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    I enjoy oiling up my brother. Stroking ferrets. Getting jiggy with the dead. Same old, same old.
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  1. Fifa 10

    Just FYI, if your opponent disconnects after 15 minutes (game time) it registers as a loss to them and a 3 - 0 win to you so don't worry about feeling robbed. Won't be getting the game till the end of the month but would be up for playing some of you guys (360 love).
  2. N-Europe Summer Meet

    Just chiming in to say that I may make a cameo appearance. Won't be needing any accommodation or anything though and well up for some foootiiie.
  3. The Current Affairs Thread

    Israel broke the ceasefire in November the 4th by killing 6 people. The intensified rockets came as a result. http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/opinion/2008/1230/1230581467173.html?via=mr Whilst the rocket attacks from hamas are disgusting and should be stopped, let's put this in perspective. Since 2001, 15 Israeli civilians have died from rocket attacks. In the past two weeks, 854 Palestinian civilians have died with another 3000 injured (In an area where over 60% of the population are children). What?
  4. The Current Affairs Thread

    The whole situation just makes me sick. Hamas is definitely in the wrong for firing rockets in to Israel, but let it be known it was Israel that broke the cease fire and Hamas were retailiating. Honestly, can we be even be suprised at what Hamas did? When you stop food, aid, and electricity from getting to the Palestinians, bulldoze their homes, take away their land and some of their rights, what do you expect to happen? I applaud Jon Stewart for having the balls to be one of the few mainstream American figures to speak up. It's depressing how one of America's best comedians is also one of their best politicians. http://blog.beliefnet.com/progressiverevival/2009/01/jon-stewart-speaks-on-gaza.html
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opportunity_cost With Glastonbury and Leeds next year plus possibly going abroad, I guess I'll moan.
  6. I think it's in Sheffield this time which probably would rule me out.
  7. Yeah, it was an awesome meetup. Kinda regret not getting in on the hostel action but ahh well. Should deffo do it again next year.
  8. Cheers man, much appreciated. I'll probably get there for 4 or 5.
  9. Bahaha, she'll be fine Jordan, we'll go easy on her . But no, no one could destroy the Jordan and Letty bond. But yeah, I need someone's number to get in contact with. If anyone is still about, could ya send me yer number pleeeeease.
  10. I should be coming too, either late Friday or early Saturday, possibly both. I think it would be nice to get numbers now. Jaaay my old boy, ya rckon you can PM your number please? Cheers.
  11. Boy 'skinned, eaten by family'

    Some people are fucked up. We should undo their fucked up-ness by doing fucked up things to them. This is a great theory that will definitely work quick somebody tell the world.
  12. The Music Thread.

    Don't stop believing wil always remind me of the Sopranos finale. Perfect song for the perfect ending to a perfect show.
  13. Angry! Angry! Angry!

    Japanophiles. Oh God shut the fuck up. You weren't socially accepted in England, America, France etc, you're sure as hell not gonna be seen as cool in Japan . Stop with the dumb smileys, your kawaii desus, stupid poses and constant need to look like a freak experiment (your dress sense may be unique, it's also shit).Those J-rock bands no one's heard of? They're shit. That Hello Kitty t-shirt you bought from J-list? It's shit.You know that androgynous anime character you fanatsise about being? He/she is shit,and more importantly, so are you. In fact, I bet there's one right now reading this post rolling their eyes thinking I''m a stupid Gaijin and that Godzilla will wreak his vengeance on me T________T;;;;; baka ne!!! Go eat some Pocky and draw some furry hentai for deviantart and complain how no one understands you.
  14. Alien-Like Being Born From A Cow

    Man, it's like one big black jelly baby. I'd hit that. I mean eat it. Probably both.
  15. I'll be making an appearance on either the Friday or Saturday, possibly both. Won't be staying the night though, only 40 minutes away from London town.