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  1. ... I did? I didn't even realise. :heh: But yes, my English has always been far more British than American. And I like it that way. ;)

  2. "Børn this way" means "children this way" in Danish. It looks absolutely ridiculous! :p

  3. A small depression of some sort? Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you start feeling better soon. :-)

  4. A small Nordic meet-up would be awesome! :D I'd love to meet you someday. :)

  5. All right, all right! Hold your horses! :heh:

  6. Also, considering you were on about the "Apollo as prosecutor" theory, you wouldn't happen to actually be the Mystic Mod of the Ask Ace Attorney blog, would you? :heh: (Which I'm now reminded I'm hopelessly behind on.)

  7. Bastard. :heh: You just had to tell me about the Theros set being based on Ancient Greece, didn't you? Now I'm completely hooked on it! :p How could I possibly resist the holy union of two my favourite things? :heh:

  8. Blue decks are designed for manipulation; they're difficult to master, but when used properly, they're absolutely devastating.

  9. But I have no use for a 360 in my life at the moment. :heh: For me, the Wii is still the far superior console since most of the games I love are on that, even those I play with friends.

  10. But that's the thing, the lack of faith in the Western market was the reason for the AAI2 fiasco, not the result; they simply couldn't sell enough games in the West to justify the localisation. In fact I believe they have taken the AAI2 fiasco into account and learnt from it; I believe that's why they made the decision to make DD a digital release, making localisation viable again. If you've followed the development team's blog, you'll see that they more or less localised the game as they were making it, which also accounts for the short wait between releases. To me it seems quite obvious they care about their fans and have gone to great lengths to satisfy their entire fanbase with this game - just look at all the ad campaigns and what have you up until the release - which is why I find it weird they still make content exclusive to their Japanese market; it seems to go against their overall marketing strategy with this game.

  11. Cool avatar! :D I actually made the exact same one for myself once, but I never got around to using it.

  12. Cool! I don't use it much except to play Dual Destinies at the moment, though. :heh:

  13. Dude, there's something missing from your sig, and it's triggering my OCD tendencies. :heh:

  14. Finally got around to watching the links. Quite interesting. :)

  15. Heh, at the moment I fear we'd confuse people. :heh: Plus I'm very happy with my Sherlock Holmes combo. ;)

  16. Heh, I know what you mean, though I do prefer the far more professional look of the modern cards.

  17. Heh, I think it's safe to call me obsessed with both the film and Sherlock Holmes in general. :p

  18. Hey, did you ever check out that comic reviewer I recommended, Linkara? He mentioned Invincible today, though he admitted that he hadn't got around to reading it yet.

  19. Hey! I just wanted to thank you again for introducing me to GirlWritesWhat. :) She has really given me some new perspectives on life.

  20. Hi! Your Ace Attorney signature picture is adorable! I presume you're a fan of the series? :) Welcome to the forums, by the way! It's not so often we have newcomers who get so involved in the community so quickly - it's great to see. :)

  21. Hm, peculiar. It's definitely been visible to me in the past as well. What's supposed to be there again?

  22. Holy shit, you were right! That is amazing! Playing mafia with that in the background makes everything epic! :D

  23. I agree completely with your sentiment in the Winehouse thead. :)