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  1. Sharing that on Twitter! Finally, someone who's actually captured what I've been telling everybody all along WITH ACTUAL EVIDENCE. But still, sadly, people will allow themselves to be manipulated. Hopefully they will see through the lies. ....I really hope...
  2. I really don't understand how the Tories got in in the first place. And if they get in again, well, the mind boggles. Speaking to the people I know who do vote Tory are saying they want Brexit done. What did they think? Did they think it was only going to take a week? Pack up a suitcase and just fuck off? They want to vote Labour now but they don't trust Corbyn. Whether or not you trust Corbyn, all I know is you can DEFINITELY NEVER TRUST JOHNSON. My main point was always that the Brexit campaign was dirty and full of lies. Even after, the Tories had said a lot of shit would happen and they've either been lying through their teeth or it ends in disasters. Fact of the matter is is that we have all had a glimpse of a future under Tory rule. Lies, bullshit and hypocrisy. I'm just not looking forward to my future at all if Johnson runs again. He's like Trump 2.0 and I honestly think they will fuck this country right up. Especially for the working class. I just hope the youth get the fingers out of their arses and vote and I hope the working class who vote Tory realise they're being played, that they're not actually part of the rich and they're being screwed over.
  3. Collections

    From the time I started this thread to now, I now have 440 blu-rays, including Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie, Space Jam, Game of Thrones S1-4, Wolf Creek, Aladdin trilogy (I FINALLY GOT THE BLOODY SEQUELS) and Mulan 2 (I ACTUALLY GOT THE SEQUEL). My main grabs would be movies from my childhood, Game of Thrones and Disney sequels. Movies from my childhood actually has a rule to it. You'll think I'm a hoarder but I swear I'm not but I've kept all of my VHS tapes. They actually fit in a box under my bed and I couldn't bear to get rid of them. I actually have the original Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Tarzan, Hercules and Aladdin. I've managed to get a few such as Pagemaster and Space Jam but the one I'd love is The Little Vampire and the Borrowers. I also want Matilda, The Witches and Muppet Treasure Island. Game of Thrones is going to just go right up in price from December so I've been collecting them as I go along. So far, from 1-4, I'm very shocked to say that this only cost me a tenner due to a pricing error. Bonus. I'm one of the few fans that thought the end was satisfactory. It wasn't amazing but it was what I expected (but that's for another thread...I feel the judgment already, lmao) Disney sequels are becoming a bit of a bitch to find. Luckily for me, I've been collecting them from the start. They're starting to become rare. All I need is Bambi 2, Return to Neverland, Little Mermaid 2 and 3, (possibly) Tarzan 2, Tarzan and Jane and Planes: Fire and Rescue. There are some sequels that haven't been released on blu-ray, which is annoying. I still need to get the Ralph Breaks the Internet o-ring sleeve. It was released two weeks ago but it would mean me travelling for about an hour to just buy it. I plan on getting it in a couple of weeks. Anyone have updates on their collections?
  4. Brexit 2019

    What is it about Corbyn that you don't trust? Genuinely just wondering. I find him to be okay and much better than the idiot we have now. I never vote Tory anyway. I just really want Brexit to go now. I think it was a huge mistake from the start and I still do today. My mind hasn't changed or swayed one bit. Hated the idea from the start and I hate it even more now. I see it as something completely pointless and was built literally on lies from the start. I also still find it very unfair that people voted based on those lies and considering the vote was extremely close, they should've either had another vote with better knowledge and truth or just abolish it altogether. If it was up to me, I'd scrap the idea completely.
  5. The Disney Thread

    I love this loads! Everything about this is great BUT...BUT...I'm not feeling the clip of Elsa's song, "Into the Unknown". Anna's song sounds way better. Regardless, I'm getting no epic song vibes from this but hopefully, I'll be wrong. Aladdin pleasantly surprised me with "Speechless", which I still think should have had much more recognition than it did. That song was unbelievable!
  6. General Movie Thread

    Technically, it's an adaptation. This one doesn't look like a remake from Eddie Murphy but seems to follow the original source material, judging by the timeline in the trailer. I read the series as a kid and I can vaguely remember him sailing in a boat. I know the books were released in the 1910s or 1920s or something. This seems to follow it closer. I'm actually excited!
  7. General Movie Thread

