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  1. God I want to buy this so bad. I thought I could hold out, I thought I'd teach EA a lesson, I never thought I'd consider paying £180 for a video game. But dammit, that's exactly what I want to do.
  2. Every review and preview I've read says that the camera is shite. It's a damn shame too, as the camera is as important as the controls in games like this. I'll hopefully enjoy it all the same. Edit - Fuck, mid combat loading? That's terrible. Team Ninja's games are usually technically outstanding, what happened here? I might wait for the inevitable PS3 port six months down the line with all the problems fixed.
  3. You won't be dissapointed by Paprika, it's one hell of an experience. Lost in Translation is excellent too. Amazing movie.
  4. That paragraph, it's beautiful. ;_; You're totally right. I have to admit I go there every now and then for news purposes, but everyone there seems to be twelve years old and painfully arrogant. And God, the annoying repetetive gif avatars...
  5. I'm so anxious, which really isn't like me at all. Starting a new job tomorrow, which I've no doubt will be awful but I need the money before I go back to College.
  6. My bad, seems you're right. In that case, I really have no idea why all the games are heading to the other two. I mean, I can understand some developers having problems with Nintendo in the past, but you'd think with the lead they have coupled with the software sales it'd be water under the bridge. I doubt it's money hats either, why would a company pay to have stuff like 50 Cent or Jericho on their systems? Someone else on the net who hates NeoGAF? Marry me.
  7. I'm having difficuly a source on that mate. According to Wikipedia (not the most trustworthy site, I know), 148.44 million Wii games have been sold as of March. Almost looks like you've pulled numbers out of thin air. Hmm. I can't find a number for the amount of 360 games sold anywhere. I remember hearing that the 360 attach rate was something like four times higher than the Wii's though, which would mean it's sold more. If you're right though, then I have no idea why publishers are heading to the PS360 instead. Maybe it's because it's easy to develop a game for the PS3 and 360 simulatneously then spend time downgrading it for the Wii. Just a guess.
  8. Because more games are sold on the 360 and even the PS3. And game sales are what matter to publishers and developers I guess.
  9. Tales of Symphonia - Ass Metroid Prime - Perfect Jet Set Radio - Funky Guitar Hero - Okayish Skies of Arcadia - Love Wii Sports - Demo Metal Slug - Awesome Bioshock - Superb GTA IV - Alright Halo - Shit Gears of War - Uninspired Mario Galaxy - Amazing Zelda - Rehash Mario Kart Wii - Cheap Dr. Mario - Bollocks
  10. It wasn't a perfectly acceptable film by any standard. :p
  11. He didn't say it was unconvincing, he said it was lame. Which it was.
  12. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Up there with Mario Sunshine and The Phantom Menace on my list of soul-crushingly disappointing turds. Full of cliches, plot holes, poor acting (although Ford is good), a pants-on-head retarded story, an over-reliance on special effects (especially at the end), lame humour and action scenes that mostly fall flat. All in all, a fantastic four (out of a possible ten).
  13. No, games that have less than 65% on Metacritic and less than 6% of people who try a demo actually buy it, will be deleted within three weeks. Two Arcade games I love, Mr. Driller and Triggerheart have less than 65%, if something were to happen to my HDD, and they were deleted, I wouldn't be able to re-download two games that I've payed my hard earned money for. The point of digital distribution is that you can get any game you want, when you want. The problems of shelf space are a thing of the past, why on Earth would Microsoft want to delete games that are doing no harm just sitting there? Basing this on Metacritic is bullshit too. One man's trash is another man's treasure. I don't want to be limited as to what I can play by what some asshole critic thinks of the game. Terrible move Microsoft.
  14. 2 and a half stars was a little generous. It's a pretty bad movie, not only compared to other Indy movies but compared to most action and adventure films. Not even half as good as Temple of Doom, which was easily the worst of the series up until now. A lot of wtf moments, but not in a good way. More like, 'wtf? Why am I watching this?' I'm so dissapointed. Still, Lego Indy should be good.
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