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  1. your User Name.. Original?

    History suggests that compared to most other names on N-E, my name is totally original...! OK whatever, but it does have a 'heart melt in your chest' story attached to it Oh, and I thought I'd say that CooInTheZoo is an awesome name
  2. How was your day?

    Well, with the way Royal Mail are today... that could be possible, although it wouldn't reach Mars in our lifetime . I don't normally check the pages prior to the one it's already on, so I never knew... but I'm really sorry Raining. It's good that you've acknowledged that fact he didn't suffer for his sake. I hope you and the rest of your family pull through My condolences go out.
  3. How was your day?

    Ha ha! Sold, as an alternative. From the sound, and looks (lol) of it, sounds like there wouldn't really be a dull moment with it, many stories would occur just from a days work! Goodluck with it
  4. How was your day?

    ? Sounds really cool, but what does it state is involved. Imagination is only stretching so far by the title. And as one of the things I'd love to once I've gratuated involves photography, it's always nice to know you can cross over fields for a little extra.
  5. The K.O.R.E

    The ending to that trailer kind of scared me! But on a serious note, it is looking quite nice, could prove to be a nice little title, but just from the looks of it, as well as other games coming to the Wii, it's nice to see that 3rd party gaming could be stepping up.
  6. Beijing Olymics 2008

    My gosh, Usain Bolt is a legend, and the guy is just 21 too . He said himself that he could have gone faster, his running technique is totally different, it is amazing!! King_V, the only drugs he would have been taking would have been the type that would have relaxed him and slowed him down . Bad joke, but my mother said I could make it . The track events are the only ones we seem to really threaten and triumph at. But Asafa Powell flopped again. Wish I saw the mens tennis double finals. After seeing Federer crash out the singles, I stopped watching the tennis events as I thought he is really just going through a serious low patch at the moment. Happy for him now though With all the record-breaking so far, this years olympic games have been truly amazing
  7. How was your day?

    With pretty much everyone I know having seen The Dark Knight already (well the people I'd go with), I may have to follow the path of The Bard and see it on my own. If it come in once the Trailers have started and it's dark, I don't think anyone will notice it. It's pretty much been drummed into me as being a taboo thing, maybe because a lot cinema stories/comments made about things in the cinema have been about people who go on their own. Although it is true, you view it in silence anyway, most of the times you block out your surroundings too. Day was alright, although, whilst clearing up the work car park, me and my friend had to dispose of a used condom that was leaking out...
  8. Football Season 2008/2009

    Heard some of it on the radio whilst at work, and from what I heard, we seemed to be back to the original 'unable to kill teams off' mode. But it was the opening game, and win was all that was needed to get the ball rolling. And a fantastic start for Nasri, backed him to be one of the stars of the season, already had my shirt with his name ordered, so all in all, I'm happy (besides, I put him in my fantasy football team too.) I said pretty much the same thing, was tempted to call my friend about it, but there are still 37 games to go. And Newcastle are always more likely to be hounded by the media than Spurs, even if it (hopefully) goes well for the Toon tomorrow.
  9. Sexuality Thread

    Oh indeed, same as (I'm totally on the Underground/Alternative/Conscious Hip-Hop scene anyway). But I remember what he said once, and I thought it to be true, well atleast when it comes to mainstream hip-hop. He said that the opposite of Hip-Hop (nowadays) seems to be homosexuality. He was saying that the rappers with that mind-frame need to beak out of it as it isn't good... oh I wish I could remember more or find the link for that (I might search for it actually). But it's poor, Mr. West is right. His ability to speak out is always something I loved about him, for better or worse. I remember seeing an article about this lesbian hip-hop duo (forgot their name now) and they were talking about how they just want people to realise they're lesbians and that is it, and how it shouldn't get in the way of anything else (music, popularity, reactions towards them etc.). But I thought it just needs some people to come out and get the ball rolling to break down peoples ignorance so good on them.
  10. How was your day?

    All these tales and mentions of messy housemates makes me want to put my bit in, and so I shall. Well last year (my first year), I didn't even live in halls, yet I still managed to land a messy guy, who is a totally nice guy outside of the mess, but... the kind of messy he is just makes you want to discard him totally. I'll just note a few points down: I started the 'wash your own stuff' rule because I was stuck doing washing up all the time. The other two followed he didn't. He puts his trainers on the sofa (I can't tell you how much that grates my nerves). I feel bad for saying this but showers didn't come regularly, neither did change of clothing... and there was the smell to accompany all that. He used forks to scratch his hair... after he just finished eating with it. And just to add to those points (which are a few of many), more often than not, he use to cut raw chicken on a chopping board, leave that chopping board (the longest was six days that I noted, only because I washed it up in the end) and the same knife he used... would end up in the living room. Health risk with him, yes. Yet, I'm living with him again next year... Besides all that, I had a pretty cool day, discovered just how big the Camden market area is today!
  11. I couldn't help but laugh at that . Well I think it would be a while too before Miyamoto retires. And like S.C.G said, I don't think it's really necessary him to be 'banned' to talk about his hobbies, his nervous & verbal gold wouldn't be produced in the same by other companies the way Nintendo do it. Still, it's quite the topic
  12. n-e mixtape mixup!

    Wow, this is a bit of a bumpage but I've been totally busy (besides, it seems it's all happening with people not sending their CD's). Anyway, to confirm, I got Paj's CD on Monday but I've barely been in my house since (work, friends etc). Anyway Paj, I'll take a listen tonight, as I really wanted to sit down with it so I can listen to them properly . Oh and might I say, 10/10 for the creative effort with the case, sleeve and the extra bits (btw, I can't see how it spells Volta ). Oh and Jay7... am I still getting yours...? If not, I guess you can say Paj tied you over by sending me two CD's
  13. Bernie Mac... Dead?

    I just came home and saw it on MSN... :-(. I still can't believe it. He was amazing at stand-up (and generally), my favourite comedian too. I loved him in Bad Santa, The Bernie Mac show, Oceans 11, the list goes on. He was far too young... Rest In Piece
  14. Football Season 2008/2009

    Oh crud he was Argentinian! Nevermind then. I wonder if we bought him off of the back of World Cup 98
  15. Football Season 2008/2009

    "First Mexican Ever"? I hope that Carlos Vela song isn't the true version... I mean, what happened to Nelson Vivas as our little Mexican before Vela?