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  1. You have a new visitor's message!

    Excellent graffittiability you possess - have you been practicing?

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    Long time no see!

  3. The Rayman games, both the original, Jungle Run, and the sequel Fiesta Run, are currently on sale on the Google Play store at 49p and 69p respectively if you're interested in picking them up.


    I have both and can strongly recommend them if you're curious. Plus, at that price, you can't really go wrong.

  4. Congratulations on surviving another year!

  5. So apparently the Gatchaman film is a bit poor, but have you been watching Gatchaman Crowds? I was a little sceptical at first since it seemingly had very little in common with the originals but it's just got better and better with each episode.

  6. Happy Birthday Mr Grunch - I trust all goes well in the world of academia?

  7. Oooooooo!!! Thanks for the heads up.


    The dimensions make it look as though it could be the same as the US book but with a hardcover instead of the paper one that used - the height/width ratio looks the same. The only problem with this is that it means using GAME. Oh well, if needs must.

  8. Whilst Japanese by origin, Gatchaman borrows a lot more from US superheroes to the degree that a live action film shouldn't be as butchered as some other Japanese properties that are heavily reliant on their nation for characters and plot that don't work outside anime. Since it also takes itself rather seriously given the heavy subject matter often dealt with, they don't have to worry about humour and quirkyness not translating from ink drawings to live performances too.


    Well if live action isn't your style, you may be happier to hear that someone has recently uploaded subbed versions of Gatchaman II and Gatchaman Fighter to Youtube. They've been on there for a while without subs but if like me, you're not particularly familiar with the lingo, these could suit you better.

  9. The announcement was made back at the end of last year, so you might already know but I only came across it recently, but I see the live action Gatchaman film is finally going to happen and be released this summer in Japan after previous movie attempts have failed. I saw some clips from it the other day but there were no shots of them in uniform sadly. Still not long to go if everything remains on track.


    Oh, and if you did know, why didn't you tell me ;)

  10. Yeah, I still have 7 or 8 games I've not finished which is pretty rare for me as I normall buy and complete them sequentially with no overlap. I even have a couple I've not even started at all. I think it's probably down to them being smaller titles, such as e-Shop games or PC ones that I have to be in the mood for.


    I was so tempted to sell my 3DS last year but the annoucement of this game is what made me hold on to. This is Nintendo's chance to undo some recent damage in my eyes and I want to give them that chance because we've had good run for a long time before it all went downhill. And from everything I know about it, I think this could be the apology I've been waiting for.


    Do you know if there are any pre-orders deals like the Gamestop Art book they did in the US? I've current got it on order with ShopTo but it's just the game right only and I've not heard anything about the artbook but then I've been staying away from FE:A related articles and forums.

  11. Thanks for the heads up about the demo... -Dem0- :p


    Not sure if I want to give it a go or not. I'm a big FE fan, as is probably apparent, but I'm not sure if I want to tease myself with the demo when the real thing is just around the corner. Unlike other games when you download demos because you aren't sure about their quality or whether they are really for you, this game has my name written all over it.


    I'll have to mull it over.

  12. As good as the ordinary version looks, that one looks even better. I won't lie, I'm a little bit jealous right now :p


    Delivery is a bit steep mind but it wouldn't have stopped me if I'd known.

  13. Just a quick heads up - if you haven't already ordered your history of Sonic book yet, check this out. It's a limited edition version (just 1000 made) only available at their site.

  14. Just call it how I see it man :cool:


    If people want to extol the virtues of Nintendo, then fair enough - this is a Ninteno forum. But it just annoys me when the only way they can lift them up is by stamping everyone else down and critising them for things that either aren't true or Nintendo are just as guilty of.


    And that's when I step in :p

  15. Very kind words, Kav - thank you :blush: But at the same, just look at the competition :p

  16. Maggers!!!


    I'm making a special effort to come here today and say happy birthday... so, Happy Birthday!!!!


    See, that friend request meant something to me even if not to you - I know you prefer Timbo over me but that's cool since he was there first ;) And no, I've still have zero interest in Minecraft before you ask :p

  17. I posted a NTG round so get your ass in gear quick!!

  18. I hope you presentation went ok today :)

  19. You have a new visitor's message!

    Congratulations on becoming an official forum "Aficionado" - here's to the next 1000 posts!!

  20. Happy Birthday!!!!

  21. How go the wedding preperations mate - you all set for your big day?

  22. I thought people who get most of them straight away - there is only one I thought would prove tricky. But it seems they aren't quite as easy as I thought.

  23. There's a Name that Game round in play right now if you haven't seen.

  24. I'm back from the gym now If you still have a bit of time.