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  1. Hm, I can neither find you nor the group. In fact, I can't find anyone! I wonder what's wrong ... probably some setting somewhere.


    Yeah, I just don't want to perform embarrasingly bad and be a hindrance to my team's success. :heh:

  2. Oh, I wasn't even aware that there was an N-E group on Steam! I haven't even ventured out into actual online play yet for fear of being owned, though I am slowly developing my skills. :heh: My account name is DannyboyTheDane. :)

  3. A small Nordic meet-up would be awesome! :D I'd love to meet you someday. :)

  4. I felt it was okay for me to make that joke since I'm the same boat as you. :heh:

  5. I suck at close range as well, except with the Pyro, hence why those are my two most used classes. :heh: I've only just begun playing and haven't unlocked much yet, so no Huntsman so far, though from the description of it I think I'd stick to the Sniper Rifle. I'm much more interested in the Machina. :D

  6. You mean what class? :) I'm still trying them out, but my favourite is definitely the Sniper, though I prefer to play as Pyro when close combat is needed. However, I've always been more inclined to play tactical rather than offensive, so classes like Medic, Engineer and Spy appeal a lot more to me than Soldier or Scout, for example.

  7. Yeah, I've seen it, but I haven't been into Minecraft for a while now. Thanks for the offer, though. :)

  8. But I have no use for a 360 in my life at the moment. :heh: For me, the Wii is still the far superior console since most of the games I love are on that, even those I play with friends.

  9. Thanks! :D


    Aw, man, that sucks! Especially since the last case in the third game is my absolute favourite out of all of them. I encourage you to pick it up again at some point and finally complete it. :)


    Cool, cool. :) No, I don't have a 360, though there are some games on it I'm dying to play. I don't even play the Wii as much as I'd like to, though, so it'd be a bit stupid.

  10. Guh, I can't stand her type, and he just plays the character too well. :heh:


    Anyway, I'm good. :) I'm all settled in, I've been accepted into uni, I've just completed the final Phoenix Wright game - everything's just great. ;)

  11. I'm subscribed to him, so I've already seen it. ;) I wasn't bothered that he burned the books (book burning only bothers me when it's due to censorship and ignorance), but I just utterly hate that particular character of his. :p

  12. Nice avatar and sig combo, man! :D

  13. I agree completely with your sentiment in the Winehouse thead. :)

  14. I wish to thank you for your posts in the Amy Winehouse thread. :)

  15. All references to philology I can find describes it as a cultural study of the time period and geographical area in question. What is this reconstruction philology you speak of?


    Regarding what languages are included in classical philology, I don't consider Sanskrit to be a part of it. "Classical/the classics", when used on its own, refer specifically to the Western classical world, i.e. Ancient Greece and Rome. Other parts of the world have their own classical periods with their own cultures and languages, but these aren't part of the Western classics which are traditionally meant when the word "classical" is used.

  16. Oh, you haven't played the game? Nah, he's a pretty cool debater, and he waxes philosophical at times. ;) He's also pretty suave and loves coffee - though in your case I guess it'd be cider instead. :heh:

  17. Having just played Phoenix Wright, you turned into Godot in my head for a second there while I was reading your latest argument with Diageo in the veganism thread. :p I'll probably always associate you with Godot after Gents II. :heh:


    (Still haven't finished that game, so no spoilers!)

  18. Sorry to disappoint, but although I'm Scandinavian, I don't know too much about Norse mythology. :heh: I probably know a bit more about Greek mythology, actually. :p

  19. I didn't even see you had typed "suggestion" instead of "suggesting", it was simply the question in itself that was so hilarious! :D

  20. It's all fine, as long as you don't mind me laughing silently by myself whenever I see your sig. :p

  21. "Børn this way" means "children this way" in Danish. It looks absolutely ridiculous! :p


  23. Never tried it, so I wouldn't know. :heh: It strikes that I've always mistaken marmite for marmalade/jam, but now I see they're definitely not the same thing.

  24. Trust me, I love seeing you people's creations, but for me the joy and thrill of Minecraft lies in the single player experience. All alone in a literally unexplored world where treasures and precious resources are just waiting to be found. It's the ultimate adventure experience! :) Sure, the multiplayer can be fun, but I mostly just ended up walking around and looking at the stuff everybody else made, not really getting playing the game myself.


    If you by taxing refer to the overheating problem, I'm afraid it doesn't matter what I'm doing. :/ The gist of it is that most games I run on my laptop makes it heat up to dangerous, and as the performance requirements fluctuates in-game, it sometimes goes over the edge and shuts down my laptop, meaning I have to constantly keep an eye on the temperature levels.

  25. I've not played for a while, and I never really got that much into the multiplayer. Another issue altogether is that my laptop has a tendency to overheat while playing big games like Minecraft, and it kinda takes away some of the fun when you're constantly on guard and worried. :/


    But thanks for the invitation, anyway! : peace: