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  2. N-Europe turns 16!

    Now you're one year past being old enough to drink in the States. Having not been here for a bit, I forget the original owner's name, and was wondering what happened to him. I know he got a job at nintendo, just no updates over the years...that I've been gone.
  3. Apologies for downtime

    I forgive you!
  4. Who would you invite to dinner? Dead or alive.

    Jesus Chuck Norris- just to see if he wears his own jeans Princess Di Abraham Lincoln Adam and Eve King Solomon & his dad David My grandpa Eminem
  5. Separated twins married each other

    Do you? Just wondering.
  6. Cautionary Measures

    wish I had read this first.
  7. New member log-in

    When will they be open? And hey Jordan, nice to see you again. Did you know I named my son after you? But we spell it Jorden. Well my nice looking friend can't join. Too bad. Perhaps soon. If she does, be nice. Here handle is Tishri1
  8. Separated twins married each other

    ewww, I don't find that sexy, gross, not sexy
  9. Sexual Intercourse.

    Slightly? I think that's why God made sex for marriage, so we can work these things out together.
  10. New member log-in

    I realize I've been away for a while, but I have a great friend who wanted to join, but can't. Why does she get an error saying the admin doesn't allow it?
  11. Best Band Aid

    Wow, I'm getting old. I think the waterproof band-aids are really good.
  12. American Shootings- Part 2

    One wacko goes nuts and the whole country is messed up? Don't have that happening on your side of the world?
  13. Wish me luck

    Trying to get a Wii on Sunday. Will of course have to visit more when I do...
  14. Playstation Discussion Archive

    I was at a store where a rep from PS3 was standing by a display for the upcoming release. He said to not buy a PS3 yet, as they have a problem with overheating. They were released too early to compete with Nintendo, and he was the official rep.
  15. DVD ripping/editing software

    DVDshrink. This will allow you to select which part of the 'main movie' you want to add. Click the movie, then edit the starting position and ending position to only capture that area, then do it all over again.