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  1. Halo 3 Beta Thread

    http://www.bungie.net/Stats/PlayerStatsHalo3.aspx?player=I%20Ditto%20I going for lieutenant tomorrow, i am a beat at halo 2 so its just the same really
  2. Halo 3 Beta Thread

    dunno check your email
  3. Halo 3 Beta Thread

    You do know if u have made a bungie.net account that bungie have sent 10,000 random PM to accounts and if u have one it has a code in it to redeem of the marketplace and get halo 3 beta early, this happend yesterday...... all my friends got one except me GO CHECK NOW!
  4. I Got Some Mountain Dew

    Are you crazy! its AMAZING pure gold in a can! B.T.W. damn u for having it
  5. This took me ages

    well not ages aboout 3/4 hours check out my new sig. and comment on it ta
  6. Yay - I lost the vodka belly.

    i can eat wat i want and not put anything on GO ME!
  7. Next Gen War

    why dont sony realse wat a shitty console they have realsed
  8. Happy Birthday DiemetriX

    Gelukkige Verjaardag!
  9. General Wii Questions

    so does everyones blue light stay on when you just have the console as my pals blinks on for half a second when he turns it on and thats all hes pissed off about it so i am trying to help him find out wats up with it.
  10. General Wii Questions

    ok now that the wii is out and after me playing my pals i have a question about it. In all the pictures showing off the wii on tv, magazines ect. it shows the blue neon light on, but going to my pals house and playing his i asked y he didnt have this light, i asked another pal and he said he didnt know why this was and both of there systems the light goes on for half a second when they turn it on, so my question is really why the hell do u not get that cool neon light in all the pictures?
  11. Gears of war Thread

    i played with dimetrix on GoW and he owns lol
  12. Age

    i am 15 i joined when C-E began.... i dont post much