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  1. where else could I put them?

  2. Frank

    Dia duit freisin!

  3. Frank

    Sorted out my PM problem!

  4. I never realised that you were on FB! We should be friends :] Although I can't find you..link?

  5. Hey Eddie! :D


    I was just wondering, are you going to college and if so -- which college are you going to? :)

    [sorry for sounding like a horrible stalker!]

  6. Apologies for not responding sooner. I need / want to dedicate the required time for a message to you. I'm drunk. I have work in 4 hours :(


    It will come.

  7. Chair! I'm slightly creeped out. Not really. I find it more funny! :p

    It's strange, recently I've discovered that you're actively learning french, learning the piano, listening to Edith Piaf and I think there was a few more...


    Are you transforming into myself? Those are, like, the things that make me...me. Ils sont ma vie :o

  8. Perhaps you knew me under the alias of 'Nintendo-Master'?

    Such a 12 year old name.


    Ring any (church) bells?

  9. Hello Eddage (of Glory)! :grin:


    I left a similar post in the creative gallery about the sig you made. For whatever reason, I can't view any of them. It just informs me that you've moved/deleted them :(


    I'm not sure if it's just me.

    So looking forward to it! Sad face.

  10. Happy Birthday, hoar. :grin:

  11. Frank

    Hey there, Paj! By any chance would you have that Halle Berry gif of her accepting her oscar?


    Me need it. =D Thank you if you share. (If you don't -- screw you, hoar.)

  12. Please remember that I still have your message in my inbox.


    I have not forgotten you! :( I will reply :grin:

  13. Hrm. The plot thickens...perhaps I should forget it. I've went through most people on my phone-book anyway. Thanks all the same :)

  14. Go raibh maith agat. *bothers me that I don't know*

  15. By any chance, did you call me on my mobile 3 times last night at around 7?

  16. Oh, well that makes me feel nice :) What's the reason behind wanting to talk to me? Something I said? :p


    Apollo-geez for me lateness. Fail.

  17. Hey there Jimmy. Don't think we've ever talked properly. Yes, it was time for that old name to go. Sounded as if I was 12. I was sure the avatar/sig would hint of my alias :laughing: It's usually all I notice for some members :p

  18. I love how resourceful you can be.

  19. Why yes, of course, you likey?

  20. Urm, I very much prefer Coolness Bears :laughing:


    That is also exactly what I thought! OH MAI!!


    But who knows, I think I could have been 10 when I first came up with that nick-name :p

    I began to detest any recognition of that name when someone said it to me teasingly in school :(


    Luckily, I have now officially shed all my old skin. The name shall forever be lost in the black abyss of the inter-webz

  21. Damn, my disguise has been revealed!


    But yes, I have been re-birthed. By that grazing cow that you love, I think.

    How'd you like me new name? It doesn't seem to have garnered much popularity in the name changes thread :(


    I will stand by it though!

  22. Without a doubt. It will match your red hair perfectly! :D


    Fair enough. Who knows, I could be your secret villain ready to destroy you! Feel free to add me whenever :)


    Also, sorry, but I'm absolutely knackered. I'm going to turn off the computer for a while and drink myself a beautiful cup of coffee. MMMMM...


    So, I'll tell you more about meself soon. (To Be Continued)


    Feel free to talk about yourself too. Make sure to move around though, wouldn't want you to get a cramp sitting on that cow of yours.

  23. Any other person: I wouldn't advise them

    You: Well, from the little that I know of you, you can definitely pull them off :D


    Plus, if you take care of them they don't die :blush:


    RRRRighteoo, I just added you on FB. Odd picture. I hope it actually is you...though I'm not sure many people are called Merry Mole :laughing:

  24. O.O


    Rise...AND RISE i SHALL!


    Seriously, can you get any cooler? :laughing: Everyone should have their own Coolness Bears.


    OMG! You can be the new tamogotchi!!!


    (Btw, are you on Facebook? I've got a sudden urge to add some fellow N-Ers. :)