    I really need to see this film again. It's seriously stayed with me so much. On another note, I watched Metallica S&M2 and it was stunning! Beautiful! Sensational! I'm so glad I got to watch it but the audience was just sitting there doing nothing. Me and my friend and a handful of others were singing, rocking out in our seats and applauding. I'd definitely watch it again if I could. Hearing The Unforgiven Part 3 and All Within My Hands was epic!
  8. General Movie Thread

    Oh yeah, I know it is but I can honestly say I forgot it was about the Joker. It felt like a completely separate movie away from the actual DC universe, which I loved. Don't get me wrong, I love superhero movies but right now, I'm actually sick of them. It seems like they're released every five minutes. I loved everything about the movie. How it was shot, the performances, the story, the character himself and in some scenes, I really felt emotional. I felt sad, angry, hurt and even shocked. I can't believe it actually stayed with me for this long. @Ronnie, if you get a chance to watch it, do so. I'm not really into DC but I thoroughly enjoyed this and I have some random stranger to thank for giving me a free ticket to see it!
  9. General Movie Thread

    I watched Joker a few days ago and it's definitely one of the best films I've ever seen. I know people say this quite lightly but this is one of the few films that has stayed with me over the last few days and one of the films I'm eager to watch again. Reviews on it has been particularly harsh and the RT score is ridiculously low. I can't actually think of a bad thing to say about it. I also love the fact that it's not another superhero/villain/whatever film.
  10. General Movie Thread

    I know! I was saying to my mate that I never saw that! I was gutted but ugh, the movie was superb on the big screen. I'm even tempted to go again on Halloween! I even missed a few little things even though I've seen this movie an awful lot. Like when Venkman was talking to Peck, I didn't actually see Janine slowly peering from her desk to listen in. That made me laugh. I really hope they release the second one or do a double-bill of it. Actually, thinking about it, Ghostbusters II came out in 1989! Couldn't they have done a 30th anniversary of that too! That would be so awesome! ...and we can forget 2016 ever happened. I still want the Real Ghostbusters boxset and the Remastered copy of the game.
  11. General Movie Thread

    Yeah it is. I hope they do the second one but my God, it was stunning! I absolutely loved it! I'm so chuffed I got to see it! I love that cinemas are starting to do 80s films more now. I'd love to catch A Nightmare on Elm Street, Back to the Future, Labyrinth, The Breakfast Club, The Lost Boys, Gremlins and Top Gun.
  12. General Movie Thread

    Ghostbusters 1984 is rereleased in the cinemas tomorrow for its 35th Anniversary. I am so excited. Its one of my favourite films ever and I have always wanted to see it on the big screen! It's going to be such an experience!
  13. Rate the last film you saw

    I do love them all (not Seed) equally but I liked Cult because they actually brought back the original Andy and Kyle from the second one and Tiffany from the later ones, which I thought added a nice touch of nostalgia for me since I've been following these movies since I was a kid. I also loved Curse for its creepier tone rather than black comedy. Bride is always a great blend of both horror and comedy and 1 and 3 are wicked but 2 always has a soft spot for me. It's the first time Chucky shows more personality as well as a funny but sadistic side to him. The photocopier kill always creeped me out when I was a kid.
  14. Rate the last film you saw

    Chucky is awesome. Child's Play 2 is the best one followed by Cult, Curse, 1, 3, Bride and then Seed, Can't wait to know what you think of them. So I saw IT: Chapter Two finally and, after everybody's been telling me it was average, I think everyone is crazy. It was awesome and I absolutely loved it. When I walked out of the cinema, I first thought "great film" but then the more time went on, the more I realised how much I loved it. Much more creepier than the first, the timings were just right, character development was great, the acting was awesome and the last 40 minutes was epic. Epic enough for me to try and find other people to watch it with me again. If not, I'm just going to watch it myself again next week. The casting was absolutely spot on, I couldn't fault it. Pennywise was awesome. Loved it so much. "IIIII KNOW YOUR SEEEECREEEET"/10 (song is now stuck in my head, lmao) I also attempted to watch Reservoir Dogs as well. It's so weird but I've seen it so many times and I really felt like watching it. 45 minutes in, I had to take a break from it and I never went back to it. Maybe I was tired but even now, I don't have a desire to watch the rest. So I stuck on The Godfather instead. Classic.