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  1. Anime and manga discussion

    you've seen first 5 eps, i think thats the major introductions done, the movie is really standalone, should be able to find out on the net Although if u want to watch it chronologically its set before the last 2 eps
  2. Ronaldinho can't be human... I mean....

    i saw this vid a while back, i couldnt really believe it, cos if ronaldinho was that accurate he should be able to score on nearly every shot, but like people said pressure of defenders, keepers, etc would affect him. But the stuff Ronaldinho does in adverts and stuff is amazing, and on the pitch hes funny, sumthin happens he jus waves finger or shrugs, smiles, and shakes a hand loll
  3. Anime and manga discussion

    I think lot of people watch it, im at episode 187 or sumthin, but i've just been skippin the filler eps recently i just download them so i can have complete naruto library and to check if the most recently available episode is not a filler. I dont watch the dubbed version, like most anime they air on tv, they crap it up
  4. Learn Japanese together!

    i've wanted to learn japanese past the basic words i picked up while watching anime, but i sucked at learning new languages at school and im lazy, so if im afraid of spending so much time tryin to leaarn japanese and hardly gettin anywhere
  5. Anime and manga discussion

    theres actually a FMP OVA supposed to be coming out in May. People were saying that there wouldnt be another FMP series for at least 2 years, but since a new OVA is already planned so early, a new FMP series could arrive sooner than expected
  6. Not only in the World Wars, at lucerne (dnt kno exact date) 2000 Swiss soldiers were fighting alongside french soldiers trying to protect the French king, and u kno what the French did? They frickin took the king and ran away leavin those 2000 soldiers to die. Tossers
  7. Anime and manga discussion

    Yea i dnt like random insane stuff either. Take FLCL for example i hated it cos it was so random but most other people loved it and it was one of their favourites
  8. The Simpsons - Live

    they want to make a live version opening to promote the simpsons cartoon?? I dont see any point as the cartoon is promoted enough, but it'll be interesting to see how it'll turn out
  9. Whats more anticipated?

    I wouldnt give my right arm for anything really, but for me the most anticipated is the new zelda
  10. Anime and manga discussion

    well should really, cos some people wouldnt have seen that particular series or are in middle of watchin it, and they wouldnt want important parts or the ending spoiled
  11. Happy Birthday Dabookerman

    HAPPY B-DAY MAN!! celebrate it like a champ (or a samurai in ur case lol)
  12. Anime and manga discussion

    I havent watched any GITS myself but i read in NEO mag i think, that the films are unrelated to the series.
  13. Cool Clothes...???

    My favourite clothing is my all black "Shady" hoody. I wear it all the time and its nice and heavyweight, good stuff in this cold weather
  14. Tattoo

    I wanna get a wolf head on my shoulder blade and a panther/or tiger on my arm, but cos it does cost a lot of money i'll have to wait till i get a job and get together some money and stuff