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  1. Reports of a high youth turnout so far is good... I’m hopeful!
  2. This is a must-read on the Media’s disinformation! https://bylinetimes.com/2019/12/10/trolls-sock-puppets-and-useful-idiots-an-anatomy-of-an-election-disinformation-campaign/
  3. General Switch Discussion

    This is why this is the best place on the Internet... I love you guys! Yeah, I’ve resigned myself to accepting Nintendon’t & won’t ever get online right. I’ve been off here, on the gaming side at least, lately as a result of the upcoming UK Election... I’m politicising aplenty on Facebook & Twitter and a tad on the general thread here. I’ve not played on my Switch for ages now, got a mini-backlog of games to get but money has been tight as we had to get more work done on the house. I’ve been on my PS4 when I do game, on Apex Legends (I should clear my massive backlog really), hence why I’m particularly quiet in the Nintendo threads. But yeah, Nintendo... voice-chat...
  4. This thread is all kinds of amazing! Perfectly highlights the rank hypocrisy and bias of the Media!
  5. The BBC haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory this Election with their “mistakes” (bias) but the Tories have taken shithousery to new levels seen in British politics, so much so that even Facebook are banning Tory propaganda (fake news).
  6. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Everyone needs to play Titanfall 2.
  7. Andrew Neil is a fantastic interviewer. He made both Corbyn & Sturgeon look awful... god knows what he’ll do to Boris if he finally agrees to the interview! Also, BIG news on the NHS... Government trade talks with the US that stipulate the NHS & drug pricing is on the table have been leaked, unredacted. EDIT: ah, beaten to it.
  8. I’m hopeful for a Labour Youth-quake Mk.II
  9. I do worry this too but with the numbers registering to vote I’m hopeful.
  10. The polls are weighted on a low youth turnout and a vastly higher elderly turnout than previous weighting’s. So I’m hoping for another youth-quake, but bigger than the last one. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/register-vote-general-election-boris-johnson-corbyn-young-people-a9214761.html ...but with the Tories being unchallenged in many seats by the Brexit Party, it’ll be very hard to boot them out in Leave voting constituencies.
  11. Tories: overcharged austerity thanks to Brexit fucking the economy. Lib Dems: endless austerity, but in the EU. Labour: 2nd Referendum, end to austerity and transformative policies with a Green Industrial Revolution. Others: Green are worthy of votes, SNP too to be fair, I’ll not even humour the Brexit Party. I’ll be voting Labour.
  12. Register to Vote Register by 11:59pm on 26 November to vote in the General Election on 12 December: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote Full Fact’s GE2019 ongoing Fact Check: https://fullfact.org/election-2019/ Labour Manifesto: https://labour.org.uk/manifesto/ Lib Dem Manifesto: https://www.libdems.org.uk/plan SNP Manifesto: https://www.snp.org/policies/ The Green Party Manifesto: https://www.greenparty.org.uk/green-guarantee/a-safer-world.html Conservative Manifesto: https://vote.conservatives.com/our-plan Brexit Party Manifesto: https://www.thebrexitparty.org/contract/