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  1. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    A Switch on the shelf at the Xbox Event...
  2. Football Season 2020-21

    The governing bodies of football should say that if they split off then they’ll be banned from playing in any domestic leagues/cups and also ban the players from playing for their national teams. That’d shut it down.
  3. Football Season 2020-21

    It’s not true...
  4. Football Season 2020-21

    Mourinho has been sacked, but I don’t know if the reason why is true... if it is, well done Jose!
  5. This is what I tell people when they say they’ve had their fill of a Monster Hunter game. Switch weapon and the game feels fresh again. Although given I’ve been using almost all weapons since Tri it does feel a bit samey these days, haha... I’m still loving Rise though!
  6. Did the Village quests up to Magnamalo and absolutely slaughtered the poor thing. I didn’t play against him in the demo so it was my first experience of him... he’s a fun fight, with his fast dashes and dives, but I should’ve chose a weapon other than Lance, I demolished the poor sod - stood right up in his face constantly stabbing and countering everything he threw at me.
  7. I’m still gutted One Piece is on break this week... now I’ve been hyped for the big fights in One Piece many a time, but I can’t remember being quite this hyped for a fight for a good while! It’s going to be epic!
  8. Apex Legends

    Can’t get enough of this game... it’s only getting better too!
  9. That counter, how it fills the phials, really is overpowered!
  10. Oda delivering the goods as per usual. One Piece 1010 was soooo good! It’s on break next week but my god it’s going to be great!!!
  11. So did anyone else finish Attack on Titan the other day? I felt it ended well, brought about the story to a good close. Loved the series overall.