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  1. ok so ive never played pikmin (crowd: "wtf?") and think its about time i invest in the little blighters gamecube encounters. Question: Should i buy Pikmin 1 or Pikmin 2???
  2. Uve probably all noticed (or i just didnt see it the first time i was on the site) but the Nintendo website has been updated to include the wii balance board (for Wii Fit) and the Wii Wheel (which will be bundled with Mario Kart) aswell as the Wii Zapper. Probably a pointless thread but I thought it was pretty cool
  3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    i have the same routine but it ends with my wetting myself in excitement *sighs*
  4. Worms: A Space Oddity

    yeah its pretty much a non-starter without online... is there one of the worms series on VC?? £7 maximum price for a VC worms or £40 for the online-free open warfare
  5. james bond 007: nightfire ah to be young and foolish again. multiplayer wasnt bad to be fair... i think eternal darkness and beyond good and evil have been mentioned?? All this gamecube nostalgia may mean i make more use of the Wii's backwards compatibility...
  6. Question About Metroid Prime 1&2

    i loved metroid prime and got so engrossed in it (from the first boss battle - which is one of my favourite gaming moments ever along with fighting meta ridley - i couldnt put it down). Only other game on gamecube where that happened to that extent was wind waker (its just so magical...) u can probably tell what with my name and avatar an all... I loved the gamecube controls for MP - so much that i thought i wouldnt get along with 3 (until meta ridley turned up - see a pattern?). I have to agree that MP2 is inferior -i felt like giving up at several points along the way. F-Zero GX is essential gaming. After a session on that u yawn ur way through a session on double dash. Aww im all nostalgic :yay: :yay:
  7. Zack & Wiki

    ur all making me so jealous. im unable to justify buying a new wii game atm besides, super paper mario and dragonball z budokai 2 (tis only £16 off amazon these days - is it much cop?) are higher up the list. hope u all have fun - no spoilers i will be buying it at some point : peace:
  8. Worms: A Space Oddity

    I was really disappointed when i read that earlier today on IGN... worms is one of those games that feels like its made for online play. Why no online? It's 2008 goddamit!!
  9. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Bah. May seems like ages away... think it'll have a knock on effect on fit and mario kart? lets keep our fingers crossed.... id be really disappointed if i was american and id preordered it for someones birthday or something. Nintendo need to do something about release date accuracy and availability. EDIT: the pikmin stage looks awesome - at least we know it'll be worth the wait
  10. Wii In Different Colours???

    Sounds a bit complicated no? Im sure it wouldn't hurt sales too much to just allow you to enter the previous wii number to your new wii to allow you to download your old VC titles.... even if they want to disassociate the old Wii with the VC titles you bought on it.
  11. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    I like the wall idea - it'll prevent me going on walkthroughs for spoilers. Just cannot wait for this game i'll probably need to play melee to keep me from going mad
  12. Next Week 4 Games In 1 Day.

    Zack & Wiki if anything... just bought a new ipod classic and going to barcelona next week so i may need to hold off a month or so... *cries*
  13. Xmas Wii Problems on Watchdog

    I think its probably poor parents who have kids who still believe that Santa is the one that delivers Wiis and iPods... its a difficult position to be in. "do you think Santa got my letter mummy?" Its really sad that folk got burned with this scam.
  14. Wii In Different Colours???

    I don't think I'd be fussed about different colours - I think it's kinda iconic in white and helps it stand out against the competition - certainly not enough to be interested in buying another system but, as someone else said, its a good business strategy to boost sales. I've seen a lot of 'skins' for the Wii and remotes so I'd probably think of shelling out pennies for them before buying a whole new Wii. Colours? Blacks a must. Blue would be cool, green even better. Silver, maybe. As for the whole VC issue i think thats a real shadow over Nintendo. Its unfair. You buy a new iPod and all your old iTunes purchases go on it!! It's a shame that a great company like Nintendo can be so stingy....
  15. Wii Points Card Shop

    Wii Points Card 300 now available... im new to this place btw