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  1. what about shiren though


  2. lock ittttt

    1. darksnowman


      and the key??

    2. Raining_again


      throw it away you wont be needing it

    3. darksnowman


      🔐 🗝 🚮

  3. stalkin yer profile :laughing:

    1. darksnowman


      Vote raining_again

    2. Raining_again


      I'm town, i swear!! it's a conspiracy!

      Vote: darksnowman



    Don't go breakin my heaaaaartttt </3

  5. lo do you even know me at all, I am innocent :P

  6. hahaha :D i'm not too bad, how are you? :)

  7. I heard that Martin wants to do stuffs with yer ma?

  8. Martinnnnnniiiiiii <3

  9. Heyyy :D I saw yer reply on the Relationship thread, but its gone a few extra pages over so I'll reply here. I was lifting until the start of this year, sadly i had to stop due to various health problems :( I miss it a lot!

  10. I keep asking and its like, no theres not enough staff... and itll come to end of february and they'll be all ZOMGYUNOUSELEAVE.... bleh. I just need to keep asking constantly and I will eventually get it used lol

  11. I always think I need a holiday to get over a holiday! I have 11 days leave to use by end of march and THEY WONT LET ME HAVE ITTTTT. :(

  12. I admit I was rather worried boutchuuu. Don't they say change is as good as a holiday? :P xx

  13. I added you on Skype :) (hannata86)

  14. i don't think you're ready for this jelly :p

  15. i'm nearly always on msn... you the one that aint...!


    You can stare at my chat box window!!! who needs real ones x

  16. to threaten you :P


    Haven't spoken to you in donkies x

  17. wheres ma tuna? x

  18. ahh that's good, would be nice to see you about msn more often *BIG BLOODY HINT* :heh:


    Hope all is well for you, glad you didn't fall down the bog, lol xx

  19. *poke*


    Hello my dear friend, haven't seen you in a while, you fallen down the bog or something.... ?


    Much loves x

  20. I think you like ocelots way too much :P however they are awesome.


    Earl grey earl grey! miow.


    We did a trail of treats to get him out one night and I managed to get a snap of him poking his head out of the hole... so much cuteness. will upload and show you sometime soon :P


    toot toot beep beep xx

  21. I need some kittehs and earl grey stat!!!! miow miow toot toot


    Beanie managed to wriggle under the kitchen cabinets today so my dad decided to cut him a proper hole as there's nothing in there to harm him. He is never flipping out of there now.. lol.


    p.s how are you my lovely? :)

  22. beep beep toot toot miooow. :)