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  1. 3DS Console Discussion

    Don't know how much this information applies to the UK but Amazon Germany now limits 3DS preorders. 1 for each account/customer within the preorder time but I don't know if they count black/blue as seperate items. I preorderd a while back ago and have a black and blue 3DS as a preorder. It seems launch quantity will be really really small.
  2. Football Season 2010/11

    If he would play in the PL and would be english I say 800 million otherwise maybe 80.
  3. Football Season 2010/11

    LFC just announced they agreed on a fee for Carrol - he is currently on his way for a medical. I guess that means also that Torres will leave for oil money.
  4. Football Season 2010/11

    The problem is I can't think of many strikers who could replace Torres. I think Fernando Llorente has a release fee of ~30 million pound that might do the trick aswell.
  5. Football Season 2010/11

    I am more curious about Torres replacement - so far every rumored striker bid they made was turned down. There are not that much players left who can help Liverpool and are even willing to transfer. Yeah before I pay 35 for Carrol I rather pay 20 for Forlan...
  6. Football Season 2010/11

    Neither do I - but I am also not too fond of Suarez. BUT I would rather have 2 decent strickers now than none if Torres really leaves. The reccent "offers" look like someone playing Football Manager and cheating ...
  7. Football Season 2010/11

    That would be way too good to be true.
  8. Football Season 2010/11

    I would sell him now and use the money for a complete reboot of the team next saison. He wants to go and who could blame him? Playing along with a pretty medicore team at best and who knows how much the new owners will invest next year into the club. Also when Gerrard declines more or finally quits Liverpool will be nothing special and needs new talent. Suarez is a first step but the rest of the team still looks bad without Gerrard and Torres - and Torrest is not so attacked to LFC as Gerrard.
  9. L.A. Noire

    One of the many reasons why a Wii only gaming setup is not enough nowadays.
  10. 3DS Console Discussion

    No I regret it in the way that I missed out on a few really great Wii and DS games but all in all I am currently happier with my PS3. Money is the main issue here. If I cancel my preorder I do it not because of the lack of features but to save money and get the 3DS after the first price drop or at least wait until there are more quality games out I am interested. So I will get a 3DS my only concern is if I should get it right at launch like I usually did with Nintendo consoles or just wait and see how things look at christmas.
  11. 3DS Console Discussion

    Exactly and this is why I am complaining - of course I am fully aware that my post won't change anything. But it may help some people who are yet undecided in their choice. I still have a 3DS on preorder but this time I am not so sure if I really get the handheld during launch. In my town (~250k) I was among the first people with a Wii on launch day so I do like Nintendo after all. I am just not happy with a lot of their decisions lately. This is the main reason why I stopped and bought a PS3 and so far I did regret my decision.
  12. 3DS Console Discussion

    I want a decent browser with flash support, where I can actually download stuff. I would like PDF viewing support, basic office tools, support for next-gen audio/video codecs, a alarm clock, voice chat (eg. Skype), etc. Why? Because I think 250€ justify such little things - and that is also my point why I want achievements. All thise always online crap and hidden messaging but such a basic feature is to cost expensive and people rather want to discover games by themself? Yeah sure I just don't believe that. A ZTE Blade runs Android 2.3 and can do all that stuff for 149€, a device 100€ more expensive which makes a lot more return through games should be able to do the same. Nintendo always does that. Leaps one big step forward (dual screen with touch, Wiimotes and now 3D) and at the same time they go one backwards when it comes to the rest. Because right now all I get for 249€ is a slightly faster (I am yet to be convinced about any big technological leap forward) DSi with 3D support and more expensive games.
  13. 3DS Console Discussion

    Still wonder why Nintendo can't put together a bit more of an smartphone experience like with iOS or Android on the 3DS. It is small and powerfull so lets make the most out of it. I want a decent market and friend system. Every Nintendo rep highlightens the all-connected access features and how you walk around and get information but the most basic features are missing and something like achievements is unwanted. Why not copy Sony and MS - achievements cost nothing but are fun.
  14. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Third party games will usually make the decision easier. So far the PSP2 is in my eyes the superior handheld - the only drawbacks might be the lack of 3D (for some people an advantage), the price and the game library. I guess developers will not spend big parts of their budget on the PSP2 until they know it will return enough. If they 3DS gains a lot of share it will be very hard for Sony to compete - with a slow start in march of the 3DS and a reaonable price of the PSP2 the christmas business will be very exciting.
  15. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    If Sony wants to battle 3DS, Android/iOS devices they can't offer the PSP2 for 600 Euro - I think early adopters will be screwed with a 450 € price tag (very fair because this is the same price as a Samsung Galaxy S) and soon after that it will drop to 300-350 Euro. More expensive than the 3DS but competable.