see is different to the others that were being raised. And I was a touch saddened by that if being honest... especially after you took the time to post 4 messages on my wall.


    So thrip, thrip, thrip away - it makes no difference whatsoever to me.


    Issues on freedom of speech and personal insults though, are a matter for everyone. That's what I was trying to make a point about... I'm just glad we got there in the end.


    You mentioned about people not speaking out for being "fearful of their freedom"... well that's my biggest concern.

  5. [3 of 3] You say you are pissed off at people flying off the handle at things that don't concern them. Difficult to think that's not aimed at me directly given I've been the most forceful in responses. But that's ok. I understand where you are coming from. You don't see this as my business because it was effectively between two other members or perhaps rather one member.


    My stance is, like I said in my first post in the thread, that too many people are all too eager to shoot down other people on the forum for having different views. And that's what I also said I may be guilty of the same in my response.


    Personally, I vote for Mokong because I do think he's achieved an awful lot, but notice how I never bring up my views on success into my replies. And why is that? Because people would mistake my agenda. They would think I'm "siding" with Mokong because I think he is successful. Whereas what I'm really doing is defending a person who is clearly being picked on by someone else.

  6. [2 of 3] Mokong didn't vote for himself. He didn't say "look how successful I've been - aren't I great" Someone else nominated him because they believed the things he had done amount to a success. If you didn't agree with that, fair enough. No one was being made to vote for him. But there is a world of difference between saying, well I thing person x is more worthy of this award and I think Mokong is "failing at life". I see that as a personal attack. And throwing around a bunch of disclaimers about how "it's nothing personal" and how he doesn't know anything of his circumstances makes it even worse. Of course, once Mokog replies, suddenly the user is now all things expert on the guy and he falls in line with the assumptions he made about the fella. Assumptions he's formed out of think air because he's already admitted to knowing precisely nothing about him.

  7. [1 of 3] As a mod, that fact that most of your works goes unknown is, for the most part, a good thing. And I know your intention was well meant. My comment about you failing as a mod was me substituting the comments providing by another user as well as using their line about it being nothing personal. It wasn't meant as a slight at you. It was meant as jab at them. I thought that would have been obvious if all the posts had been read.


    And I kept it on there just so people could read it as a matter of public interest.


    I have no issue with Thread Ripping and I don't see why it would require another members permission for it. I know why this this happened, how it came about, but this has nothing to do with. It's to do with the content of the posts themselves - something I made very clear in my own posts.

  8. If you hear nothing back, you don't have anything to even work on... though that isn't something relates entirely to work - but that's another story for another day.


    Are you applying for anything and everything then?

  9. That's tough man. I'm not sure what I'd do if I suddenly had to go out and find a job again. I probably spend just as much time on here though as I do now.


    Have you even managed to get any interviews in that time?

  10. Is that a recent thing with the job then? I find I work much better at night than I do during the day... though I've not got much done so far... so I don't normally start to do anything until about 12ish.

  11. Well... I had my suspicions if I was being honest ;)


    So it's not that you're up all night on MHT or Black Ops and just log in occasionally to see what's going down :)

  12. How come you don't get a god awful Christmas name?

  13. How come you're always on here so late matey? I'm a student, what's your excuse :p

  14. Don't tell me the site was down just so you could change your name?

  15. Well like the phoenix rising from the ashes, I came back stronger... a 1000 posts stronger.


    Unfortunately the death and rebirth of Captain Falcon was a necessary sacrifice. The new Captain can see things the other couldn't. Yes, I probably could have gone to specsavers and everything would have been fine but hey, that's hindsight for you ;)

  16. So what's wrong with the new Captain Falcon?


    Does he act differently? Speak differently?


    Or is it that he didn't vote you for Staff Member of the year and consequently there must be something wrong with him as the old one would never do such a thing :p

  17. Just thought I'd drop you a message thanking you for all the postings in the "Name That Game" thread - it's my favourite thread on the site! :D

  18. So who's winning? Is it you? It doesn't look like it but this could all be part of your strategy...

  19. What is going on with your name?

  20. You have a new visitor's message!

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

  21. How long you got left mate? You having a good time besides the obvious?

  22. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag... I hope that's right anyway :p

  23. Sorry about the other day dude, I wasn't in the best of moods as you may have gathered. No hard feelings I hope.

  24. Happy birthday dude!!